Good Morning

Morning Snow

Is it a good morning when it looks like this? Admittedly it looks very pretty, one of those wonderful snow scenes, seen from my front garden, but what does it hold for the roads. Actually I do not think it will be too bad, It is no longer snowing and I hear the snap crackle and pop of slowly melting snow, meaning that if the weather behaves I will have a clear road this afternoon.

Mr. Swiss has decided to make an excursion this afternoon with me at the wheel of the car. Nothing exciting, but he needs a new mobile phone and we will be paying a visit to the mall where there is a store. Yes, even golden oldies like to keep up to date with their electric appliances. I said only if the roads are normal, and as rain has been predicted today, it looks like it will be all systems go. Mr. Swiss said I have new Winter tyres on my new car, so there should really be no problem.  I hope I also have the Winter driving programme on my body.

At the moment I am suffering a little from cabin fever as there are no wheelchair rides in weather like this. I can only see the outside world from my home. Yesterday I had a shopping morning in the supermarket, but the roads were clear. The big snow came only in the afternoon and it looked like this.


Even the sun and some blue sky with clouds decided to put in an appearance.

Snow Clouds

The local kids decided to do some sleighing outside

Today there is a little action time as the bed linen will be changed. Mr. Swiss used to do the heavy duty stuff, but can no longer without my help and I need help from No. 1 son to put the fitted sheets on the mattress. He is at work in the mornings, so will do the necessary this afternoon after lunch, although last time we even managed it ourselves. Depends on whether we are having a good day or not so good, and Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed. The biggest excitement I had yesterday was when my stick holder broke on my walker. I ordered a new one and realised in the meanwhile that it was not broken after all. No problem, I can always use an extra one.

And I will now move on whilst watching the snow melt (I hope). Hope your day is a good one and everything under control.

Afternoon Snow Sky

FOWC with Fandango: Stymie

Had no idea what a stymie is so I assume that it is something Anglo-American. However, after looking it up in the dictionary, I am in the picture.

River Aare 12.05 (8)

And so one day I decided to take a wheelie along the river which is just along the path to where I live. I should have been warned as I wheeled on and heard the cracks of gunfire in the distance. No, we Swiss are peaceful people, do not have shootouts with the neighbours and there is even a special season for hunting, but in our area there is nothing to hunt except for a few hedgehogs and deer are protected if you happen to find one.

Evetually I reached the part on the path that had been closed with a sign “Stop. Danger – shooting. Access forbidden.” Yes our soldiers were having their annual practice. Switzerland – soldiers? Of course. we are peaceful, but perhaps the others not so much, so we have a part-time army. Every able bodied Swiss is a soldier. And if he is not so able bodied, then he is a civil service recruit, helping in senior homes etc. They are called up for 3 weeks a year, given a uniform and a rifle and shown how to do it. My No. 2 son did his service for 3 weeks annually for many years until it had been completed. He was in with the heavy artillary – tanks etc.

You cannot give a gun to a soldier without having  practice, so once a   year they have their little practice sessions and on this day they had occupied our local river path to do their duty.

River Aare 12.05 (7)

I then saw the shed with the sign hanging outside to emphasise that there was action. Red and white are the colours of our Kanton.

I had no choice but to wheel back home in my chair and let the soldiers do their duty. Slowly the noise of the gunshots faded into the distance.

FOWC with Fandango: Stymie

RDP Sunday: Dirt

Vacuum Cleaner

This is part of one of my Dyson dirt sucking machines, know as vacuum cleaner.  Dirt is everywhere we know. Even our food grows in dirt, but that is different dirt, the home of insects and substances that encourage food plants to grow. Now we are talking about the dirt at home, the eternal battle to keep it clean in case you have unexpected visitors, or just for the sack of hygiene.

My vacuum cleaner helps with this battle against the dirt, but where does the dirt go. At the bottom of this photo, on this model,  you see a horizontal plastic container where the dirt collects until there is so much dirt that it has to be emptied. This is where Mr. Swiss comes into the picture It is his job to empty the vacuum cleaner,  far too technical for me.

This morning he opened the dirt collecting part and said a few profanities due to the cloud of dust that decided to invade his breathing apparatus. Of course he gave me a detailed analysis of what it contained and what I should no longer suck into the entrails of the machine. I was not really listening and it was a repeat performance from the last time and the time before etc., but eventually the bowels of the machine were emptied and so tomorrow I can again begin to fill it again.

This again was the proof that dirt is everywhere and we women are fighting an eternal battle to conquer it. Note I mentioned earlier one of my Dyson machines. You can never have too many vacuum cleaners, and I have a larger more powerful version for the larger spaces. This was also emptied this morning so now we can all relax and breathe deeply again.

RDP Sunday: Dirt

FOWC with Fandango: Discovery

Sparrows 15.12 (14)

It does not take the birds long to discover that the mess they make on the bird house with the food, when it falls to the ground below. There is bird seed everywhere, and some has even found a place to grow in the cracks in the stones. Last year I even had a cannabis plant (you know “weed”) growing in the garden. I think those birds must get a little high now and again when I think of what they eat.

I have also discovered that at this very moment I hear the voice of the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain on our TV when the Christmas message is being broadcast. I am not really a monarchist, but at least she keeps herself to herself and her speech is just a review of the past year and she is not planning on building walls, or other architectural models. She is now speaking of peace of earth, and wishes everyone a Happy Christmas – no harm in that.

And now I say Happy Holidays everyone (I do not do Christmas) and relax. Perhaps we might make a few discoveries in the next year. I have discovered that I am now growing older with every year that arrives.

FOWC with Fandango: Discovery

Good Morning


I had a visitor this morning. I spread out the bread remainders and of course the crows arrived first of all. Not just the average sized crows, but since I feed them regularly with our bread remainders, they seem to have put on some weight. Suddenly I saw my cat Tabby having a sniff at the bread and a tongue taster. Big crow had not seen her and then Tabby decided to have a closer look at the crow, perhaps for a taster. That was when I got into action and called Tabby back, luckily the crow also heard me (I think the whole estate heard me at 8.30 in the morning) and the crow flew away. Crows are upredictable and you never know if they have a taste for human flesh.

I decided to take a few crow photos with my mobile phone camera, and it flew away to be replaced by two magpies. I was now ready to shoot, and the result was 8 magpie photos.


Unfortunately a bit on the blurry side, but I had to zoom with the telephone camera, and the photo results are never so perfect.

As yeterday was Christmas Eve, I did not go places and see things very much. I had a good relaxing afternoon, beginning with hugging the bed after lunch. I had an unexpected busy morning, Although I was determined not to go places and see things, I realised that my 5 Kg bag of feline vitamin pellet food would not last until the holidays were over so had to make an excursion to the village of Bellach, where the Pet store is.

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (13)

Ballach is not exactly the middle of the world, but they have an interesting roundabout statue as you approach. I worked for a company in the village for 30 years, so knew the area quite well. Unfortunately not well enough for a re-visit. Mr. Swiss always did these journeys at the wheel of the car, and I really thought I knew where I was going. I eventually arrived at the store, but doing a tour of Bellach first of all.  These are the little routine things I have missed in my absence as a driver. Now I am slowly getting back into the routine.  I do not even remember when I tanked up a car the last time.

Cat Food

So I hobbled into the food store with my stick. I had my walker in the car, but it was only a short distance. The young lady helped me to find it. She was very helpful and I was glad that she carried it for me to the car. Tabby is now happy with her Catmas present, although she would have preferred the same amount in tuna fish.

I also had to stop off at the supermarket for cigarettes for Mr. Swiss as he no longer really goes anywhere (except for a doctor visit) and I also realised I had no tea left. Now I am really set for my home stay over the holidays. At last it is not raining and I might even chance a little wheelie this afternoon.

So all is left to say is enjoy the holidays, take it easy, stuff yourself with all the goodies it has to offer.

Christmas wreath

Good Morning


Here again, but not so long. There are things to do today like a shopping trip to start the Christmas endurance test. Otherwise today we have high winds, something about a wind with a name for a couple of days, but no hurricaine. I do not mind as long as it does not snow.

Had another experience yesterday, which I did not expect. Since breaking my leg I had to adjust a bit: not too much and I really do not feel any problems with the leg now, everything seems to have healed completely. However, I can still not just climb into the bath for a shower in the morning. My left leg refuses to life high enough. No real problem, I can sit on the edge of the bath, which is wide enough, and slide into a seat which I have suspended over the bath. However, this seat decided yesterday to bend and sink meaning that I was stranded in the bath and could no loger stand.

We are now experienced with these things, so Mr. Swiss phoned the emergency for an ambulance. It was a little embarrassing for me. I had already showered and my head was full of shampoo as I was washing my hair. No-one could get me out of that predicament at home. I could no longer stand. Eventually the ambulance arrived and two strong men entered, but wait a minute. They were not wearing the normal ambulance uniform with the fluorescent yellow jacket, no, they were dressed in dark blue. Ok in the meanwhile I had manage to pull on something decent, although in the bath, to save my embarrassement.

One of the men gave instructions and lifted me onto the edge of the bath and from there I could leave the bath and stand in the horizotal position again. They asked if I had any injuries, which I did not, just my pride was a little injured. Then the younger of the two guys said they see a lot worst things in their job. Their job? yes they were two policemen that the ambulance service organised. They told me they often help out when it is not so serious. So now I have had it all: two ambulance rescues this year, plus a broken leg transport and now the police are also looking after me. I must say they did look good in their uniforms.

Of course I now have to work out how to shower in the morning without my bath seat, which we have prepared for the next rubbish collection, although I think I can do it from the built in platform on the bath. I am glad I am not burning any candles in the apartment, or smoke as I do not want the next visit from the firemen.

Today the car insurance guy will be calling past to finalise details for my new car and also mentioned would combine the discussion with suiting our general insurance in case we had anything new to add. The guy from the dealer also called in yesterday to get a couple of signatures because the insurance will now be in my name.

And now to move on, get showered (if I survive) and off to the supermarket. I will clean the place up when I return.

Christmas Solothurn