Daily Prompt: Tattoo….. You?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERMANENT.

Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn

“My angel, I love you” – no I do not think so, the problem being that you would have to carry a tattoo forever, and Mr. Swiss might start wondering who I mean. At our age you do not have tattoos, you just admire the tattoos belonging to others, or do you?

It must be around ten years ago when tattoos were in. Everyone had one. I suggested to Mr. Swiss a tattoo, with the words “Mrs. Angloswiss, Mr. Swiss forever”, in blue, surrounded by a heart in red. Somehow he did not seem to be keen on the idea. Did he no longer love me, did he have another? None of this, he just said at his age he does not go for tattoos any more, they just look stupid-.

I was really thinking about it, thought it would look good. I remember at the time that son No. 2’s girlfriend had a small tattoo; I think it was something Chinese, but can no longer remember. Before I began to search on the index in Internet for a tattoo emporium in our little market town, Mr. Swiss said “don’t think about it”. The man is a mind reader, but after 46 years of marital bliss life, I suppose he knows how my mind works. No problem, I know how his works too, so it was no surprise.

“Just a little butterfly on the right shoulder blade, or perhaps a snake curled around my upper arm. I could have your name engraved with a Swiss cross next to it” I said thinking that if it was patriotic he might agree.

I was overflowing with spectacular ideas, knowing how I would be admired, especially in summer where wearing sleeveless dresses.

“No, definitely not, It might look good now, but how will it look in ten years?” was his cool calculated answer. I always admire him for his down to earth ideas, always attempting to bring me back to reality.

I decided perhaps it would not be such a good idea and it might bring about a dysfunction in the Angloswiss household. I still somehow miss my butterfly or snake. On the other hand they are no longer fashionable and I must admit I rarely see golden oldies with a tattoo. Perhaps I might see more scars left behind after having them removed.

I must admit I had a quick glance at other entries already submitted for this prompt and this promises to be a super prompt. Everyone is proudly showing photos of their eternal skin engravings, or talking about them and I am just missing out on it. I would love to be part of the club, showing an elaborate Chinese dragon in three colours covering my back, or perhaps a surrealist illustration, something on the lines of Salvador Dali, with clocks hanging over tree branches. A skull tattoo would be impressive, on a shoulder blade, I am sure it would be the envy of all golden oldies that I know.

“Where did you get that? It is very original.”

my golden oldie colleagues would say “I want one too”. I crossed out the last sentence, as this might not be the case.

Is this risk free? With my luck I would probably have blood poisoning, or the engraver might have a shaky hand and suffer from dyslexia. I notice no-one talks about suffering when the engraving is done, but when it has to be removed, there are many negative remarks and I saw a few nasty illustrations on Internet of what could happen.

I decided to stay as I am. Smooth peachy skin with a few small blemishes caused by the aging process, but nobody is perfect. I am tattoo free and will now visit today’s daily prompt entries to see what I have missed.

Daily Prompt: Tattoo…… You?

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