Daily Prompt: Enough is Enough – too many towels

When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?

Injured player

On 22nd April 2008 the english soccer team Liverpool played Chelsea in some sort of cup match. It was so long ago I cannot remember the importance of the game but if I was sitting in front of the TV taking photos so it must have been something big. As you can see this player was forced to throw in the towel due to some sort of strange injury. He had no choice and there are times in daily life when you also have no choice.

I began to write this prompt and decided who wants to read about the times when I was forced to throw the towel away, only to regain it afterwards. I just put it in the washing machine and continued. However the towel begins to fray at the edges and it might tear. What do you do? You buy another towel: perhaps a red towel so that the blood stains do not show, or even a brown towel to hide the rust when you use it.

The first thing that comes to my mind at the moment are the daily prompt ailments which prevent us from writing a daily prompt. Of course we can do our own thing. I did my own thing yesterday because during the European day there was no daily prompt. It only arrived in the American hemisphere at a normal time. I did not throw in the towel, and this morning I could even put the towel in the washing machine to adapt to the prompt that never was yesterday European time.

I know most of the daily prompt victims and they know me. I think I am a normal person, do not commit murders or rob banks and enjoy a small polite discussion at the end of the prompt. All the more I was astonished to discover that yesterday I was more or less told I lament and there is a solution to my daily prompt problems. I was really only astonished. Many adjectives have been applied to me, but never that I lament, this having the meaning of being a passionate expression of grief and sorrow. I then wiped my tears of frustration from the keyboard, put away my Kalashnikov and wrote an answer. It seems my answer was read and the whole towel throwing fight was dropped. Comments on both sides were deleted and we remained civil. This is the way to go.

Which way are you going daily prompt?

“Did you call Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“Oh, hello Wordy, I though you might turn up.”

“Of course, it is Sunday, chocolate cake baking day.”

“No Wordy, today is towel throwing day. Do you throw towels Wordy?”

“Of course not Mrs. Angloswiss, I do not need towels, just a shine up on my metal parts and rust remover and then everything is fine.”

“No Wordy, everything is not fine. The Daily Prompt was at least 8 hours late yesterday and I went to bed without seeing it. This morning it was there and thanks to a few spare minutes I managed to adapt my prompt and write one for my feline friends.”

“Then everything is OK Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“No, Wordy, it is not OK. I am fed up with this Russian Roulette you are playing with the daily prompts. Sometimes you pull the grid trigger and you have a result. Other times the grid trigger does not work or shoots past the target. What is going on?”

“Well, it’s like this Mrs. Angloswiss. Oh, can I have another piece of chocolate cake, the bit with the chocolate flakes on top.?”

“Wordy, you are changing the subject. Tell me about the daily prompts.”

“I suppose you can compare it to a chocolate cake. Sometimes they are perfect, prize winning in taste and consistency and other times they get burnt on top, or might be a little dry because the mixture had too much flour and not enough butter. You know what I mean. Daily Prompts are like that. Some days they arrive and others they give up on the way.”

“Wordy is that your explanation?”

“Stop lamenting Mrs. Angloswiss and put that Kalashnikov down. My metal plating is not bullet proof.”

Again Wordy and I have an undecided issue to solve. Come back for more on a day when the daily prompt is working. There is a linen basket for depositing your discarded towels as you leave.

Daily Prompt: Enough is Enough – too many towels

My Daily Prompt: Once Upon a Time – Forgetfulness

It is not the WordPress Daily Prompt because up to now, 7.00 in the evening, I do not have one. I very much doubt that I will get one at a normal time. Daylight in my country has now been replaced by darkness. It is Saturday evening and I am not going to spend my Saturday evening hoping that I might get a daily prompt. It is obvious that things are broken, kaput, down in WordPress town and they have problems. As they are not my problems I will carry on regardless with my own daily prompt, if necessary until the end of the year. I am tired of these might be prompts. I want a normal reliable prompt and mine are reliable, because I make them myself, complete with my own photos.

Once Upon a Time today I was resting in my normal golden oldie sleep after lunch and sometimes things go through your head. I was actually back in the land of living but decided to spend a few minutes, (15) in bed surfing on my iPad hoping for a daily prompt, which did not arrive and then a thought struck me. The evening meal would be a pizza. Not just any old pizza but one of my pizzas, the one I make myself (I buy the pastry). If you make a pizza you need cheese. My pizza has a layer of grated Greyerz cheese at the base and is topped up with Mozzarella cheese, you know that white one that swims in a milk liquid to be placed on the top of the pizza and yes, I (we) had forgotten the cheese. I did not want to go shopping, so I would have had something in the fridge, but not the real McCoy. My hero Mr. Swiss volunteered to take a five minute car journey to the local supermarket and buy the necessary.

He left and I was seated in the kitchen with my other computer partaking in a weekly photo blog, Picture This, hosted by an online colleague in Blogger. I was astonished to see that it was snowing with mega flakes outside so I took a photo.

Garden in snow

“Oh dear” I thought, poor Mr. Swiss battling his way through a blizzard to buy the pizza cheese. I immediately had a guilty conscience although I remember the last words of Mr. Swiss before he left “no problem, forgetfulness comes with old age”. How true but I forgot and he is older then me. Eventually he returned armed with a plastic bag containing the missing cheese.

He said that as he drove off it started to snow which was not so bad as they were large flakes that melted as they hit the road surface. However, he was surprised to see so many people in the supermarket and had to fight his way through the crowds for the cheese. I told him I should have done the necessary, but he found it would not come into the question. He had to battle for a free car parking space and that would have presented problems for me. OK, he was right. I am not good at fighting for parking spaces. I prefer two spaces together, as it is easier to park and today there were only single parking spaces in complicated places.

There is a happy end to all stories. I began preparing the pizza as Mr. Swiss had bought a set of videos from an American television series “Fargo” which we wanted to watch afterwards. My style pizza is basically quattro stagioni, although sometimes there might not only be four seasons, but a few more added. I am not giving instructions how to make a perfect pizza. It might not be perfect for you, but it is our pizza. Of course I have a photo, presenting pizza al Angloswiss.


Daily Prompt: Once Upon a Time – Forgetfulness

Daily Prompt: Easy Fix – they day the analogue world died

Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

We were warned. We knew it was going to happen, but we saw no danger for us. Life could carry on as always until ….. last week, on Tuesday evening the truth became reality. Mr. Swiss was comfortable watching the news on the television. It was a particularly important news, as the results of the Swiss government no longer supporting the € currency in Europe were becoming known. Good for a trip over the border, everything was cheaper for the Swiss. Bad for small businesses in Switzerland as no-one would be interested in buying expensive Swiss goods, no matter how super and exquisite our products are, money speaks all languages. I was comfortable in a chair reading a book, or was I in a suspenseful moment of playing Candy Twist on my iPad. Peace reigned in the world of Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss until No. 1 son appeared in the living room. He is usually engrossed in his own television in his room watching whatever he watches.

”My television is not working, there is a message on the screen that no signals can be received.”

My first thought was “oh” and Mr. Swiss decided No. 1 son must wait, due to events in the Swiss financial situation. However son No. 1 was concerned. He no longer understood his TV world. I would mention he is autistic and if things do not fit with his world picture then something is wrong.

Mr. Swiss decided that the Swiss political situation could wait, and so he switched the TV set to “record” to ensure that he would miss nothing whilst dealing with No. 1 son’s TV problem. I decided to keep out of the situation as I no longer understand the televisions of today. Mr. Swiss had a look at son No. 1 TV and discovered the problem immediately. His set was bought a few years go and it was analogue (huh?). Today sets are digital and so first aid had to be offered to this TV. A card could be inserted in the television and then it might work. After uttering a few profanities, not finding where we put the spare cards. Mr. Swiss found a card and did the necessary but nothing happend.

It was then it occurred to Mr. Swiss that there was a d-day in Switzerland for the death of analogue televisions. I heard something about this, but as we have had a new, super digital TV for the past couple of years, I decided it was none of my business. My son was without a television for a complete evening until tomorrow when the Swiss family mum and dad would buy a new TV in the local supermarket. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss gave No. 1 son his big iPad which had a television app, so that solved the TV problem for the evening.

Armed with the bank card from No. 1 son, we arrived at the local supermarket and visited the electronic department. We noticed a few other customers were also buying televisions. No. 1 son only needs a smaller television and not a super hang it on the wall and receive a few thousand television programmes. He is happy when he has a few commercial stations so that he can watch perhaps a music concert, some James Bond films, and even Bruce Willis. A salesman was suddenly without a customer and asked

“Can I help you?”

“We need a new television, but a smaller one.”

“Ah yes, no problem, but we do not stock the smaller televisions. You can buy them online.”

Mr. Swiss knowing that No. 1 son needed a television within five minutes and not five days, we said thank you and Mr. Swiss decided he would go to another shop on the outskirts of our town in the afternoon where they had a sort of mall selling everything – see picture.

Interdiscount, Birchizenter, Zuchwil

As I have “me time” in the afternoon, writing bloggy stuff ,Mr. Swiss ventured out to the paradise of electronic shops on his own, knowing that they would definitely have something available. After almost two hours he returned. In the meanwhile I was pondering whether to alarm the local police seeing newspaper headlines “Swiss citizen missing, the television mafia strike again”. However he returned with a small box. The mission was a success.

Yes Monday was d-day in Switzerland for analogue televisions and the electronic paradise was full of disappointed Swiss citizens whose television was not longer working. Mr. Swiss said there were so many disappointed television addicts he had to queue and wait for at least thirty minutes, only to find that there were no more smaller televisions available. Disappointed Swiss television addicts were buying televisions like their daily bread, it was a scene of fighting for the last television set, no matter who got killed in the process. Undaunted he left the sales paradise of lost televisions and visited the local town where we have a large department store. Cutting a longer story short, after a discussion with the salesman, the salesman remembered a lonely forgotten new smaller television sitting in the stock room. It was perfect, a good price and the forgotten television now had a new home. After making the long journey from South Korea it had now found its place in a Swiss home.

No. 1 son was happy, Mr. Swiss was happy and I could continue writing my blog undisturbed. A small problem occurred when giving the new television, the breath of life, until someone realised that he had inserted the aerial plug in the wrong place. After a small excitement, more profanities, it was alive and working and all was right in the (television) world.

Daily Prompt: Easy Fix – the day the analogue world died

Daily Prompt: Fireside Chat – with my heroes

What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?


There are not many firesides left today, all being replaced by electricity and gas. This fireside is completely artificial. Although the flames flicker it is all show, just to make it homely. I do not really do long chats and listening to someone telling their life story is the most boring thing I can imagine. We bloggers tend to include details of our private life, it is an occupational hazard when blogging. If I ever have the opportunity to meet them, I would not waste time listening to their life’s history and they would probably tell me to read all about it on their blog. After all the main motto of our blogging site seems to be “tell us all about it”.

Of course there are a few that I would like to have a conversation with, but most are dead. I would start with Giuseppe Garibaldi – Who? Yes that is exactly what I thought when I discovered that many pubs in England, especially places on the coast, were called The Garibaldi. Apparently he made a big impact when he paid a visit to London in the 19th century. The streets were lined with people wanting to see this hero. He also managed to cross the pond and visit an english colony over there. He was not a bad looker and he probably thought they would offer him a part in a film: “How I won the battle of Palermo” but it seemed that was not the case and it was Lucky Luciano that got all the honours. I asked my family in England who this Garibaldi was, but they did not have a clue. In my later years I knew a few Italians in my workplace so asked them what they knew about Garibaldi.

“He was a freedom fighter” was the answer.

“Whose freedom, what freedom?”

“I don’t now, I will have to ask my father.”

Is seems the secret surrounding Garibaldi had almost been forgotten, even by the Italians. So what do you do? You go to the library and lend a few books. Better was when I was on a visit to the Swiss capital of Bern, just a half hour away from where I live by motorway. I discovered one of those dark bookshops with a random dog eared collection sitting in a bookcase outside on the pavement and lo and behold they had two books at a very good price (probably because of the dog ears and looking like something the dog brought in) which I bought. I was now equipped with my Garibaldi collection. Ok, he was an adventurer, a real dare devil. He went to war on a horse, one of his wives riding with him very much pregnant and decided to unite Sicily and all the other states in Italy to make one country. Now even the mafia could not unite Sicily, so he had to give up. Eventually he lived in a villa on the island of Sardina where he died and was buried. A friend of mine was on holiday in Sardinia and visited his villa and saw the grave. I decided he would be worth a fireside chat. Read all about it Giuseppe Garibaldi.

My next victim would be Fidel Castro, the ex boss of Cuba. I seem to have a thing for those rebels and freedom fighters. I knew nothing about Castro, so bought his autobiography. It was very interesting. I don’t know whether I would invite him for a fireside chat. I do not like cigar smoke, it would make me cough and not smell so good afterwards. Sorry Fidel, lets meet somewhere outside, perhaps in the garden.

Dracula would be a conversation worth, but I would have to meet him in the middle of the night and decorate the fireside with garlic to pacify his longing for some fresh blood. Perhaps I could hang a cross over the fireside, just to make sure that I would survive the chat. I could, of course, meet him at the hospital in the blood bank. He would definitely be happy and I would have no problems.

Talking of blood, today was the big High Noon at my docs, for Mr. Swiss and me. I got there first so could talk all about it with the doc. She had a sheet with all my values, blood, joints, cholesterol, iron, etc. etc. According to all the details I am one of the most healthy people alive. Even my blood sugar was normal, although she confirmed that was because I am taking tablets. The cholesterol levels were good..

“Does that mean that I no longer to take my daily tablet for cholesterol?”

“No, it is because you take the tablet that it is normal.”

“If everything is so good, why do I have pains in my body when I arise in the morning?”

“That is normal, it gets better when you start moving.”

I could not disagree with this, but I said look at my fingers on the left hand. She did.

“That is arthritis, mainly in the thumb and the first finger. We could operate it.”

I decided no, there would be no operation. I have never heard of anyone dying with arthritis in the thumb and one finger and besides, it looks quite interesting. One finger twice the width of the others and the thumb with a strange bump on the joint. Not everyone has such interesting fingers.

So, time to go, and be careful of those fireside chats, although I would be free on Sunday evening and next week on Wednesday evening if anyone is interested.

Daily Prompt: Fireside Chat – with my heroes

The Blacklight Candelabra – Deliberate Misquotation

It is difficult to obtain the friendship of a cat. It is a philosophical animal… one that does not place its affections thoughtlessly.
Theophile Gautier

Nera posing for a pin-up photo

A cat will be your friend if there is something in it for him. Dangle a piece of ham in front of its nose, give it some liver, perhaps a piece of chicken. He will love you for it, but only during the time he is eating it. Afterwards he washes, sleeps for a few hours and when he awakes he reverts to his autistic existence. There is no longer meat so why should the cat be a friend. When the meat has been eaten it disappears, no longer exists.

Is that philosophical? No that is being selfish, taking what he wants and when he has what he wants, he no longer has a further need for it, so the cat sleeps. You as the donator of the tasty food interval already are non-existent. And then in his non-philosophical way the cat has a wash, licking every part of the body that came into contact with the disappearing food.

Affections are only for a reward. The cat wants something from you. Speaking as a mere human they have commanded my life for the past 13 years and they are not my pets, my friends, my true servants. No, they are here for what they can get out of it. I lay on the bed and five minutes later the cat lays next to me, neading motions with its paws in the soft quilt and dreaming kitten dreams. Am I the lost mother, am I the object of its attention? Only because I am there and relaxing and perhaps presenting no threat, not because the cat has decided that the human is its faithful and trusty companion. I decide to give a tummy tickle whilst the cat is relaxing. No problem, she lays on the side and lets me do everything with accompanying purrs, but do not be mislead. What is a purr, the cat will not let you in on the secret. The purr can turn to a hiss in a split second.

Two hours later the cat is sitting at my feet and I again give a tummy tickle, but the feline does not want a tummy tickle. I take my hand away and see a long scratch as a reaction from the cat that did not want any sign of endearment. That is not philosophy and the meow words of affection, love, friendship do not exist in the meow vocabulary of an autistic minded cat.

The Blacklight Candelabra: Deliberate Misquotation

Daily Prompt: Two Right Feet – or left

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?

Horseride path castle Waldegg

The things that this enterprise want to know. This is not me on my horse taking a morning gallop after waking. It is someone on the local path to the castle. I found it a good subject and took the photo from the car window whilst we were driving home from shopping, although this is not what everyone wants to know. You all want to know what I do when I awake from my sleep. I have two waking ups per day. The major wake up is the morning, life re-visited, and the minor wake up is at the beginning of the afternoon, which is a recovery sleep from the morning.

The major wake-up takes place in the early morning hours, although it has been known to happen in the middle of the night when nature calls. It is a regular routine generally. As you get older you no longer take chances.

1. You realise you have survived at least you think you have. The sun has not yet risen, but your inner self tells you that it might. I stretch out my hand, left hand, to the iPhone parked on my bedside table and hide it beneath the bed clothes. I do not want to blind everyone with the rays of illuminated numbers. What is the time? 04.30? Oh shock! I might attempt to visit a certain place for a natural biological necessity. There might be the noise of a cat meowing in a distant room which I ignore. That is her problem. I turn and give it another try. If I am successful I fall again into oblivion. If I am unsuccessful I fall into oblivion, but a different oblivion. Who cares? It is not yet my time.

2. I hear movement around me meaning that others are in the world of the living and I decide I should perhaps join them, so I think about it. I make a second check on my iPhone and feel reassured when the time is not yet past 7.30, knowing that I can remain in the horizontal position. My day actually never gets off on the right foot because my feet do not want to be placed on the floor, they resist, they prefer resting between the covers. Eventually I cannot postpone the dreaded moment and sit on the bed ensuring that everything on my body is in place. I might feel a twitch, an ache or a pain but this is OK. I know that I have made it through the night.

3. It is action time and I make my way to the computer, supporting myself on the way with hands along the wall. I connect my two iPads and iPhone to the electricity to give them their daily life. Actually when I think about it those gadgets are so lucky. I wish I could connect myself to some sort of source of energy and return to a sense of being awake and ready to go. I carry my laptop to the kitchen and place it on the table. I get a cheerful “Good Morning” from Mr. Swiss who is busy doing early morning stuff like making a cup of coffee, checking his mails and perhaps replenishing a bowl of water we always have outside in the garden for the felines. They love drinking water early in the morning outside. If it is a cold morning, the ice has to be removed from the water remaining from the day before.

4. Time for breakfast. First of all I check my blood sugar to see if breakfast is an option. If it was not an option I would eat it all the same. Yes I am a dare devil in my golden oldie age. It is then time for the big switch on. Whilst the bytes are pulsing through my computer I spoon out portions of cereal, being careful not to splash the keyboard and yes, I do this all within 30 minutes of arising from my bed. I am a live wire in the morning I know. In the background there might be the sound of a vacuum cleaner biting its merry way through the dust of yesterday.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, this does not happen (a doctor visit, an early morning appointment somewhere) then I could have problems. Rushing early in the morning leads to a sinking of the blood pressure, leads to discontentment and then I am a miserable cow. I might utter profanities, might be short tempered, and generally hate the world. Even my iPhone feels neglected as it might be switched off to avoid complications. I do not like receiving early morning phone calls. Unfortunately what I classify as early morning, others classify as daytime.

So world, there you have it, the shape of things to come. I never honestly thought it would ever happen to me. In my younger years I would spring out of bed feeling refreshed, except for those party evenings when I only actually got to bed in the early hours of the morning. Yes, life changes, be warned. It is not always a merry roundabout of fun. YesterdayI never thought about what I have to do, today my thoughts have taken over, shall I or shall I not? On this happy note I will leave you all, but do not forget, this could be you one day.

Daily Prompt: Two right Feet, or left

Daily Prompt: A Moment in Time – Where there is a camera, there is a photo to be uploaded

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. (No story behind the photo? Make one up, or choose the last picture you took that had one.)

routers etc.

Not a story behind the photo? Of course there is a story behind the photo, my life is one big story. Unfortunately I have not yet met the famous author or movie producer to do the necessary to make me famous. I noticed at a quick glance we have 0 responses for this prompt. Did someone forget to press the magic switch, did Wordy have a little too much of the hard stuff with lunch? Perhaps it is just one of those days where things go wrong all the time. I might be the first with something to say which is a general state of affairs with me. By the time I finish this epic piece of literature others may have beat me to it. Now to the subject of this post.

It is not an easy task and I am a little overstrained with this. Actually it was my blogging friend Marilyn that was guilty of me taking this photo. She is a cyber golden oldie, and if Bill Gates had not been there first, she would now be running all the Windows stuff probably. At the moment she has router problems: don’t we all from time to time. I often lose my way on the roads due to new road signs, although I believe her router is more in the online sense of the word.

I decided yesterday evening to take a quick photo of the external digestive system of our computer. Marilyn got me thinking, where is our router, where is our modem, where is anything like that. I only play with my keyboard and laptop, the rest is a Mr. Swiss department. It all has a nest on a glass table next to his operational centre. Now and again I might lose a connection, which is not so bad. It tends to be a habit with me. Mr. Swiss shakes his head and carries on regardless. If I say no more, it means Apple has found the connection again and I am making a fuss about nothing. If this state of affairs becomes permanent and he also loses the connection, then we have a lost modem wandering around in the Angloswiss cyber world. No problem, he presses a button somewhere and everything is working again. It does not happen often, but now and again it might. I think they make these things just to see if we know what we are doing.

I definitely do not know what I am doing, but Mr. Swiss does. He showed me once where the magical button is, but I forgot. I am diverging from the subject matter. Now I have a photo showing where everything is. I had to ask for directions from Mr. Swiss as all I can see is a white box, a nice designer black box standing up and a few leads and flat boxes.

Apparently we have two modems combined with routers, or did I get that wrong? Anyhow the nice designer black object standing up in the back right corner is a modem it seems and the big white flat square thing is also a modem combined with router. I think the black designer model also has a router combined, but am not sure. It is all so complicated.

We have some other technical stuff with wires leading out of it. There is a DVD burner. I think that is the square black thing at the front in the corner. There is a little square thing in front of the nice black modem which is a blue tooth loudspeaker. The teeth seem to be hidden inside, I suppose I could feed it now and again but I do not know what blue teeth like to chew on. There are two hard disks in the middle at the front laying on top of each other and on the left almost out of the picture there are lots of cables attached to something that might be the heart and lungs of the whole thing, but don’t ask me, it is a man thing. There is also an iPhone somewhere in the middle. It is always a good thing to have a few iPhones laying around, you never know, you might lose one.

So there we have the latest and newest photo in my collection. I notice we still have 0 Responses.


“Yes Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“What is going on in Silicon Valley, the grid has again collapsed.”

“Oh, I will have a look. I am sure it will be working by this evening. There is probably an update on the system, or perhaps we are having some new software fitted. I will have a look after I have finished my chocolate cake.”

“Wordy, put that cake down. We have an urgent situation. Thousands of daily prompt writers have their fingers poised on the upload button and there is nowhere to upload it.”

“You can always try the Reader Mrs. Angloswiss.”

“I could also hold you prisoner in the snow out in the garden holding you to ransom for an efficient grid system that works.”

“But my circuits would freeze and I would become brittle.”

“You think I care, get it working Wordy.”

Daily Prompt: A Moment in Time – there there is a camera, there is a photo to be uploaded