Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.? 

Yes well my first thought every morning, not just this morning is “What’s the time?” It seems that golden oldies do not need as much sleep as the rest – so I read once. I am very good at sleeping actually, but not very good at waking up, especially if I awake too early. Thus in the mornings my first thought is usually how much sleep did I get. Today I found I awoke at five in the morning, meaning almost six hours, which is not bad. By the way I did not write my first thought down anywhere, at that time in the morning my co-ordinative movments do no co-ordinate for a writing session. However my brain decided to tick a little further, hoping that I would fall asleep again, and I realised that today was the day for the fresh sheets and duvet covers (which Mr. Swiss usually does with a little help from me). Also it was the day when I clean the kitchen. No big deal as my kitchen is cleaned regularly and the big job is usually done every Thursday morning, meaning that the big job is not so big any more.

There was a little plus today. Mr. Swiss and I were having one of those “let’s live as if you move every week” days, so we were organising. I discovered a chest of drawers in the cellar full of junk, so with some friendly persuasion from me to Mr. Swiss, he actually cleared it all out yesterday and this morning was the morning when we were organising and filling it up again  – fun. So I had more thoughts this morning before arising. Did I fall asleep again? I think so because the next noise I heard was my son going to work, and he leaves at about 6.50 every morning for work.

I turned over and continued my happy thoughts that I do not have to go to work any more and the next time I looked at the clock it was 7.45, I decided five minutes more, why not, and then I arose. Oh how great to be a golden oldie, retired, and do what you want to do, but duty calls. First of all remove sheets, duvet covers and cushion covers from bed, leaving Mr. Swiss a clear path for doing the rest. Eat breakfast, have a look at the computer world, clean the place up, a visit to the bathroom and I was ready to go. I was not really going anywhere. The kitchen was waiting for its weekly clean which I, of course, enjoy tremendously.

Mr. Swiss decided he would start sorting things out to put into our hobby room downstairs.

“What shall I do with all these CD’s?” he called.

My answer “nothing at the moment I am cleaning the kitchen.”

“But I have no room, they are in the way.”

“No deal at the moment I am cleaning the kitchen. Just leave them on the desk.”

It was then that Tabby cat decided to have a look at what Mr. and Mrs. Human were playing at. Mr. Swiss had prepared a trolly to remove items to the basement. Tabby somehow got the idea that the trolly was intended for her.

Tabby going for a ride

She soon decided that the noise and movments from the cleaning operations were not perfect for feline ears, so she decided to have a sleep with her sister who was already in her private nirvana.

Nera and Tabby settling down for a sleep

When my kitchen cleansing operations were finished, I decided I would have a look at the CD situation. Unknown to my other half, I had already planned the new place for the CDs, so they were put away out of sight in a cupboard .

Mr. Swiss eventually disappeared to the hobby room in the basement with a trolly full of various magazines he did not want to throw away, some books which no-one had really read in the last couple of years and other various unwanted items, although you never know. They might come in handy.

Of course I was keeping track of all the movements this morning, after all I had a Daily Prompt to write.

Daily Prompt: First Light