Daily Prompt: Authentic

Pat 09.09.2016

Yes it is the real authentic me, well almost. Then I was more young and lovely, photo taken in September 2016,  The funny thing is today I am wearing the same old summer shirt still have the same glasses although I have two pair I usually wear these when I am going somewhere. My hair was due for a visit to the hairdresser in this photo, and today it is also due for a visit, even more so. Since my brilliant accident with breaking a leg I decided I had more important things to care for than a hair cut.

The colour of my hair is authentic grey. I almost never wear any make-up, I am too lazy for it  and I would have to search until I found something to use.

As far as writing is concerned, it is all my own work. There is no-one in my family that is mad enough to write a blog, they leave it to me.

After examining my various x-ray photos I have discovered that I have a few non genuine pieces holding my body together. My left arm has a steel plate with about 15 screws. The newest addition to the metal colection is in my left leg: a large sort of screw holding the top bone in the leg together, two screws horizontally placed through the leg and a long piece of metal inside the bone. I had a long piece of metal holding my left elbow together, but that has been removed in the meanwhile as it was threatening to become independent and was beginning to prod through the arm. I have also now discovered a lot of tiny pieces of metal, looking like staples, which had been deposited in various internal operations in my body. Perhaps I have become the bionic woman over the years.

Actually I enjoyed this prompt. I had no idea what to write, but this is all about I, me and myself, so what could be better. It is all the real me, what could be more authentic.

Daily Prompt: Authentic

Good Morning

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (5)

It is just blue skies this morning and yesterday and since the beginning of the week. Of course I appreciate the nice summer weather, although I do appreciate some white fluffy clouds now and again. It is funny how people transform when the summer is approaching. Neighbours are seen more in the garden, clothed in shorts, perhaps even a bathing costume. The sun is here and the body at last changes its colour from pasty white, perhaps light pink, to a lighter shade of brown for the lucky ones.  I am permanently brown, but in summer more so than in Winter.

The sounds of lawn mowers fill the air and this morning our local gardeners are driving up and down on the paths. I am not sure what they are doing, but probably clearing away the remains of the Winter.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

Yesterday the only journey I embarked upon was in the car as passenger with Mr. Swiss to the local supermarket. I took a few photos on the way, but nothing special. This one is when we were passing the local high school, which is hidden in the trees on the right. I just noticed I even managed to capture a few mistletoe bushes in the tree in the background.

Today I am on my own, Mr. Swiss is away at his class reunion, but will probably be back in the later afternoon, although I will have a visitor in the afternoon for an hour. My cleaning lady will be calling past to care for my kitchen.  I now do most of the basics myself, except for a thorough clean of the bathroom, shower and kitchen, that is still too much for me and will probably remain too much. I now have more time for myself when she does the job.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

I spent the best part of the evening reading outside on the porch. That is the great advantage of the warmer Spring evenings. The temperatures are pleasant and daylight is still there, although a Kindle always has enough light to read.

And now to move on. I almost have a holiday today, with no shopping to be done and no great stress. I only have to cook for No. 1 son and myself so what could be better. Take care everyone, will see you later.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

Daily Prompt: Parallel

Today is a day when everything is running parallel.


The main event of the day is that our Mowy, bless his little cutting knives, is back in action. It was a worrying time during the building work on our building, not knowing whether he would be back in action after the work was completed. With quivering fingers we/Mr. Swiss attached him to the electricity and nothing happened. We contacted the Mowy man and today he eventually found time in his Mowey world, to call past. There are wires buried in the ground and we were worried that somehow the wires had lost their contact, were even destroyed by builders boots and scaffolding. This was not the problem, the Mowey man said, it was a case of falsely connecting Mowey. He was confused and could not find the way. We have now painted the connections with corresponding nail varnish to ensure this will not happen again.

Today Mowey is again a happy Mowey and he spent half an hour on our lawn, cutting it.

The next parallel was making the beds. Of course we make them every day, sometimes twice according to my habit of having a midday sleep: but today it was time for new bed linen, which we generally do in the morning. However this morning we had an appointment at the supermarket and had to postpone the operation to the afternoon. We were in the middle of the work when the lawnmower man called and so we were again working on parallel jobs.

Although being a housewife, working on parallel situations is no problem. Cooking, ironing and planning shopping lists was all part of the job. Even finding time for a cleaning session was fitted in somewhere. And if I see something interesting then my cameras, and telephone camera, are always ready to add to the confusion.  There is never a dull moment when working with parallels. Even the shadows have their parallels.


Daily Prompt: Parallel

Good Morning

Morning Sunshine

It certainly makes a big difference in the morning when summer is around the corner. Mr. Swiss opened the blinds and I thought someone had switched the light on. Brilliant sunshine streamed through the window: no problem, it was time to rise and shine. I took this photo from the kitchen window and what a difference. No more bare trees, everything is growing, even my tulips. The trees are bearing their flowers and what could be better.

It will be a busy morning for both of us today. Mr. Swiss has a doc appointment and afterwards we both have to go on a hunt in the supermarket for week-end food. We did some pre shopping yesterday, have everything planned on our iPhone connection, and just have to shop for the rest this morning. Tomorrow Mr. Swiss has his annual class reunion so I will be alone for part of the day. He organises it in one of the local village restaurants, where the owner was also in his class. Sadly there are less that attend every year. I used to deal with the shopping myself with the car, but it is still too early to let me lose in the traffic with my mending broken leg.

Cows 18.04 (19)

Yesterday afternoon I did another wheelie in my chair and imagine my happiness when I saw that the farmer had now let the cows out. They had been cooped up in the barn all through the winter days and now it is time to enjoy the fresh air and grass under the hooves. It is a shame that I did not take a video of these cows. They were all marching in the same direction to get out and about.

Cows 18.04 (11)

On the other side, a little nearer, there were another group of cows from another farm. They were gathered around their water tank and also enjoying the pleasures of open air life. I walked on and notice there were not so many people around this time, just cows and they can make plenty of noise. I think these were younger cows enjoying their first sunny days.

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (1)

I wheeled on in the direction of the local burial ground and had a wonderfu glimpse of the local castle Waldegg with the mountains in the background. There were a few wispy clouds and many traces of planes that had flown overhead coming from Zürich Airport, as we lay on the main route towards West.

I eventually returned home as unfortunately I cannot wheel around all afternoon. As the season is changing to warm, and hot and very hot, I decided it was time to sort my t-shirts which were all bundled in my cupboard. It is amazing when you think you have nothing to wear, and when you get around to it, you discover new t-shirts, even comfortable trousers which you forgot you had. I have also lost about 8 kilo in weight, which is not so bad, as my t-shirts now fit me again. They were all a little strained at the edges. I can even wear my trousers comfortably where I had problems in connecting the waist. Being 78 Kg instead of 84 Kg does have its advantages. My waistline is almost there again.

I spent the evening uploading photos and wanting to read on in my Kindle, but German TV had a good criminal play based on a book by Nele Neuhaus, one of my favourite German authors, and a book I had not yet read. Actually I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that it is good that the Germans do not rely so much on imported english speaking films. They really have their own material and it is often very good. I suppose I am in the lucky situation that I understand it all.

So now to action. Whilst Mr. Swiss is away on his mission, I will  be busy with Mission housework and afterwards we will be let free for the shopping expedition. Make the most of the day everyone, see you around. I will leave you with a closeup of the local castle as I wheeled my way on.

Castle Waldegg 18.04.2018