Good Morning

Cold Morning

Just 3°C  this morning, although the morning is an hour later. Yes, it was the best night of the year, according to my golden oldie point of view. We all got an hour’s longer sleep in Switzerland and the rest of Europe. Daylight saving time is a good thing in Autumn, we can hug the bed longer and I at last find the hour that I lost in Spring. I could hardly believe it. There I was awake at 5.00 am but it was 6.00 am yesterday meaning I had an hour longer to relax in my warm bed. Oh what joy.

It’s a cloudy morning, but at least it is not raining. Yesterday I had cabin fever staying at home all day due to the rain.

Weissenstrasse 27.10.2018

After writing various blogs I tidied up my various photos I had to upload. There were not many, but I like to get them done and done with. I have two files, A and B. A is the temporary file I have for stuff I take photos with on my cameras, and B is the temporary file for the stuff I photograph on my mobile phone. After sprucing the photos up a bit I transfer them onto my extra disk and computer sorting them into the right places: better to be safe than sorry when storing in two places. I took a photo of the tree avenue leading to the supermarket. I have this photo for all seasons and it is amazing to see how the trees change their colours and shapes during the year.

I have also now placed my bird house outside, although the birds have not yet discovered it. I get regular visits from a crow and magpie in the morning for the bread I throw out onto the meadow outside my garden. They are a little too big for the birdhouse.

I also tidied up my bag/purse yesterday. I realised that the money purse no longer had any room for money. It was stuffed full of coupons etc, so now I have a wonderful organisation. The coupons are in pockets in my handbag and the notes have more room, although I rarely use cash, just to pay the cleaning lady. Everything else is done with plastic: not only a golden oldie, but an up to date golden oldie. Where would we old folks be without computers and credit cards?

Autumn Trees 27.10.2018 (2)

I am hoping to get out this afternoon. Up to now it is not raining, just very cold. I think the higher slopes of the Jura mountains probably now have a white layer from the first snow, although a thin layer at the moment. In the Eastern part of Switzerland, in Kanton Graubünden/Grisons they already have their first big snowfalls. Yes Winter is just around the corner. I should enquire if I can get chains for the wheels on my wheelchair.

And now to move on with my little household duties. Mr. Swiss has volunteered to make the Swiss apple flan today, so I can plan my day with its exciting events.

Enjoy your Sunday and relax with a good book, the computer, or just the TV. The main thing is no stress. Saw some chrysanthemums in the store last week, so thought I would share them to add some colour to the day.


FOWC with Fandango: Opponent

Goat 10.07 (9)

I do not really think that these two goats at the local farm were fighting, I think they were only trying out their horns to see if it would work.

I now consider my opponents the stiff joints and aches and pains that arrive with the golde oldie years. I have my MS under control. I do not fight it, but adapt and up to now it has worked.

Otherwise opponents always existed in TV soaps or films. Remembering in the olden days when we only had black and white pictures, we had cowboy films. There was Hoppalong Cassidy, the Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger (I think that was the guy with the mask). OK youngsters I am sure you have never heard of them, but your mums and dads grew up with them. They were the heroes of the day.  Of course they had their villains, those that were thieves, cheats and robbers. You could also tell who the most powerful ringleader was for a simple reason. The always wore “store clothes”. I remember the phrase once being used as the description of the bad guy. It was then I realised that store clothes meant a dark jacket and dark trousers and a necktie, also black. As a contrast they wore a white shirt. All the good guys had their jeans, chequered shirts and a scarf around their neck.

So beware, if you see someone in store clothes, they are the bad guys, the opponents. Come to think of it most politicians walk around like that. I wonder why.

FOWC with Fandango: Opponent

Daily Inkling: A Head of its Time

General Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko

You’re going about your everyday life when you happen upon the perfectly preserved head of a famous historical figure. Who is it, and why is it there? 

Everyday life does not exist in the days of a golden oldie. We have variations like going shopping, visiting doctors and wondering if you will survive until the next day.

I have Mr. Swiss to thank for the head of General Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko. I can hear you: who?? He was a Polish General and there is even a mountain named after him in Australia. His connection to our town of Solothurn was that it was his place of death. I am not going into big details about his life, you can read it all in our good old Wikipedia General Kosciuszko.

Mr. Swiss happened to be in town and notice that we have a new statue near our concert hall, so took a photo. I have not yet found it myself, but am still searching. He seems to have been some sort of super general in Poland and now and again we have polish people visiting our town on a quest for him. We also have a museum. Many years ago, in my first years in Solothurn, I was still unmarried, I visited the museum with a colleague of mine. It was in a large room in a very old building midst in town.

Gurzelngasse 05.09 (4)

There is even a stone memorial on the wall of the building in memory of this famous Polish general. The museum is full of various items concerning his battles and written documents. I remember two very old ladies were caring for the museum. They were very dedicated and insisted on following us around explaining it all.

As if it was an omen, I now have a photo of his head (actually the complete body, but it is only the head that is requested). When I saw the photo I was quite impressed by the details, it was almost as if he was embalmed and not just carved out of stone. I have now been living in Solothurn in Switzerland for 50 years and the general died in 1817 in our town, so it took quite a few years to have him commemorated with a statue.

It seems that his embalmed body was deposited in the crypt of the Solothurn church. In 1818, Kościuszko’s body was transferred to Kraków in Poland where he now is.

Me,  have nothing to do with Poland. Born a London cockney, but we always learn something new don’t we?

Daily Inkling: A Head of its Time

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Not so friendly this morning, but I do not mind. We have had steel blue skies for long enough and it seems there might even be a little rain at the end of the week. Now we are only half way through. The dark specks on the clouds are a few crows on their way to yet another morning meeting to discuss the routine of the day.

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair into Solothurn, the local town,  in the afternoon. It is just 5-10 minutes along the main road by wheelchair, although I wheel on the sidewalk of course.

Altstadt 23.10 (3)

I have been living here for at least 50 years, but have still not discovered how I can read the time on this complicated clock. It seems to be an original version of the 24 hour clock. As the town has Roman origins, someone during the years gone by seemed to have a good idea about time. Next to the clock is one of our town hotels, The Red Tower which also has a rooftop restaurant and well as one at the entrance.

Otherwise town was a bit sleepy. There were no street musicians, it was probably too cold and the season is changing. There are still some roadside cafés open with people sitting outside watching the world go by and drinking their coffee wrapped in their autumn jackets.

St. Urs. Cathedral 23.10 (2)

This guy is one of the statue on our St. Urs cathedral perched on a fountain. It might be Moses, but I am not such an expert in biblical objects.

As I wheeled over the bridge I noticed something interesting.

Gulls 23.10 (1)

Apart from the wonderful reflections of the Autumn colours in the river I saw this group of ducks approaching. I crossed the bridge to get nearer and also changed my camera lens for the zoom to get a closer picture. Somehow they were too white to be ducks and too small to be swans.

Gul (5)

I am no bird expert, but this seemed to be a group of gulls taking a cruise along the river in the afternoon sun. As Winter approaches we have more gulls on our river and you often see them perched on the bridges.

Swans 23.10 (5)

As I wheeled on further homewards along the river bank, I noticed that the swans were also gathering. It was a larger group, I could not fit them all into one photo.

Dog 23.10 (1)

I also met a dog on the way who seemed to be thinking about taking another swim in the river. His fur was still wet from the last visit. It almost looks like a sheep.

Fish 23.10 (1)

As I looked into the river I noticed that we actually have fish. Now and again I see a few men with their fishing tackle sitting patiently on the river bank. I do not know what they catch, probably hoping for the big one. I only saw small fish, but was surprised, evn more, when I managed to take a photo.

Horses 23.10 (3)

Behind the local railway station there is a field where the farmer sometimes has horses. This time I was rewarded with a mother and her foal taking a walk.

And now to move on. Today is a shopping day. Food plans have been made and after my usual daily clean up and shower I will be off to explore the delights of the supermarket. Take care, and do it in small steps – why rush and stress.

FOWC with Fandango: Prompt

Daily Prompts

There was a time when we received a daily prompt
I always wrote something, although was often stomped
Twas another brick in the wall of ideas to write and compose
But then the wall collapsed on us, the reason nobody knows
They said it would be coming to an end but the wall would still be there
We could write on all the old ideas although that was not fair
You had a computer, an empty screen but needed ideas to write
Where were your friends whose thoughts you read, they disappeared out of sight
And then the human survival strain began to take effect
Bloggers united became active, the idea was perfect
Suddenly prompts appeared everywhere, we were spoilt for a choice
I was hopping from prompt to prompt all day and now I could rejoice
The wall is gone no longer there, the tiles are crumbling down
A cold wind blows throughout the land, it has become a ghost town

FOWC with Fandango: Prompt

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit

Alps 03.04 (5)

Living in Switzerland I almost have to show a photo of the alps. They are high enough to be seen everywhere, and everyone visiting Switzerland as a tourist has to pay them a visit,

River Thames looking North, London

Being a Londoner it is difficult to pick out a particular place to see, but St. Pauls cathedral is always a good tip. You can climb up the many stairs to reach the outside balcony with a view over London.

Zytgloggeturm, Bern
And back to Switzerland, why not visit Bern, its capital town. Very good on a rainy day with all the covered shopping streets and the Zytglogge Turm with its clock and moving figures.

Covered pavements in Bern

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Visit