Good Morning


Just another morning in the Angloswiss household. The table is ready for the day to start. Note my Christmas decorations which are probably the only ones I will have. I have my Christmas Poinsettia and next to it I treated myself to a Christmas cactus (schlumbergia). I have not had one of these  cactus sorts for some years, since one of my felines, Fluffy, decided a flower was something to eat and had to go to the vet. He survived, but it was a lesson. It seems christmas cactus flowers and cats do not go together. The poinsettia is also poisonous, but I have had one for many years (not the same one of course) and nothing has happened. Tabby is now my only remaining feline, is a very resistant cat at the age of almost 15 years and shows no interest in my plants. She has enough to sniff on in the garden.

The only problem I once had with her was when she had an attack of tonsillitis and had problems with swallowing. After a treatment with tablets (antibiotics) she recovered OK. The only problem I had was getting her to take a tablet. I had to give up and make daily visits to the vet for an injection. Luckily she got over it quickly, it was becoming an expensive job.

The computer is plugged in and ready for action. I had not yet fired it up into the cyber world. I was a bit late this morning, as I spent and extra 5-10 minutes cutting up bread remains for the birds which we will no longer eat. Mr. Swiss mentioned that there was far too much, but it was an exception. The birds did not complain and it has all been carried by beak transport to their varioius places where they live. I have the camera ready on the table for any shots I might want to make of the birds that sit on the tree in front of the window.

Since I received my order from the english shop, I now have tea leaves instead of bags, but this was only because I wanted the tins that contained the leaves. They were exactly my tea sort: Twinings english breakfast and Lady Grey. The Lady Grey was finished last week, so I have now filled the tin with the tea bags. I still have the english breakfast as I only take a cup once a day in the morning. Lady Grey is for after dinner and tea. There is naturally a problem with the remaining tea leaves. If I throw them into the drainage, we will soon have to organise the plumber to do some unblocking. I read somewhere that tea leaves are good for the earth, a sort of fertiliser. I do not know if this is true, as there seem to be many things good for the earth, but my garden now has a layer of tea leaves everywhere.

There is no shopping today, although Mr. Swiss says he will make an excursion into town to get bread. Yesterday he discovered we needed new ink refills for the printer. He had to recover from the shock when he paid for them. It would probably be cheaper to buy a new printer than refills of ink. It is ridiculous that you have to buy all colours of the rainbow. I very rarely intentionally print colour and so does Mr. Swiss. Black and white would do the job nicely. We do have a laser printer for only black and white, but it is an older model and does not work with WiFi meaning you would have to attach it to a computer to get it working. It is all too complicated. Oh the modern cyber life of golden oldies. At the moment I have my Kindle uploading. Actually Mr. Swiss Kindle because the book is on his Kindle. My Kindle is fully loaded. Yesterday we did not even watch the TV until 11.00 in the evening. There we were both sitting in our comfy chairs, Mr. Swiss reading a book on his iPad Kindle app and me on his Kindle. Strange new world we live in.

And now to move on with my faithful vacuum cleaner and mop. Today is spaghetti day, with minced meat and tomato (al sugo) and a side salad. Last week I had to make it with tuna as we forgot to buy the meat, but no problem. We also like that variation. No. 1 son is visiting a local beat band performance in town this evening, so he will not be around to finish the remains of the spaghetti for the evening meal. He loves spaghetti and we never have leftovers.

Must move on, the church bells are ringing outside. Do not know why, but perhaps they are telling me it is time for real life and not cyber life. Have a good day everyone, make the most of it, it might be …. the day when your computer breaks down.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I have two computers, the Apple and the Microsoft and do not intend to get a new one for some time. I have an Acer Aspire Black Edition and now Mr. Swiss has also got himself one. They are quite good machines.

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    • If the author is German and it is written originally in the German language, then I prefer to read it in German, no problem. The english books originally written in english I read in english. At the moment Mr. Swiss is reading an english book in the german version on his Kindle. I want to read that one as well, but want to download it on my own Kindle in the english version.

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  1. GOOD MORNING BLESSINGS, Mrs Swiss! Have not had my tea yet; it’s nearly 9am EST USA, so if I seem incoherent, that’s the reason…I am still, always enjoying your style. Going now for my tea mix of English Breakfast (Twining’s) and Ginger Peach Decaf (Republic of Tea)–yes, indeedy, two kinds of tea in one large mug…regards to Mr. Swiss…

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  2. I’m on the downside of the holiday. Good meal, pleasant company. And I’m totally exhausted. My don’t partner dave also has MS and we talked about being in remission and hoping it lasts. We never really know when we first got it. We only notice when we stop attributing the symptoms to “just getting older.”

    Have a good day. I’m too tired to think tonight. I don’t know why I’m so tired. I didn’t do any of the real work.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the feast. I don’t actually get the remission bit of MS. I had it almost 40 years before finding out I had it, putting all the symptoms down to getting older and other things. However one day you realise something is wrong, especially when people begin to ask why you walk in a particular way or make remarks to others. You can no longer get up when falling, giddiness until a doctor realises the visit to a neuroligist is necessary and then the truth emerges. For me, at 70, it is too late for just therapy or tablets. I am on Betaforen injections every second day probably for the rest of my life. They just put a brake on the progressions of the illness. Otherwise I cannot say I am in pain, just aches and no longer able to go on long walks, but I manage half an hour. With time I begin to drag my left foot and that is when I know it is time to go home. I still do the housework and at home will not use my cane, so there is still some life left in the old biddy.
      Sleep well.


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