Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

Tabby and Nera

“Err felines, have I missed something, are you getting short sighted, you need glasses. Is it now “in” to wear a tie for felines.”

“Mrs. Human” said Nera, my big black long furred chief feline “it is fairly obvious. Have you read the subject for today’s Daily Prompt? It says “Mentor Me”. It seems that at last I and Tabby have been recognised for our values. We thought we would help you on this one, in case ideas are scarce, so Tabby and I decided to write for you. We decided to dress for the job, no self-respecting feline would just wear fur for such an important task. For Fluffy our apprentice feline, it is an advantage to see how the human training programme is done correctly. Who knows, Mrs. Human, one day when Tabby and I depart for the eternal corn chambers, Fluffy will have to take over.”

“Oh Nera, I am sure Mr. Humanand I will manage somehow, although I regret that you one day will no longer be supervising and looking after our well-being. It almost makes me feel sad.”

“No worry Mrs. Human” answered Tabby “we felines are well cared for in the eternal corn chambers. Bast does not mess around with up and down, he just opens the door and we are in.”

Sometimes I think cats are a little bit ahead of humans. So now to the training programme.

“Actually you have learned quite well Mrs. Human” Nera continued. “It seems that you now emptying our cat tray in the morning and evening, which we hinted at.”

“You hinted at this?”

“Of course” it was Tabby’s turn. “We cats are clean basically. We just had to leave a few recycling samples around to show that it was time for an emptying process, and you followed our thoughts.”

Both cats nodded in approval and Fluffy clapped his paws.

“You mean that the mess and smell on the floor was done on purpose.”

“Of course Mrs. Human” said Nera “otherwise you would not have done the job properly. A clean tray morning and evening is just perfect. We decided to give you nine points for that.”

“And what are the highest points achievable?”

“Ten of course Mrs. Human.”

“So why did I not get ten points if it was so perfect?”

This time Fluffy spoke up. “Nera and Tabby told me that nothing is perfect. If we say perfect, you just give up and don’t try any more.”

This conversation was becoming more like Quality Management I thought, but I did not tell the felines. If I used the name Quality Management they would soon be on the computer and then my fate would be sealed.

“Now we come to the catering Mrs. Human” Nera continued. “Here we have to give only seven points, you have a lot to learn.”

“Such as?”

“Tuna is only served twice a week, and sometimes once. We also noticed that our bag of vitamin pellets is almost empty. Do you have a reserve?

”Tuna fish is not healthy if you eat more than twice a week and I have noticed that you often do not deserve more than once a week. You leave hairs on the chairs and carpet and you sometimes eat a poor unsuspecting little mouse. That is why the tuna ration might be reduced. As far as the bag of food is concerned, I ordered a new bag today, which will arrive by post on Tuesday.”

“I have never seen a feline that has been fed too much tuna Mrs. Human. You have only ordered today a new bag, which will be delivered in two days? Tabby, reduce the points to five instead of seven.”

“I do not understand that Nera. The food will arrive.”

“How can you be so sure. Humans are not always reliable. What happens when the postal system makes a mistake, they might even refuse to work (which is something felines never do). The wrong food might be sent, perhaps for stupid canines instead of intelligent felines.  We might eat more tomorrow, according to our digestive needs. What shall we do when there is no food in reserve. All well-trained humans order two bags of food, making sure that one is in reserve. Pay attention to this Fluffy, this is very important.”

“Yes Nera, have noted it in my pawpad. Humans must be trained for unforeseen cicumstances.”

“And now we come to the finale of this report Mrs. Human. I must say you have a lot to learn.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt from us?

“So felines, what is the greatest lesson I have learned from you.”

“No, Mrs. Human, you must submit this answer. After all it is your daily prompt, not ours.”

“I am a bit overwhelmed Nera and Tabby, with two such super intelligent felines. Give me a little help of what I have learned from you.”

All three felines then put their heads together and a murmer of meows could be heard. It was then that Nera raised her head, pushed her tinted glasses up to the top of her nose and looked at me.

“It is obvious. Humans are to repect the needs of a feline at all times. Their food and housing should be spotless and comfortable and they should be at our service twenty-four hours a day.”

“I have just one question Mrs. Human” and Fluffy was waving her paw in the air for attention.

I thought what could possibly go wrong. Fluffy is such an obedient feline.

“Yes Fluffy, just ask” and I gave a human glare in the direction of Tabby and Nera.

“Mrs. Human, what is Quality Management?”.

Before I could tell him to forget it, Nera pawed her way to the computer and started to type the words “Quality Management” into Google.


Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

WordPress Blogging Awards

Just a few words on this subject. First of all I would like to say I very much appreciate being selected for a blogging award (versatile blogger, addictive blogger, beautiful blogger etc. etc.). Many of my online blogging colleagues have nominated me, and it is really not being ungrateful that I never react. I treasure this thought very much.

Why do I blog? Because I enjoy blogging, it is fun, and I am doing something that gives me no stress. Some like to take photos (so do I), some like to play games (been there done that) and some like to write, which I enjoy. I worked for many years doing what I had to do, and now I can do what I want to do.

The nice thing about having a blogging award is that you can post a nice icon on your site saying look, I have won an award. But there are some strings attached. I very much appreciate that WordPress invests time and thought into promoting their bloggers, but for me there are a few snags. Not only post the icon, but contact 8-10 other people you know with WordPress blogging sites and nominate them as well. So it begins. I have been nominated and I nominate perhaps ten others. Of course if they want the blogging award they also have to nominate 10 others, and we are already by about 100 bloggers that are making their way to get the award. It goes further. The 100 also nominate each 10, and 10×100=1000. Do you get me – a chain begins almost to infinity. So are we really on our way to a unique and wonderful blogging award. If everyone complies, we already have 1000 sites with a special blogging award icon.

On top of this you have to answer about 10 certain questions – about yourself of course, which probably no-one really reads or interest theirselves for.

So this is the reason why I do not partake in the blogging awards. Somehow it seems to me that the logistic basis is not exactly for an award, but to promote blogging as such. Not a bad thing, and as I said I really appreciate the efforts of WordPress staff, and colleagues, but it takes a lot of time to comply with everything, which I do not have. I do sort of housewify stuff like shopping, cleaning, a bit of gardening and looking after my three cats, as well as Mr. Swiss.

I visit as much as possible my colleagues that also partake in the various blogging sites, mainly daily prompt and I do read as much as I can. Many are talented and it is an enjoyment to read a lot of what is written.

So please do not be angry or annoyed if I ignore the blogging award nominations, but it just does not work for me.