Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine

Tabby in bed

I am Atomic Tabby taking refuge under my atomic tangerine bed cover. It is good camouflage and protects me from the atomic tangerine eaters. They are everywhere, so you have to be careful. They are waiting in the shadows but will not attack as my special atomic cover is a protection against their atomic destruction weapons. They made a mistake, the weapons are green. If they had coloured them tangerine, they would have transformed me into a pile of Tabby molecules, but I am sly, more clever than they are.

I now feel safe in my tangerine world and if they dare to attack I will disappear under my atomic tangerine cover. Mrs. Human, cover me up but be careful. Wear your atomic tangerine gloves otherwise they will eat you.

Colour Your World: Atomic Tangerine