13 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge#142: Occupy the Washbasin

  1. I Kitty trying to hide? When my #4 sister was a baby, she slammed the lid on a kitty who was drinking out of a toilet. The kitty went in, and could not get out. My Pa found it when he went in and lifted the lid. He was startled. Kitty was startled. Everyone was startled. It is funny now, but Kitty did not think so at the time.

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  2. Anything box or bowl-shaped is designed for cats. I remember their insane enthusiasm for paper bags, boxes, the inside of drawers and closets. But ferrets are even worse, and because they are very small, they can fit in places you’d never expect to find anything.

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    • Cats like protection from alll sides. We don’t often see ferrets, but I think they are the animals thar like to have a nibble at the brake cables in the BMW cars. They are addicted to them unfortunately for the owners


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