Daily Prompt: Far from normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.


Am I normal? Is anyone normal? We all have our ticks, some more and some less. According to Mr. Swiss I have more than the most.

When digital photography was invented, he bought a camera. He then bought a better one and gave me the old one. I then discovered photography. It was fantastic, but did I take family photos, nice scenes? Not really, I discovered that if you get close to an insect in the garden you really have some fine details on the photo. That was when I took a photo of everything that crept and crawled in the garden. I have some wonderful photos of slugs and flies and even weevils.

Then some day I decided do not ask what your village can do for you, but what you can do for your village, so I joined the local first aid society. I was practicing bandaging on anyone that came my way (mostly Mr. Swiss – poor man). I even took a drip home to practice with, you know the bottle things they hang up next to your bed if your need sort of intravenous nourishment in a hospital.

One day I decided just speaking english, french, german and italian was not enough, so I decided to take a Russian lesson once a week. Everyone thought that the course only went for 12 weeks. That was the first course, but I continued and after twelve years decided it was time to learn something else.

I have also become a disciple of iPhones. You will find me amongst the teenies at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive and perhaps playing diamond dash to pass time, or reading a book – digital of course. You might think everyone does that today, but not usually grey haired ladies in the so-called advanced years.

I remember how fascinated my boss at work was, as were most of the people in the office. I was an export clerk, delivering goods all over the world. The Swiss are a neat nation. I do not know if it was because the english touch was not so neat, probably not, it was just me. My desk was complete chaos. Everyone else had neat piles, I also had neat piles, but neat piles of chaos. My boss said the strange thing was, that I always found what I needed.

I talk to my cats. They do not really understand me, but answer with a stifled meow now and again. I talk to them in Swiss German. I tend to talk to all animals in Swiss German, even in England. I mix up my languages sometimes and when I am writing, as now, I often have the German word for what I want to write, but not the english, so I have to take a look in the dictionary. I dream in english and swiss german, but mainly swiss german.

Otherwise I am pefectly normal, just like all of us.

Daily Prompt: Far from normal