Daily Prompt: Proud

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

Nera in the snow

“No, Nera feline, I was not proud when you decided to take a walk in the snow. Yes Nera, you are a brave feline, putting your dainty paws into the deep snow and getting yourself covered in the damp cold snow which melted when you returned home. We had a lovely puddle of water on the floor and damp splashes when you shook your fur. If you really want to make me proud of you, then be a good feline and dry out before you return.”

So it was not a day of being proud of my chief cat.

This will probably be a short prompt, because it is not really in people’s nature to sing your praises. Of course, as a mother I was always proud of my kids and their achievements. But someone being proud of me? I cannot remember the last time when someone openly showed they were proud of me. I have some very good friends, but they do not walk around congratulating to achievements. They are far too concerned with their own success. It just does not lie in the human nature of things. I do not really want people to be proud of me. I enjoy life and certainly do not do something in the hope that someone, somewhere will be proud.

I often get comments from my wonderful blogging friends congratulating to my blog, be it a poem, story or photo, which I very much appreciate.

As far as my family is concerned, it goes without saying that I am proud of all of them and they are probably proud of me, but we do not spend our time together praising each other and patting each other on the head.

What a silly prompt this is.

Daily Prompt: Proud