Good Morning

This morning I was doing everything I should not do. The first mistake was to stop hugging the bed half an hour later than usual: not that I have any special plans to go places and see things. I am having a restful day at home, although rest is just a word. First of all I took a few photos of the morning sky – a mistake, another 15 minutes and uploading them afterwards, although Flickr automatically puts them on my computer. I like to name them and sort them, silly me. Then I had the washing to put away – full of clean washed rags that my cleaning lady used yesterday, together with the weekly bathroom towels. Having done that I eventually switched on the Macbook and here I am to begin the computer day.

At least the clouds decided to give me something to show.

So enough of these cloud photos, although they do look interesting.

I did go into town yesterday afternoon. I had a few groceries to get, nothing important, but I just wanted to get out and see something different than the front and back garden. I did have a confrontation with some road construction workers on my way. They had decided to do something with a portion of the railway tracks in the road and had parked their van with attachment nicely on the sidewalk making a complete obstruction to my scooter. They pointed to the road and I told them to forget it. It is a main road and I was not prepared to have an accident there. Eventually one of the workers shifted his van and another worker directed me to travel past. It was just a matter of a couple of minutes and really no great inconvenience for the workers. Anyhow we said some friendly goodbyes, I expressed my thanks asking if they would still be there on my way home a couple of hours later. They said definitely not, they wanted to eventually go home. Just one of the daily problems of a scooter driver. I am getting used to being a second class person on the streets.

Autumn has moved in and the trees are changing their colour. This is one of the main squares in town.

So hello Autumn.

I had not been on this path to town for the last couple of weeks as it was blocked with our Autumn Fair constructions and a bit of a mess. Now I can travel with the scooter again and saw the tower of the concert hall, reform church and part of the museum as I travelled though the museum gardens. How wonderful it is to get out and enjoy nature at its Autumn best.

I had a few places to visit. First of all the store for Mr. Swiss cigarettes and my cooking wine.Then I had to travel around the corner to get to the chemists for a couple of items I could not buy in another store. I had already dismounted my walker from the scooter and remounted it twice, parking the scooter outside the two stores and then I had to go further for my main Swiss store, known as Migros. They are everywhere in Switzerland and for me have almost everything I need. So another walker removel and addition. The store is now looking like a store. There used to be a hotel next to it, but that is no longer and during the last two years they had a scaffolding over the front as they had turned the hotel rooms into various apartments and a new grocery store had appeared next to it. They also sell fruit and veg, the proprietors being a Turkish famly, so it all has a slight oriental flavour. I was glad to see that this time the sidewalk was not blocked with various delivery vans which makes it complicated for my scooter driving abilities.

Due to the new improved construction my store now has a good place to show their selection of seasonal flowers which seem to be chrysanthemums mainly at the moment.

After my somewhat longer stay in town I eventually made my way home. I wanted to upload my photos that I took on the way and prepare something to eat for the evening meal.

And that was one of my typical days in life. I am not off after my longer stay in bed as I have a few things to organise and time waits for no-one, especially me it seems. Have a good day everyone and stay safe from the dreaded covid and other problems. I am glad to say that our new Covid cases were “only” 900 yesterday in Switzerland from a population of about eight million which is not perfect but manageable.

It was a dismal day yesterday with a little sun now and again and it rained throughout the night.

RDP Tuesday: Emotion

What an emotionless bunch we have become. Just a chance shot at the local bus stop. One guy is reading the newsaper and the others? Give them a mobile phone and the only emotions are when they have contact with their colleagues who also have a mobile phone. Otherwise there is no time for an emotion, they are all too busy with looking at their phones.

RDP Tuesday: Emotion

Good Morning

And now I am here after a busy start to the day. The sky was showing itself from the good side with my first photo of the morning, around 8.00 a.m. so it does look like it will be a good day. The sun has already arrived.

I noticed a red glow in the sky yesterday evening so was out with my camera to see what I could capture and it was worth the effort. Now is the time of the year when we get the good sunsets, must be something to do with the Autumn atmosphere. You can even see the moon over the trees.

The cleaning lady has been and gone and she brought me a copy of the book that has been published about her life. I am looking forward to reading it. The book is called “The Mule” and in the German language, although there will be an English edition and I will be checking the proofs before it is printed. Why “The Mule”. It is because growing up in Columbia and from a working class family with a son as a single mother you had to find a way of survival, and her way lead to becoming a drug courier as a young lady. She had quite a turbulent life and it was not easy. She gave me her permission to write about it here, but I first of all have to read the book which she gave me today, so more will follow.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, but still have some photos from my excursion on Sunday. It was really good to get out again. I spent the complete summer only making excursions to town and not exploring the local places. The crops have already been harvested and the land is ready for next year.

The cows were making the most of their last days outside relaxing in the warm sun. They are very rarely outside in Winter here, although there are some areas where they roam in the snow covered fields. I hope to go again some time this week to see what I can find. Today I will be off to town. My reserve supply of wine for cooking needs topping up. I really only use wine in my stews and other cooked meat dishes. I never drank it and even Mr. Swiss days of wine are over. We now just stick to the roses.

I saw these flowering in a garden on my way. They have not yet all disappeared.

But now I will disappear. Dinner is cooking and in half an hour my hungry No. 1 son will be here. My grocery delivey arrived this morning so eveything under control. Keep well and safe and may it be a good day for all.

Good Morning

I brightened up our dull sky with some flowers in a view from the back garden, otherwise there is nothing worth looking at above. It will probably be a sunny day, but the mornings begin so dull and unexciting. I at last escaped yesterday with my scooter and made a tour around the local castle via the local cemetary, mainly in the search of perhaps some Autumn trees.

They were not extrmely Autumn but a few are getting there. It is still warm enough to let the cows out in the village What a wonderful pastoral scene this is with the village church.

The cemetary was also showing itself from the colourful side of Autumn. I think I did not make this journey all through the Summer. I am slowing down a little, but yesterday I picked up my courage and travelled again even if it was only in the immediate village.

There were a few horses out grazing at the farm. It was so good to see them again.

It seems that the chickens have been re-accommodated. There used to be two mobile chicken runs, but now there is only one. The second has been reduced to a smaller area with less chickens, although they have an exit to the outside if they prefer sitting in the fresh air.

There were a few walkers enjoying the good weather and the sights in the area. I was glad to get out again, not just visiting the store or town.

Autumn trees were here and there and made a wonderful splash of colour in the village. I decided I should really get out more and see the world. It is a good time of the year for it.

I even had a buzzard accompanying above flying his circles.

And of course the castle was always showing itself on my tour. We are having some wonderful Autumn weather at the moment, just have to wrap yourself up to keep warm enough. Travelling on the scooter it can get quite windy. I should really charge up my electric wheelchair as that is more comfortable when on a photographic tour.

Today I will be recovering at home, but as long as the weather holds out I have plans for another excursion. I have no bread so will be baking today. I ate the remainder for my breakfast. I wish you all a good week ahead