Colour Your World: Tumbleweed


This is a tumbleweed in the true sense of the word. This is my beloved Avocado. I have nurtured this since it was a pit, a small brown stone suspended over water to encourage its roots to grow. It was February, and the roots appeared some time in March. Some time later the first green shoot appeared and I knew it was now time to give this wonder of nature a place of its own. I planted it in a pot and Spring arrived. The days were warmer, the sun appeared regularly it was time to place my avocado  outside.

Oh, what joy and happiness, my own avocado bush was growing. I could not wait until the day that my first harvest would appear. And then Autumn arrived, but the avocado had not given up. It was when I noticed temperatures were descending to dangerous, threatening levels that I had to take my avocado into the living room for protection.

It was still and contended in its pot, although I did have concerned thoughts how it would survive throughout the winter to maintain its growth. Every day I have been spraying my avocado with water to keep it happy. I even noticed new leaves arriving, oh joy. Today I was sad, desparing. The leaves of my avocado were drooping, hanging, almost lifeless. I decided on a drastic measure and filled the pot with water. It happened this morning. Now we have evening and lo and behold there is life again in the leaves: not perfect, but they are again lifting themselves, perhaps not all is lost.

As a reserve, I have a new avocado pit suspended over water and kept in darkness. Never rely on a single avocado.


And as far as colour is concerned, there is a tumbleweed colour somewhere in this historical document, I am sure.

Colour Your World: Tumbleweed