Mundane Monday #149: Words/Characters/Books

anton tschechow

There was a time, about 40 years ago, when I decided to realise a dream and learn Russian. I was married with a family at the time and living in Switzerland, so I was learning Russian in a German speaking class. I enjoyed this very much and learned to read and write in cyrillic. I can still speak Russian today, but am out of practice.

Of course I have many books, but this example is printed in Russian on one side, with the German translation on the opposite page. It is a collection of stories from Anton Tsechow and yes, I read them in Russian.

Mundane Monday #149: Words/Characters/Books

12 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #149: Words/Characters/Books

  1. My other languages at school were Afrikaans and Latin – my Afrikaans was a LOT better than my Latin! I can still get by in Afrikaans. English speaking people battle with the guttural g and the phonetics as a whole are so different.

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    • German is full of gutteral “g” although the Swiss have their gutteral k and ch and everything sounds like it is part of a meal. I can speak many languages, but Swiss German is the real exception. Isn’t Afrikaans something like dutch

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      • Yes, it is derived from Dutch and is also similar to Flemish. Afrikaans became an official language in 1926. The g you spit out from your throat, is the only way I can describe it! I can pick out a few words of Dutch too but I cannot speak it.

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        • Funny thing with Dutch is that I can understand it. Many words are similar to German. I also had a work colleague that spoke fluent Dutch and he showed me how to pronounce the words

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