RDP Friday: Frustration

I am not showing you one of my super mouthwatering home made pizzas. This evening it is a lazy evening and so we are all having take away pizzas, frozen from the store.

It is my new shelf on which this pizza is sitting that is my frustrating annoyance. It was something new from my online cookery company and usually they have good ideas. This time it is a baking tray with holes in it to allow the air to escape when using it and a promise of super crispy results. The crispy part is true, it really does do the job.

However as we all have different sized ovens they made it with expandable metal holders on the right and left side. You can just pull them out to fit the oven size. This would be ideal if only they would stay in the size you want them and not decide to lead their own life. It is a risky job to put it in the oven as the metal holders slip and slide and often the contents of the tray slide to the bottom of the oven, meaning a mini mess which you have to clean.

This company have a web site with all their new developments and this new super crispy bake oven tray was being shown, at least it was. They have an opportunity to make remarks on their web site and I saw that one of the ladies that bought it complained about the instability of size adjustment. Mr. Swiss said you can also write something and made a wonderful suggestion in German of course. I undersstood it very well, but writing German with all its various declinations is not my thing. Today I wanted to add my comment on the web site. I searched and searched but the advertisement for this wonder oven tray has disappeared. The company has disowned it and so it is now non-existant.

Frustration is just a small word for this, but who knows. One day my tray might have rarity value.

RDP Friday: Friustration

Good Morning

Sometimes it pays to wait until I make a morning photo. This morning it was grey skies everywhere, no clouds, just very monotonous. I had a quick look at the weather forecast, but no rain predicted. That will be next week it seems. So I did my early morning chores, make breakfast, made son’s bed and emptied Mr. Swiss ash trays. I know, but at the age of 80 there are just some habits that stay and he is surviving. I just ban him to the outside on the porch when he is tempted.

And now it is almost an hour later and there is a hopeful shimmer on the horizon signalling that there will be some sunshine somewhere. It is also cooler today, but bearable and I am sitting in the kitchen with the window open and do not need a jacket.

Otherwise yesterday was a restful day with no stress. I had a few errands to get at the store, but did not want to go into town, so took the easy solution and went to the new store just along the road. It was opened about two years ago and is quite useful. Their selection is good, fresh veg and meat, but they do not have a butchers section – only prepacked meat which means take what they have. I only needed cold cuts yesterday and it was not a problem. I also had to stock up on some chocolate as Mr. Swiss was complaining that I only buy my taste in chocolate.

Although we have been together for more than 50 years, there are still things that we do not share. Being soul mates would be boring in any case. We do not have the same taste in literature or films so there is always something to discuss.

As I only went as far as the next store yesterday there is not such a plethora of photos in my camera. At the moment it is the time when the various insects are seeking a nice comfortable place for Winter. Having a kitchen bordering on my porch is not so ideal, but at least I can get a few good photos. This seems to be a crane fly, although he decided to leave eventually.

And this little guy is a grasshopper sitting on my kitchen floor and wondering why. I gave him a gentle push in the right direction and he hopped off to the outside.

Of course there are the insects that belong outside and stay put, especially when there is collecting work to do on the flowers. This bee was too busy to smile for the camera, he had other things to do like gathering pollen or whatever it is they want.

I have also been quite busy in the kitchen having a tidying session. The local store has a special offer for plastic boxes which can be sealed airtight. I have bought a few and have been busy organising my food. It is moth time and the only good food moth is a dead one, so now they have no chance. I now seem to have more room in my kitchen cupboards. Mr. Swiss is not so happy as if he wants one of his many snacks, he has to find the right box and open it although they are transparent. Men can be so comfortable. Why do I not have a problem?

I am now off to take care of the rest of the morning. There is also some ironing to do from the bed linen I washed yesterday. A woman’s work is never done, but life would otherwise just be boring.

Take care, it will soon be the week-end and if possible avoid going places where everyone else goes. Our virus cases are increasing in Switzerland, although mainly in the Kanton of Waadt in the French speaking part of Switzerland, around Lausanne. Our Kanton of Solothurn has now decreased and we have 1 or 2 new cases daily.

FOWC with Fandango: Introspective

The neighbour’s cat has found a new place
Waiting for Winter when the birds are in place
He wants to be the first to have the best choice
When they flutter past he will not use his voice
Better to be quiet, do not raise suspicion
You have a job to do, you are on a mission
On the other paw, I don’t think I’ll wait
My bowl is full of food, I must contemplate
A bird in the paw is worth more than in a bush
When they arrive I will know how to push
Feline meditations bring the best results
Bird for dinner and tea, my appetite exults

FOWC with Fandango: Introspective

RDP Thursday: Footprint

I was at the store for half an hour. When I arrived home I noticed something squirming in a bowl of water I have outside for varius cats, hedgehogs and other animals that might take a walk. When I looked closer I saw that it was a rather mega sized bee.

I think it was on its last legs when I fished it out of the water and left to dry out. It is still resting on the ground and I am hoping that it will eventually fly again, but it does not look so good.

It is still outside and Mr. Swiss said it is moving. I do not think the footprints could be seen so well, but I can see two legs

RDP Thursday: Footprint

Good Morning

And another morning light breaks on a little village somewhere in Switzerland with as many cows as people, although I have not seen a cow yet. I think they do the night shift on the meadows. There are some birds chirping but they also remain unseen. When the food gets scarce they will be hopping around to see what there is to have.

I had an early start this morning, not very early, but 20 minutes earlier. It is fresh linen day on the beds. I have already put new covers on my duvet and head cushion and removed the fitted sheets. Now there is a pause whilst I have my breakfast and talk to my computer.

I went to bed with a the new update on my iPhone. This time the iPads and iPhones are really going to town with their improvements, although I am not so sure they are improvements. I started the updates just before I went to bed and found that the cyber powers can look after the rest whilst I am sleeping. At some time in the night I was awake and had a look to see how it was progressing. I was greeted in 20 different languages with hello and invited to go through the procedure of getting to know my new adaptations. Of course they have some new developments, but I do not need them. I was quite satisfied how things were. Why do we have to have these new updates which are really of no use to me. A golden oldie does not try to compete with Bill Gates, I just like to be left alone.

Having completed the attack of the iPeople I fired up my Apple computer this morning as it is my preferred computer for saying Good Morning. What did I see? Yes the computer also has a new update of course, to follow the others. I got the choice of doing it now, in an hour or this evening. I chose in an hour, although that it not certain. I can see that the day has a complicated beginning. The computer powers told me I must attach my computer to power to make the update. This day does not have such a good beginning.

Yesterday my air fryer arrived. Actually I was not really expecting it until October and so I should be happy that it has arrived, although I am not so happy. It means devoting time to find out how it works. Yesterday I spent more time unpacking it and disposing of unwanted cardboard boxes. Today is the paper and cardboard collection in our village and I was more occupied in getting that organised. Thanks to No. 1 son for his help. He had bundled the unwanted newspapers together and put everything outside ready to be picked up. I heard the lorry this morning already at 7.30 collecting everything.

I kept the original box for the air friar as advised, now I just have to learn how it works. Naturally, as usual, the instructions are in three languages, but not in english, so I will have to plough through the German version.

I did manage to get into town yesterday for my Wednesday shopping. It looks very idyllic from the camera view of our main street the the cathedral at the end. It was not so idyllic at the entrance to the supermarket.

As I already mentioned the building is again being renovated. It used to be a hotel and now being converted to appartments. The scaffolding in the photo was quite harmless, but it has now been moved to the entrance of the supermarket and above and what used to be hotel rooms are also being converted. It would not bother me so much if they did not park their various trucks occupying half of the pavement. I cannot get through on my scooter. The workman said I could park where I was, but I was stuck and could not reverse. I told hime to forget it and I would have to wait until he was finished, Eventually workman No. 2 arrived and hitched his vehicle onto the the offending transport and pulled it away. I eventually managed to park my scooter and enter the supermarket. This seems to now be the shape of things to come.

I eventually completed my shopping and scootered on my way home through town, seeing these strange figures on my way. They were part of a music group, as there was a guitar in its case on the ground. I did not stay to see what they were performing, their dress was enough for me.

Eventually I was on the home stretch towards my village and was glad to get home after losing so much time with workmen and their problems.

Due to all this confusion I realised that I have nothing to eat this evening, so I will be off again to the store this afternoon, but only the one along the road which is nearer. I just have to get a few items to ensure we survive until tomorrow and do not suffer from hunger pains.

And now I will leave you, I have a bed to assemble. My your day be a good and above all calm with no excitement as mine was yesterday.

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

A gentle breeze was blowing
A cloud was drifting past
But now the days have changed
How long will this calm last
There are mysteries in the air
Meaning no good for mankind
Spreading unknown dangers
Something new and undefined
This cloud will pass
Floating on its way
Our new cloud is invisible
We hope it will not stay

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

Good Morning

I like skies like this in the morning. They are alive and friendly. The sun shines in between, and what could be better.

Actually things are really not so positive this morning. It began when my auxilliary keyboard on my Apple computer told me that it should be attached to an USB as the battery is low. No problem actually. The keyboard on my apple computer started losing various letters some time ago and I bought an extra keyboard for it which works very well, but it has a battery. It is now recharging with its USB connection and I am now on my Acer computer, which is quite good, but has to be connected to electricity to use it. The Apple computer is useful as it has enough energy without a connection for many hours. And so I had to spend time on organising everything.

So what did we do yesterday?

I decided to go by wheelchair to town, but wanted to visit the bird aviary. I had not been there for some time. It is in a small park on the edge of town. It is a bit difficult for photos and you really have to focus the camera lens to cut out the irritating wires from the cage behind the glass surrounding the birds.

There is quite a colourful selection of birds but I have no idea what they are. There is a notice with photos explaining the names, but a little to far for me to read from the wheelchair.

These three seemed to be sitting quite comfortable on their perch.

And this one seemed to be the most colourful of all.

It was quite a day of birds, and I saw this family of swans floating along our river together. Mum and dad were at the front and the kids behind as always, although no longer so much kids. They are gradually losing their brown feathers it seems.

Staying with the birds, I was also accompanied on my wheelie by this red kite above, flying his circles.

I also had to cross one of the town bridges. This is the newest bridge we have. They replaced it some years ago and added the footpath parallel to the road bridge which is quite useful for crossing the river with my wheelchair.

I was surprised to see how many people were still enjoying the Indian summer days along the riverside. Some were dressed in their bathing suits and taking a swim.

Others were making the most of a river trip in their inflatable canoes. It is now forbidden to use stand up paddle boards in the river. They make no noise and apparently it is not something that the wildlife can cope with. Motor boats etc. are no problem, but the birds were having problems with orientation due to the silence of the paddle boards.

And now it was really time to head for home. I seemed to have spent the afternoon with nature which I quite enjoyed.

After uploading my photos, preparing the evening meal and some blogging and watching my favourite soap on the TV I had some spare time which does not often happen. I had uploaded a new book on my Kindle, The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follettt, the fourth in the Kingsbridge series of books. I have read the other three and was surprised to see there had been a fourth in the meanwhile. It must be ages since I read a book, so I was looking forward to this one. I managed to complete the first chapter yesterday. It is from the time of the year 1000 approximately and the Vikings are plundering and looting and burning everything in their path. Not a very nice bunch it seems. The poor defenceless Anglo Saxons are not doing so well, especially after the fall of the Roman Empire, but there is a lot to come in the book. I love those Ken Follett books, he writes so well.

And now back to reality. The day did not begin so well, but I have now received a large parcel from the post. It is my air fryer that I ordered a week ago, so looks like I will be busy today unpacking it.

I must really go now, so hope to see you later and hope your day goes well.