Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


“No, never – me once been here on earth?I definitely do not believe in re-incarnation” and Nera cat was looking at me with an air of superiority.

“But Mrs. Human, if we felines have been reborn, than perhaps humans as well, although humans being a subordinate species to the feline race, they perhaps are not accepted into the inner circle.”

“I do not quite understand Nera. You mean you are a reincarnation of something feline. Coming and going on the earth?”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Why do you think we sleep so long. We have to conserve our strength for the next reincarnation.”

“Nera is right” said Tabby “sleep is not just eyes closed and curl up, it is a work of concentration. You think that Bast just planted us cats on earth to hunt mice and birds, eat and sleep. No, we are determined for a higher level. Through our sleep we go places and see things that no human could ever dream of.”

“Well Tabby, you suprise me. I never realised that you were suspended on a higher level when you were sleeping. I just thought you were gathering your energy for the next waking and eating period.”

“Rubbish Mrs. Human”, it was now Fluffy’s turn. “Felines are hovering on an intellectual level constantly. We are dispensers of the fruits of Karma. We gather our intellectual strength when we are sleeping.”

“You see, Mrs. Human, my fellow felines support me in what I am telling you. We close our eyes and depart on a journey. We see other worlds, we smell other scents, we come and we go in another dimension. And now, if you will excuse me, it is again time for an intellectual slumber. Please do not disturb us, we must concentrate.”

So I left my three felines to have a relaxing sleep on a different level. I was astonished that cats are not just cats. We humans really have a lot to learn from them. I have often noticed how quickly they fall into a sleep. Just once or twice make a circle, head down and they are away. Now I know why. They are intellectually concentrating on their next life, perhaps as a ferocious tiger, a fast cheetah, or a wonderful black puma. I think I have underestimated them. I must really take more care of these superior beings: definately an extra ration of tuna fish is called for, to nourish their karma.

In the meanwhile Nera, Tabby and Fluffy were having a quiet talk.

“OK felines, I think we did that one quite well. Now Mrs. Human believes all that rubbish about felines being  re-born. She looks at us with other eyes. Not just a creature with a recycling process where she cleans our tray or dishes us vitamin pellets to eat.”

“Nera that was a good idea. I heard her say that we deserve more care – so another serving of tuna fish this evening.” answered Tabby. “Did you say something Fluffy?”

“I was wondering Nera, could you tell her that we can read thoughts, then we might get some salmon out of it, laced with caviar.”

“No Fluffy” answere Nera. “She does not have to know everything. We will keep that to ourselves. Otherwise she might stop thinking and then we will not be a step ahead.”

Daily Prompt: Karma Charmeleon