Mundane Monday #149: Words/Characters/Books

anton tschechow

There was a time, about 40 years ago, when I decided to realise a dream and learn Russian. I was married with a family at the time and living in Switzerland, so I was learning Russian in a German speaking class. I enjoyed this very much and learned to read and write in cyrillic. I can still speak Russian today, but am out of practice.

Of course I have many books, but this example is printed in Russian on one side, with the German translation on the opposite page. It is a collection of stories from Anton Tsechow and yes, I read them in Russian.

Mundane Monday #149: Words/Characters/Books

Mundane Monday Challenge: #148 Clothes Hanging

Drying washing in the sun 14.09.2016

In Summer when it is warm and sunny, you often find my washing handing outside. I usually let it dry overnight indoors, but after the morning showering sessions I hang the towels outside to get them nice and dry for the day. The garden is the best place, in the fresh air, amongst the plants.

Mundane Monday Challenge: #148 Clothes Hanging

Mundane Monday Challenge #147: Remote Controller

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (9)

Who remembers Nipper, the dog that was fascinated by where the music was coming from in the new HMV record machine. Well here he is. I took the photo at an exhibition in our town of old electronic machines. I remember the dog when I was a kid. It was the central theme of the HMV advertisements. He was the remote controller of the HMV music machines.

Mundane Monday Challenge #147: Remote Controller

Mundane Monday: Key Chain


The main thing with those key chains is not to lose them. The stork at the bottom was a gift from a transport company that I worked with in my export clerk days. The stork is not transporting a baby, but a crate.

Just a word – I was in hospital last week nursing my broken leg, so I missed out. It is still broken, but am now at home and I do not need my leg for a challenge.

Mundane Monday: Key Chain

Mundane Monday Challenge #144: Electric Wheelchair Battery Recharge

Wheelchair 22.01 (2)

This is underneath the arm of the wheelchair in a horizontal position. Usually it is flat and the steering is on the top. You have a special plug attached to the charger. The charger is connected to the electricity and when the control light on the charger turns to green, it is reloaded. I usually leave it for a complete night. At night our electricity is half price. When recharged I can travel about 30-40 kilometers depending on how I drive. lower gears use more power, but speeding along in 3rd gear 10 kilometers per hour is a little risky.

Mundane Monday Challenge #144: Electric Wheelchair Battery Recharge

Mundane Monday Challenge #140: Snow Arrival

Road to Langendorf 18.12 (36)

What could  be more mundane  on a snowy day in Switzerland than a snow plough clearing the sidewalks to make it safer. On my way in the car this morning I think I took about 5 different photos of snow removal. The whole country seems to be busy with clearing the stuff away that arrived in the middle of the night.

Mundane Monday Challenge #140: Snow Arrival