Helpful Initiative

Men at work

What are the two men of my home life (the third lives on the other side of Switzerland with his wife) doing in the corner behind the television cupboard. Not only crouching in the corner, but Mr. Swiss with his iPhone taking photos? Now and again a profanity was uttered by Mr. Swiss, one of the lesser profanities and a curse was uttered concerning the various spiders that had spun their webs in dark corners. No. 1 son seemed to be beckoned to help to move the TV cupboard, which is heavy and large and contains not only a TV, but a DVD thing and other objects that I do not know the name of.

“Fetch the vacuum cleaner” was a command from Mr. Swiss and son No. 1 was then appointed chef vacumer and the homes of various spider ancestors were removed.

After spending at least 15 minutes in this corner Mr. Swiss appeared proudly showing a photo of a plug that was hanging out of the wall, although still in working order. It seems that this plug will have to be replaced for our new, wonderful, super Internet connection. As a helpful initiative our computer expert that we call upon for solving complicated problems informed us that on the day of the big switch on, sometime in November, he would bring his own modem which is the best you can have. After contact with the company who will be supplying this new system, it seems that this wonder modem is not requested. They have their own modem which will be necessary. We reached a compromise and our expert will be supplying the router. Oh this is getting technical and I am just repeating what I heard.

So further to my two computer experts and handymen. I was hoping they would soon be finished as it was getting near to dinner time and my spaghetti al sugo with accompanying side salad would soon be ready. I could eventually relax and breathe out as I saw Mr. Swiss preforming a 90° turn to the TV cabinet. He was halfway there, but being an expert in such matters, decided it would be wise to see if the TV was still functioning after his electic plug operations. I heard voices from the TV and so yes it was alive. Now came the delicate part of the operation. Luckily my No. 1 son is on short time on Thursday and Friday and could employ his 1m 85 cm height and muscles to assist pushing the TV cabinet to its original position. Yes the job was done and here you can see the two succesful workers on the finishing touches.

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Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch – evil is in the eye of the beholder

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Frog in garden

“Where did you get that green frog Drac?”

“He just hopped across my path on my way home from the blood bank Morticia.”

“Croak, croak.”

“I think he wants to say something.”

“Croak, croak.”

“Dracky, where does he come from? He is licking out your plastic bag from the blood bank.”

“If you must know I happened to meet an old friend, a very old friend, one of the oldest friends.”

“Drac, all your friends are old, most of them are undead like us.”

“True. Anyhow it was Mephi and he said that Croaky would be a good pet to have. He does not really need feeding, he feeds himself, especially if we happen to have a frog pond in the garden.”

“He is not exactly cute, looks a little overgrown and his hands remind me of the fork that Mephi usually carries with him. Where are you going to put him?”

“Nowhere really, I though he could find his own place. Look he has hopped out into the garden and now taken a jump into the pond.”

“But he has just swallowed a frog, and another, and another. I don’t think this was a good idea.”

“Croak, croak”

He is back again and is now having a fight with Tiddles, our pet bat. Down Croaky, bats are not to be eaten. Tiddles is your new friend Croaky. be kind to him. No Tiddles where are you taking him? Dracky I think he has dropped Croaky into the garbage coffin as he was flying past.*

“But look, it is ideal. Croaky is eating his way through the garbage. Mephi said he would be good for disposal of unwanted matter and our coffin only has the remainders of our meals. Our garbage men have stopped coming, since we put the zombie in the bin. They found that our house was something evil and the garbage smelt.”

“But if he eats all the garbage, there will be nothing left. That is a really evil frog that you have brought home.”

“He is not evil, just misunderstood. Look how sweet he is with his pleading eyes Morticia.”

“Pleading for more to eat.”

“What are you worrying about Morticia. He only eats garbage and we are not garbage.”

“That is a matter of how you look at it. There are some in the non-undead world that have another opinion. I don’t like him, get rid of him.”

“You female vampires are never happy. I really thought Croaky would be company on a day in the coffin.”

“Croaky is not sleeping in my coffin. Take him back to where he came from.”

“You know that Mephi does not accept returned goods, he likes them fresh and new, but I have an idea. Tiddles take a flight to the cemetery and drop Croaky there. I am sure he will find a few bones to nibble on. So happy now Morticia?”

“Yes and don’t bring anything else home. I remember the gargoyle when you said he was house trained.”

“Yes, a lovely creature. What was the problem?”

“He was not house trained and I was cleaning up his recycled matter everywhere. I do to like Gargoyles spraying their recycled WordPress prompts in the bedroom.”

Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch – evil is in the eye of the beholder

Stormy Private

Computer stuff

When I saw these two words on the Topic Generator I was going to give it a miss. However, circumstances have changed my opinion (as well as a silly churned up old daily prompt). At home we have a small private storm which could be reworded as stormy private. Yes our super fantastic technically advanced computer provider has decided too change things. It is not broken, and it does not need any sort of revision, no, so I ask why mend it and even replace it. As you can see from the photo it is very neat and compact, in spite of the many hanging cables on the floor.

It all began with an SMS (you know one of those telephone message thingies) from the provider to tell us that their established system will be renewed with IDP. I discovered that IDP is Internet Datagram Protocol meaning that all our modem and cable connections will now be made via Internet. It seems the telephone is already there. Before I continue, I am far from being an expert on these things, that is the world of Mr. Swiss, although he is also not Bill Gates but he seems to know what is actually going on and some of my explanations here might not be as correct as they should be. We called our provider  and asked them all about it. It seems that they also wanted to include our television in this new and wonderful system, but Mr. Swiss found that if the Internet would break down, as it has from time to time in the past, we would be left without our TV connection. I mean they do not have to jeopardise everything now do they. So the television remains were it is (to be quite honest I do not really know where it is, but it works).

The young lady on the phone said that she could take that part out of the package (yes it is a package) with no problem and so we forgot about it all and decided to wait and see what happens. Today in the post we received a real package, one you could unpack and examine.

“What is that” asked, no exclaimed, Mr. Swiss.

“Looks like something electronic” was my answer. “Perhaps it has something to do with that new and wonderful telecommunications experience.”

Mr. Swiss opened the box of Pandora and what did he find. Cables and switches Yes, our provider were efficient and quick, but complicated. A “how to do it” plan was included to show how you can set up your connections. After closer examination Mr. Swiss realised that the cable was not long enough to attach the modem to whatever it was supposed to be attached to. A further telephone call was made for an explanation.

“When will the new system be activated?” he asked.

“Tomorrow morning” was the answer.

It was then that I applied some profanities in the background, with visions of being Internetless for a few days. Mr. Swiss sort of signaled to stay cool as it seemed that the gentleman on the phone could probably hear my various exclamations. It was then that Mr. Swiss did lose the cool and calm state of mind and asked if they were perhaps overdoing it. The gentleman explained that we had received their e-mail and agreed to the installation. Mr. Swiss informed them that we never received an e-mail and that it was all done by SMS and as far as he was concerned an agreement did not exist. It seemed to be an assumption on their side, a false interpretation of the state of affairs. I was still trying to remain calm and collected in the background.

“We do not want you to covert tomorrow. The cable you sent is too short in any case. When is the deadline for this new IDP system?” he asked

“2017” was the answer. “From 2017 the old system will no longer exist.”

The result was that Mr. Swiss, with my verbal support in the background still being rather excited, told them what to do with their new system in a civilised way, thinking probably uncivilised, and so this afternoon Mr. Swiss made an excursion to the post office and returned the new unused toys.

I would add he also called in at the rival company and made arrangements for our Internet to run on their system from November. This other company is cheaper and has a very good reputation. Above all I was in the village first aid group with the wife of the big boss, so what could be better.

I now rest my case and hope that Part 2 does not follow and the gentleman on the phone remembered to tell the workers not to change our system tomorrow. If you hear nothing from me tomorrow you will know why.

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Autumn is in the Air

Autumn, Weissenstr. Langendorf

I was waiting for the days of brown and reds and gold. It seemed to me that it was a long time coming this year, but on the drive to and from the supermarket this morning I noticed that the foliage on the trees had changed and there were even some stray leaves on the ground. Autumn is on its way, although the temperatures are still quite mild for this time of year.

In my younger days I was a faithful follower of Summer, but a the years go past, I have become one of those Autumn people. Even Mr. Swiss said today the Autumn is like us, golden – although not such oldies. The temperatures are falling and Mrs. Angloswiss is having a rethink about her dress, although I am still bare feet in my shoes. I have a thing about nylons stockings and socks. I always found them uncomfortable and I stay without for as long as possible. I have even replaced nylon covers on my feet with men’s socks. When you reach a certain age I find that what you wear on your feet goes more in the direction of comfort than fashion. I am already 1m 75cm so I really do not want to extend my height with heels, apart from the fact that I would probably cause an accident by falling.

After my discovery of taking photos with my iPhone 6s yesterday I decided to extend the experience by taking some photos along the way, hence the shadow on the left of the photo from something in the car. This road is known as Langendorfstrasse as it leads to the village of Langendorf where our supermarket is. Some of the trees were replaced a couple of years ago, but as far as I can remember the road always had them.

Now is also the time to clear up the garden and so the gardener has been organised for tomorrow at the unearthly time of 7.30 in the morning when I am only thinking about rising, although Mr. Swiss will be ready so he tells me. There will be some hedge trimming and a general rake up. The lawn suffered a little from the drought days, but it has already begun to recover. Otherwise it is too early to do more according to the Mrs. Angloswiss gardening system.

I will naturally be taking a few shots of the work for my records.

Daily Prompt: Papa loves Mambo, but mama does not love repeat prompts

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

Me and my Apple
I did this selfie with my iPad some time ago, probably when the prompt first arrived. I look a bit “oh la la” and that is how I now feel.

Papa Loves Mambo, first time round

That is what I said just over a year ago and I have nothing to add. My personal life has been exhibited enough here.

I once left the Daily Prompts because of the repetition of the prompts. We then got a month’s release from the boredom with new daily prompts suggested by our colleagues and then it started all over again. I am sorry, but this is not funny or amusing. I am not a newbie, just someone that enjoys writing daily, together with my colleagues. I welcome all newbies and hope they are enjoying the fun. For the time being I will leave this boring circus of “Let’s write it again” and hope that one day we might get something new and refreshing.

Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo, but mama does not love repeat prompts

Polo Hofer

Who?? I can hear you all saying. We also have pop musicians in little Switzerland. They do not usually get so popular outside Europe, some not even outside Switzerland, but they exist. Of course, you should understand the language – Swiss german our dialect, to get the gist of what it is all about. The big star has been Polo Hofer for many years, since my kids were teenagers. He has been going for 40 years, probably more, and is now one of the grand old gentlemen of Swiss rock being 70 years old. He is now giving his last concerts as he has decided the time has come to take it easy and do his own thing. My oldest son, who is also autistic, is one of his biggest fans and attends his concerts when and where he can. He has travelled to Zürich to see him, but last week he was appearing in Kofmehl in Solothurn. Kofmehl used to be a garage, but has been transformed into a concert hall.

Polo Hofer Kofmehl Solothurn 25.9.2015

I took this photo with my iPhone on my computer. The band is on the stage and if you look carefully you can see a young man on the right in the audience wearing a white shirt – yes that is my son, always somewhere near the front and swinging with the rest.

I do not often put YouTube videos on my blog because my taste my not be yours and I really do not want to annoy, but in this case I feel that I should perhaps introduce you to Polo Hofer. This song is very popular amongst the Swiss, the title being “Alperose” telling of the meeting with a young lady at Bluemisalp with a young man after a hike on the mountains. It was the beginning of a romance reminding the singer of Alp roses. So enjoy if you can.

Daily Prompt: Our House – see the link. I cannot write twice about the same thing.

What are the earliest memories of the place you lived in as a child? Describe your house. What did it look like? How did it smell? What did it sound like? Was it quiet like a library, or full of the noise of life? Tell us all about it, in as much detail as you can recall.

The problem with this prompt, dear disciples, followers and above all WordPress, I already answered this prompt last year in March Our House, the first prompt and things have not changed since. My first house remains the same with all the sordid details, so if you want to read what I wrote the last time just follow the link.

And now I am left with nothing to say, although those that know me also know that I always have something to say. I just had a brainwave with my new iPhone mark 6. Actually Mr. Swiss put me on the trail as I took a few good photos of him with this wonder of modern communication and he wanted them on his computer. Instead of messing around with downloading he sent them in a mail from my phone to his computer. Isn’t he a brainy, clever guy? Of course, otherwise I might not have married him. So after my golden oldie sleep I decided to do something similar. Before I took my place at my Daily Prompt headquarters I decided to take a photo of the scene from my window and here it is.

view from window

Not only did I have this wonderful view of my front garden in the rain. I was going to mail it to myself and do all the necessary to upload it onto my computer, but I have got something that Mr. Swiss has not got. I have an app which connects my phone to my 15,000 photos on Flickr where my photos are online. Just a click in the right place and the view from my computer central arrived on Flickr. Admittedly there are better views, but now everyone can see what Mrs. Angloswiss is seeing whilst she writes this memorable piece of prompt. I even clean my windows every second week, plus the frames, so the view is quite clear. Golden Oldies have nothing better to do with their time when not blogging. This whole complicated operation only took a few minutes. Yes I am quite proud of myself.

And now I will be bombarding you in future with instant photos from my phone. Of course I had to show Mr. Swiss my new discovery. I am still not sure if he was happy about it. He was relaxing in the back garden watching the rain. It was one of those spontaneous photos. Now no-one is safe from my iPhone, although for better quality I will still be taking my camera with me on my shopping and walking excursions.

Mr. Swiss

And the house I now live in is in a village where cows almost exceed the human population. We live in a ground floor apartment and have an extra room in the basement that we call hobby room. It has a window and a set of drums and five book cases filled up with books. We also have our laundering room in the basement complete with our front loading washing machine and a rack for our wine collection as the temperature is nice and cool in the basement. Not that we serve wine with each meal. I do not drink and so we usually keep the wine supplies for special meal occasions.

Daily Prompt: Our House – see the link. I cannot write twice about the same thing