Daily Prompt: Brainwave

What’s the best idea you’ve ever had? Regale us with every detail of the idea — the idea itself, where it came to you, and the problem it solved.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BRIGHT.

I once had a brainwave when I saw how the sun was shining through one of my kitchen chairs so I grabbed my super DSLR camera and took a shot.

I have had many brainwaves in my life. I decided just having one feline would be a lonely life for a cat, so I let the litter sister adopt me as well. I then decided that three felines would be better than two. This was not such a good idea, felines are not known for the sociable side of their life and no three feline is still the outsider after twelve years, but he has survived.

One of my best ideas was to marry Mr. Swiss. What did you say Mr. Swiss, “aha” was the answer, so you can take that how you want to.

Another idea was to learn Russian. It was an eight week course which developed into 10-12 years. I can still speak it and write it which is a wonder, but the United Nations have not yet requested my assistance as interpreter, not has Vladimir Putin needed my services: One of the problems with being an unrecognised language genius.

Of course, my best idea was to blog, much more fun than playing boring brainless games in Facebook. Blogging is the key to fame, the chance to have my talents recognised all over the world. Unfortunately this has not yet been noticed by all, but time will tell.

One of my best brainwaves was to learn how to drive a car at the age of 36. After ninety lessons I passed the test first time. Since that memorable day I have only really had two big crashes and one smaller one. The big crash was quite interesting, I hit the car in front and the van behind hit me. I even managed to drive to the garage with a dented motor bonnet, it was even repaired. Another big crash was when I was waiting innocently at the traffic lights and the car behind forgot to break and pushed me into the car in front. We all parted friends after a discussion at my place which was just around the corner from the crash. All my repairs were paid for, I felt sorry for the lady in the car at the back.

This will do for today. I had to go to the docs this afternoon and so am a bit short of time for long lectures on how my brain develops record breaking super ideas, making an impact on all and causing boundless admiration.

Daily Prompt: Brainwave

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