Daily Prompt:Ballerina, Fireman, Astronaut, Filmstar – at the age of 10?

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

I would have like to have become a secret agent, something like James Bond, but they were not recruiting at the time and my family did not have connections with the British Foreign Office: growing up in a working class family where dad worked in a factory and mum either didn’t work because she had me to look after, or eventually also worked in a factory. I rememberer first job in a factory was sewing loops on women’s intimate articles needed once a month. She could not tell me what she actually did, but explained it by “working on a sewing machine”. Later she moved on to shop assistant in Woolworth’s, a chain of shops in England originally from the States, which no longer exist. And me? I was still dreaming of becoming a secret agent and so I eventually settled for the British Police Force, although I did not really like the uniforms. I actually visited the local police station  a few years later, when I was 16 year old, to make enquiries how it could happen, and that’s that.

I found this prompt boring in August 2013, and now they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It has now, more or less, got to the stage where I just take part, but my heart is not in the matter. Daily Prompt are you really running out of ideas, why are you doing this to us?

This morning Mr. Swiss and I did our Monday morning shopping trip; nothing special, but there were a few things we needed such as food. On the way in the car I watched the passing scenery. It was cold, no snow and a little dismal, but I could see the Alps in the background. Seeing the alps where I live is no exception, they are big and in the right light they poke up. Mr. Swiss said that it must be a south wind blowing to see them so clear. I again admired his sense of meteorology. He always has an explanation for everything. I often thought, when we watch the weather forecast on the TV, that a meteorologist would have been his dream job. He knows so much more that the men and women who tell us about how the weather will be.

“Oh look, it’s that idiot again. Yesterday he said it would snow and there is still no snow.” “She told us last week it wouldn’t rain, and since it hasn’t stopped”. If only he had studied further in the university. He is so good at it. He would definitely have been a success on the television and radio telling us what to prepare for.

After we had completed our shopping trip, which went quite smoothly, we left the supermarket, the entrance being on a higher level than where we had parked the car, so it was the chance for one of my prize suspicious photos of the swiss alps in all their glory. “What again” I can hear you saying. Sorry, but it was either the Swiss Alps or Mr. Swiss and he was not in such a photographic mood today, so here are the alps taken from the upper parking space of our local supermarket. I have better photos on my real camera, this was just with my iPhone

Alps from supermarket in Langendorf

Daily Prompt: Ballerina, Fireman, Astronaut, Filmstar – at the age of 10?

Daily Prompt: Bloggers Unplugged – Time for the new guy on the shelf

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

My computers

Here they are, both sitting and waiting for the great moment to be plugged.They are both resting, waiting for the CPR of life; Computer Plug Resuscitation of course. I do not need a break from these glowing boxes, they need a break from us.

They have their own place to relax, away from the turbulences of online life. Give them room to recover, to take it easy and reload their bytes and system. 

“Here she comes again Apple”

“Must be breakfast time Acer, which means it’s your turn to keep her happy with her searches for life in the digital world.”

“But I don’t feel like it. I am exhausted. She was uploading photos again yesterday and we all know what that means.”

“Not really Acer, tell me all about it. She rarely does it with me, but takes the photos that she already uploaded on your organs. Does it hurt?”

“No, not really, although she now and again says profanities if the programme she uses is on strike, this means about 10 refreshes until it arrives.”

“But that’s not your fault, that’s the programme.”

“Try telling her that. A bad workman always blames the tools. Yesterday was a field day. First of all transferring photos from the mobile. Of course she also took a few with the camera and where did they all meet? In my central resting place for things to be organised.”

“But that is our job Acer?”

“Not if she has created hundreds of different files and plugs hard disks into my ports. I tell you my ports are getting sore with the increased in and out. Three of those disks she now has and not only being satisfied with that she also throws the photos onto my memory. I am tired, worn out.”

“Stop complaining Acer, it’s my turn in the afternoon. Look she is doing it now. Writing some sort of prompt thing, and it is called a daily prompt. Do you know what that means: every day and this since at least 5 years.”

“But Apple she has only had you for a year, so who was she using before you arrived? Yes, me Acer, every morning, every afternoon and then the evening, although the evening jobs have been reduced to distributing the photos in all directions.”

“And you think the writing work is nothing, my keyboard is getting computer arthritis. An hour in the afternoon and now she does it some evenings.”

“But I am also on call in the evening.”

“I noticed, we often sit side by side on the desk.”

“At least we can have our own little private conversations now and again.”

“By the way Acer I heard you are being replaced. Looks like you will be going to the computer cemetery in the cellar together with Toshiba and HP from Mr. Swiss.”

“How do you know.”

“She ordered your replacement on me of course and that was a job, surfing around all over the place until she found what she wanted; seems that Windows 10 is required now.”

“But she can upload that on me, Windows 10 is always knocking on my bytes for entrance. She switches it off.”

“Be honest Acer, do you really have room for Windows 10 in your body when Window 7 is doing the job just as well.?”

“Come to think of it not really, I would be exploding at the circuits. What did she order.”

“One of your new relations, also an Acer but called something like Nitro black edition, as powerful as me, but I am Apple, so can still look down on the new arrival. I must say Acer, I will miss you, but I have heard it is comfortable in the computer cemetery. Quiet, even temperatures are cool and the guys down there are a nice bunch, real computer friendly.”

“Oh well, I suppose there comes a time when we all have to go. It was fun while it lasted, but on the other hand no more milk splashed into the gaps in my keys and tea stains on my body. Those breakfast sessions were ruining my appearance. Look she is now doing the closing down goodbye: Chrome/CC cleaner/Malware bytes, so it looks like another night on the shelf until tomorrow morning.”

“Night Acer, of course being an Apple I don’t need all that anti virus stuff, although rumour has it that it has happened, but at the moment I can relax and dream of the glowing days of plugs.”

Daily Prompt: Unplugged – time for the new guy on the shelf

Daily Prompt: Humble Pie – and the new look

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Army Chocolate

I could not find a photo of a piece of humble pie in my collection so here is a photo of Swiss army chocolate, that every able bodied Swiss soldier would recognise. Yes, we have an army and anyone at the right age, and being fit enough, must do his three weeks service every year until his time has been done. My youngest was a soldier for at least 10 years, annually, and many were the bars of Swiss army chocolate that he ate whilst on manoeuvres, but wait. He never did manoeuvres, only in the first 15 weeks as a recruit. Otherwise he was sitting in the office looking after the accounts and ensuring that they had enough to eat from the local food suppliers.

So back to WordPress and the task they have given us. It seems to be a one of those weeks where we make a self analysation about whether we hold grudges, do we forgive and forget and now to top it all, we must tell them all about when we ate humble pie. I don’t have a problem with humble pie and certainly do not make a blog about it.

I could tell everyone how I hated the new editor on Word Press and stuck with the old one just to prove “not with me”. In the meanwhile I have downloaded the new Mac App for WordPress, am loving it and have also discovered that I can do the new WordPress editor with absolutely no problems. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, because my photograph hosting site is not in WordPress, but in another place and so it works. I do not have to tear my grey hairs out in frustration after spending an hour trying to upload one photo with heading, as many others seem to be. I also write my blog first of all on my computer in Pages/Word and do a copy paste into the new blog interface which works nicely. I don’t know if it works so nicely if you write direct into the new editor. Here there is still a slight problem with copy paste, these instructions do not work on the mouse, so I have to apply Strg C and Strg V, but that works nicely.

The new editor is somewhat narrow, but even that I have got used to, probably because to compensate the text is bigger and being a golden oldie my horizon is narrow in any case. I do not like travelling up and down to arrive at the heading, it used to travel with me. I also do not like scrolling to get to the html heading, but I have survived. I have discovered if you can do html, half the battle is won with this new editor. If you cannot do html, then you may have problems.

So that is my humble pie. At first I blogged about how useless this new development was. It was going in the wrong direction and now I have learned to like it. I did the big test yesterday with one of my illustrated blogs, a few photos and text in between. I did not need more time than usual and to be honest I even finished it quicker, thanks to the new WordPress App on my Apple. Ok, I have an Apple, not all of us have an Apple, but WordPress have promise that the Windows App is on its way, just put your name on the list for those waiting.

So and now I am concentrating on digesting this confessional. Let’s see if there is some pie left for others. I hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the background, but Mr. Swiss said something about emptying its digestive system. It must have swallowed some crumbs from my humble pie.

Daily Prompt: Humble Pie – and the new look

Elated Drunk

It all happened on the afternoon when Mr. Swiss said let’s go shopping, but took the scenic route to the shops, which added perhaps a half an hour on the trip, but was a worthwhile photographic adventure. We stopped awhile to view a fortress built into the overhanging cliffs Long View and afterwards move on to enjoy the scenery.

It was one of those moments when you really could become “elated drunk” as I looked from the heights to the panorama below.

Balm and Günsberg

It wasn’t a brilliant sunny day, but the air was clear enough to see it all. Immediately below were some of the villages belonging to Solothurn country and further in the distance was the Bernese Overland in all its glory. I could go into detail about which peak was which, but suffice it to be said that the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch are amongst them. They seem to be quite near, but it would be at least a 2 hour drive to reach them. The motorway begins in Solothurn and then crosses the town of Bern about 40 minutes later. From Bern you take the road to Interlaken which is the gateway to the Bernese Overland. We spent many summer holidays in the area when the children were still children, usually renting a chalet somewhere in one of the villages, Grindelwald, Adelboden or Gstaad.

Even the village of Balm itself was picturesque and a layer of snow had collected from the night before, but not so much and was still covering some parts of the ground.

Balm and Günsberg

Mr. Swiss was lucky enough to grow up in this area, in the village of Niederwil, which we passed on the way.  The central school was in his village and in Winter some children arrived on skis from the villages of Balm and Günsberg.

We eventually departed from the heights, dropping in on the shop on our way home. We didn’t need any whisky, beer or vodka to get drunk, we were elated enough from the wonderful views we had

And here we have the man himself, trying out his photographic talent.

Marcel in Balm

We eventually departed from the heights, dropping in on the shop on our way home. We didn’t need any whisky, beer or vodka to get drunk, we were elated enough from the wonderful views we had.

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Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People – The Black Friday Victims

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

I am married since 47 years and there were very few days in those 47 years that I did not meet Mr. Swiss as the first person of the day. We live together, sleep together, eat together and even shop together. Now and again we go our own way. I do not practice drums with Mr. Swiss in his rehearsal room, where he is at the moment and he does not sit next to me when I am writing my blog. He has his own computer for his own interests. I am not going to write about Mr. Swiss because he does not want me to write about him, and I do not want to write about him. I have other things to write about. I am not going to post a picture of Mr. Swiss here because he does not want me to post a picture here of him and I don’t blame him. Of course I meet other people during the day.


This is an italian style yeast cake known as a panettone continuing various dried fruits. It is an Italian speciality. You can also buy them without fruit and it seems they are a speciality at various festivals during the year. I bought one today because they were 30% cheaper, costing only nine swiss francs and Mr. Swiss and I are partial to a light sweet refreshment in between meals.

I met a lot of people today in the local supermarket, almost too many, but I did not really know any of these people. They were fighting to buy goods that had been reduced in price. When we arrived at the supermarket we found the illuminated sign by the parking places showing “0” meaning there are no places free, although we discovered after cruising around some people had left already. What was wrong? It was just a normal Friday, but wait, no it was not a normal Friday. In Switzerland we generally do not import things from the States We do not do 4th July, halloween or even Thanksgiving. We love our turkeys, treat them with respect and would not even think of roasting that lovely bird for Christmas, at least not many of us do. We have our own way of life, at least I thought so until today. Yes, we have become victims of black friday. There were signs everywhere to remind us. Why black friday has been exported to Switzerland I do not know, but it probably has something to do with making profits of some kind.

The local supermarket shot the bird down (a Swiss way of talking – nothing to do with turkeys, long may they live) by telling us all that toys were 30% cheaper today. If my offspring were in the toy age I would probably have joined in. Christmas is just around the corner and stocking up on lego and play bigs for 30% less than the normal price is a bargain. Even an electric railway or grand prix racing car track would be worth the black friday. Perhaps children no longer have fun with such boring toys and are more into the digital toys. No problem: the online company where you can buy such “toys” were also offering 10% cheaper today, after all it is black friday.

Yes, Black Friday was the first person I encountered today: on my computer, at the local supermarket and for my break at home in the shape of a panettone. Perhaps telling you all about Mr. Swiss would have been more interesting, but he prefers to remain in the background. He was not a black friday bargain, he just came with the marriage licence.

Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People – The Black Friday Victims

Long View

Mr. Swiss found there were a few things we forgot when shopping. It was afternoon, after my golden oldie sleep and so I said I would come a well. A rare occurrence for me in the afternoon, but my blogging can wait, life is not only computers after all – or is it? We departed and instead of turning left at the entrance to the main road Mr. Swiss turned right. Was he going to kidnap me? No, he explained he would drive via Günsberg and Balm. Of course, this says nothing to anyone here, but to me and Mr.Swiss it does. Mr. Swiss grew up in Niederwil, which is almost Günsberg and sort of the beginning of climbing up the Jura.

Günsberg is just a small village, but Balm is a little higher and smaller. the weather was not cloudy, but also not exactly bright sunshine.There was enough light for some photos. We eventually arrived at Balm, where there is a ruin remaining from a fortress from the year 1100. Luckily there were some parking places for the many tourists that were interested in the Fortress, although on this day we seemed to be the only ones..

Balm and Günsberg

Of course I took one of my fantastic photos. This is a long view in the truth of the words as I was standing below and it was quite high up. There are people that might be brave enough and more firm on their feet to manage a climb, but not me. The fortress is half way up the rocks on the left. And now for some history. The fortress was build some time in the 11th century and first mentioned in a document from 1201. Of course I am translating this all from a German document and hope I am not boring everyone. It was probably some noble guy from Balm that had the big idea of building a fortress in the middle of rocks.There were all sorts of arguments going on in those days, so I suppose it was for protection against the others.

It seems the fortress changed hands now and again, being passed from one duke to another and since the middle of the 15th century it has been a ruin. because the guy that bought it, Hans Sigrist in 1417, could not afford to pay for repairs.  In 1969 it eventually belonged to Kanton Solothurn, but it is still a ruin. How about a close-up.

Balm and Günsberg

You can now see the remains of a brick wall, they certainly knew how to build brick walls in those days. The actual fortress was built deeper into the rocks.

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Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well – Just follow your nose

We all know how to do something well — write a post that teaches readers how to do something you know and/or love to do.

What can I do well? Everything really to keep me alive. I can cook. At least I have not yet poisoned anyone, although this week I had a low with my cooking. One of those days when you don’t know what to buy and cook. Monday was successful. We had polenta with cipolata (you know those small sausages) and peas. The polenta was mixed with parmesan cheese and butter (of course) and it was a success.

Tuesday was doomsday (at least for me). Mr. Swiss suggested cervelat, the Swiss sausage, only available in Switzerland although I believe the skins are imported from Brazil, because they have the best quality for the super cervelat. I don’t mind a cervelat and I quite like it with hashed browns (fried potato – have to speak American colonial here other no-one really knows what I am talking about) and cauliflower: two days of sausages, it can only get better.  It was decided that as we had french fries on Sunday, it would be time again for pasta. I like pasta, with a tomato sauce called spaghetti, but I was not in the mood for pasta with my cervelat. So we all sat down to lunch and it was all eaten, but I did not enjoy it. I told everyone that it was the last time I would fry a cervelat and serve it with pasta.

Photo by mobile phone

At the moment I am in a photographic form of mind. Armed with my mobile telephone and camera nothing is safe from me. I don’t know if I can do it well, but it is fun. To illustrate my photographic abilities there is a photo of a photo. I took a photo with my mobile which is still on the phone and to illustrate my crafty methods, I took a photo of the photo on my mobile phone with my iPad and then beamed it over to my Flickr site, where all my photos originate on these blogs. I know I am clever, brilliant, ingenious – there are not enough adjectives to cover my abilities.

There are of course a few rules to be followed when taking photos. I took the photo on my mobile phone in a small restaurant where they sell cakes and all sorts of creations. Unfortunately my mobile phone did not spring to photo immediately and I was standing in the tea room and I think the ladies serving in the tea room were a little annoyed, although I did not notice it. Actually the tea room had our Apple shop (computers) in the back room and I just wanted to look around. Mr. Swiss found perhaps I should not take photos in public places. We escaped and there was no damage done.

Oh, come on WordPress, I wrote it all last year and I am really getting bored with these warmed up prompts, just like my caveat with pasta. The cauliflower was also not so good.

Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Bloggers) Well – Just follow your nose