Daily Prompt: Intense

Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us INTENSE.

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

I do not really wear my heart on my sleeve so I keep intense feelings to myself, if I happen to have any. Not that I turn to a stone pillar in between, but life goes on and so do my feelings. Seeing a sunset like this one (I usually miss intense sunrises as still sleeping) stirs me to take the camera and produce an unforgettable photo. I might have intense feelings if my hand shakes whilst taking the photo resulting in an unclear photo. I know I should use the tripod, but by the time a golden oldie like me assembles it, the sunset could become a sunrise.

I do remember an intense moment I once had a couple of years ago. It was after lunch, I was relaxing on the porch and decided to arise which never crossed my mind to be a big deal. At the same time my blind cat crossed my path with his lead and I caught my foot in the lead. That was really intense as I fell and landed on the concrete porch. Luckily there was a garden cupboard door on the way which did help to break the fall. When the ambulance people arrived the attendant asked on a scale from one to ten how I would qualify the pain I was suffering in my broken arm. Was this question to take my mind off the problem or did she mean it seriously? I was then sitting/half laying on an armchair and had already noticed that the top half of my arm seemed to contain a lump instead of a bone. I really did my best to remain serious and answered whether there was a scale that went higher than ten. It was then she gave me a Micky Finn pain-killing knock-out injection. At the same time I was thinking “what a silly question”. Anyhow a day later my arm was whole again, with the help of various screws and a metal plate the bone pieces had been fixed into their correct place. I still have the screws and plate today in my arm.

Actually I did have an intense moment yesterday evening. I was watching my favourite soap series on British television, East Enders. For those not knowing this programme, it is not the most intelligent, realistic representation of life in London’s East End, but they do all speak like cockneys and many of the actors are from the area, the place where I grew up. Of course I watch it, although nothing really like my early life. So where was I, yes, Janine (the nasty piece) and Alice (sweetness in person) managed to stab and kill Michael who had been married to Janine (they even had a child) and now was using Alice for his evil deeds, like trying to poison Janine. Alice, however was too innocent to do this and a fight developed between Janine, Alice and Michael (are you with me?). That was not so bad and the fact that Michael was stabbed to death was OK, I never like him in any case.

The intense feelings arrived the next evening when Janine (the horrible) and Alice (the innocent – although she did stab Michael once, but it was a harmless wound) were being interviewed by the police. Janine played the innocent victim and put all the blame on Alice with a few self-inflicted stab wounds on her arm to make it look authentic. Result: Janine walks out of the police station carrying her baby daughter in her arms and wiping her tear stained eyes which she cried in memory of poor beloved Michael and Alice is screaming in the background “I want to go home” as she is officially arrested for murder. She really loved Michael and gave him all, although he was just using her. OK, no big deal, just a TV soap but I really felt some intense feelings towards Janine. BBC you cannot do this to me, I believe in the East Enders and love happy endings.

Luckily I did read that the actress playing Janine will be leaving the series in a couple of months, so everything will turn out fine eventually I hope.

So there we have the intense feelings of a golden oldie living a quiet unintense life somewhere in the middle of Switzerland, where the only excitement is when my felines might have a territorial fight with a neighbouring feline, or when we might have to go voting again – already programmed for the end of November. We Swiss love voting, but I think I mentioned that once before.

Have fun everyone and do not get too excited, it is probably not worth it.

Daily Prompt: Intense

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