Good Evening

I have returned. Yesterday was too hot to do anything. After my return from the doc, I just wanted to take it easy for the rest of the day. Actually I intended to do some reading, but I dealt with this and that and never did any reading.

Anyhow I was in town yesterday and naturally, on the way to the doc, I took some photos.

The good thing about going to the doc, is that I am in a different part of town and usually take the path on our so-called restaurant mile. It is along the banks of the River Aare and lined with tables and chairs with accompanying sun protection from the umbrellas. It is really one restaurant after the other and the only traffic is bicycles now and again and people like me with a scooter. The large white building is our “Landhaus” used for various lectures or exhibitions. It is also part of our annual film festival.

The River is also quite a central part of our Summer amusements at the moment in the hot weather. It seems anything that floats is popular at the moment.

The doc and I decided that my balance problems are mainly caused by my diabetes and I will be seeing her again in a month for a long-term sugar test. She sees no reason for insulin but we will choose different tablets. I have been taking the same for at least 30 years and they are today a little old fashioned.

Her practice has a side entrance which I have to use. I have to ring the bell and the assistant opens the special door for me as I am not able to climb the steps to the lift. This entrance brings me to the lift with no problem.

Today I made a visit to Mr. Swiss. He is still practicing to get his walker onto the scooter. I have been doing it for the past 8 years, but he has problems. Eventually he will get there.

Again it is just too hot to write, so I will now cool down. I will also have to give the garden some water. Wishing you a good week-end.

Yes I was being followed by a pigeon in town.

Good Evening

Another day of our heat wave but I am not complaining. We had to wait long enough for the hot weather. Mr. Swiss was even wearing his shorter trousers today and really means something as he no longer gets warm enough.

After my usual morning chores I had some time left and decided begin to tidy our bookcase.

This could be a mammoth task but possible. The problem was that behind the books Mr. Swiss had stowed away his many hundreds of DVD films as well as his CD jazz recordings . I now had room in a cupboard for them so I began. I have removed almost all the various DVD’s and CD Compact Discs and with time will sort them in their new place. I must say I am quite pleased with the progress I made and at last the dust collection has been reduced. I have also begun to put our photo albums in the space I have since clearing away much unwanted computer surplus. Another achievement was that I replaced the ink toner in our printer which I had never done before. It was only one colour that was necessary, but now I can do it. My book case now had just books.

Otherwise I spent the afternoon with Mr. Swiss in his Golden Oldie home. We sat outside in the pavilion and it was quite pleasant. We were alone there and plenty of shelter from the burning sun. The chickens were mainly sheltering from the heat.

Although this one decided that a flight might be a good idea to cool down. She managed to hover but not very long, It seems chickens are just not built for flying, but she did try.

Otherwise there was not a lot of action – it was even too hot for the chickens.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, although I must say since I have been more careful with my sugar levels I am feeling a lot better and my head stays where it belongs.

I must say Mr. Swiss has a good view of our local castle. from his golden oldie home. I am now off, too hot to write, and have an evening meal to serve. Keep safe and well.

RDP Wednesday: Achievement

Since Mr. Swiss left for his golden oldie retreat I discovered there are many things I had to learn to do on my own. He was always there to ask and avise and now I have to do it myself. Thank goodness for my cleaning lady Lucia. She has lived on her own for many years and tells me she had to learn to do it herself. However, Lucia is not me and I must say I am glad for her advice and help.

Up to now I have learnt how to do a tax declaration on my own, and I was so proud when it was accepted. I also fixed the hose for my plant in the garden, although that was no very successful. After giving myself an unwanted shower with the hose, I have realised that I will have to purchse a new one. Luckily at the moment they have a special offer.

Now my printer is telling me it is thirsty and needs new ink. After a search on Internet, with some help from Lucia, I discovered the refills I need and ordered them. They are not cheap, but I ordered a complete selection to have enough for the next time my printer tells me it is hungry. I actually only need the grey colour. Now the next step is to insert it in the printer machine. – no problem. I will try, otherwise Lucia is here next Tuesday to assist.

Just one achievement after the other at the moment – I hope. Of course you learn by your mistakes I heard.

RDP Wednesday: Achievement