Daily Prompt Imitation/Flatter – In Memory of Mr. Mad

When I saw the title of this challenge, I had to shake my head a bit. I do not have a favourite blogger. Blogging is a hobby of mine. I enjoy writing about this and that so where do I start. I do not copy, but can be inspired. Over the years I have been blogging starting with good old Yahoo 350, and then Multiply which dies today, I have written many blogs and read many blogs. Now I have arrived in Blogger and WordPress. I have learnt over the years that a backup is always good, but now I don’t have a backup in that sense any more. I just have two places.

Pondering over the subject of this blog, Mr. Mad came to my mind. Now who is Mr. Mad. He was the first Blogger colleague I had, starting on Yahoo 350 and then via Multiply. I loved his blogs, they were amusing in a sort of satirical way. His main character was Mr. Tiddleywinkles, his cat who of course spoke fluent human language and really kept Mr. Mad up and running.

Mr. Mad inspired me to start blogging about my own three cats (they have their own site on WordPress). I even started a series in the sense of Mr. Mad called “Reservoir cats”, but the writings now only exist in a few blogs that still exist. Hier is a link to one of my parts Reservoir Cats 3.

I did not know Mr. Mad personally. He was english, from North England, and starting writing his blog as a bet for a case of beer (so was Mr. Mad). He had to write for three months. At the end of his three month writing session he got his beer but became so popular that we were all calling for more, and we got more, for at least three years. Mr. Tiddleywinkles was killed in the meanwhile, but he had three brothers, also known as Mr. Tiddleywinkles, so they would take over one by one. They all belonged to the Kittykat club, based in Manchester, who fought against crime. Mr. Mad had a hard time keeping Mr. Tiddleywinkles under control, but we were all part of his fan club.

The stories gradually did not come so regularly and we realised that Mr. Mad did have some health problems. One day he found it was time to stop writing. Perhaps he might return, he would have to think it over.

A few months later one of my blogging colleagues in Multiply informed that Mr. Mad was no longer with us. He had died a few weeks after his last entry. He probably felt what was going to happen. We all missed him terribly and he was and remains my favourite blogger. I am not going to attempt to write in his way, but here is an original that I found still on Internet. Today Multiply dies on the socal side of things and the blogs will probably die with the site. I have managed to rescue this one, the first he wrote, in memory of Mr. Mad and his writings, may he rest in peace.

“A Totally ruined Week-end
As you all know the Haggis Hunting Season started yesterday, me myself and Mr Tiddlywinkles were all prepared and ready to hit the Scottish Highlands.
I had my sturdy brogues set out as well as a decent pair of Plus Fours, tweed jacket and not forgetting my deerstalker hat, and my home made bow and arrows, ( I used to have a double barrelled shotgun, but the police took it off me because they said I was mad, well of coarse I’m Mad that’s my name  I just wonder sometimes if my name was Sane, would I have been allowed to keep it.

I believe it was Friday night when the shit hit the proverbial well you know what it is, Mr Tiddlywinkles says all of a sudden, I’m not going, WHAT, I had everything prepared, train timetables everything, even a guide to show us the best vantage point’s, it cost me an arm and a leg. I even bought Mr Tiddlywinkles a new sack to put the Haggis in. Now myself and Mr Tiddlywinkles have been living together for a few year’s now, and this has never happened before, WOW,WOW, before any of you get the wrong impression, let me explain something to you all.

Mr Tiddlywinkles is a cat ( CAT ) so stop that snickering, I will explain how we met that fateful day. I was outside having an argument, with a neighbour, (now you all know me well by this time , and the last thing I want to do is have an argument with anybody ) after this said argument I turned around to go back into my humble abode, and sat on the doorstep was a cat, I snarled at it as I was pretty wound up at the time, the cat just snarled back at me, then walked in my house and jumped on my favourite chair, what could I do, I said SHOO KITTY, get out , but no nothing, that was about 4 year’s ago, and he’s still here, we often sit up till the wee hour’s of the morning discussing thing’s like world politics, the problem’s that beset us all, and we have sorted them all out, but who listens fucking nobody, ( sorry about my French ) So the weekend was totally ruined, and with it being Friday, Mr Tiddlywinkles demands his Friday treat which is, fresh salmon steaks, poached in fresh cream with a side dish of mice and rat escalopes, and what do I have, pig’s trotter’s boiled in vinegar, a bit of tripe ( that’s cows stomach ) followed by a nice Bury black pudding with strawberry jam.

My God look at the date.”

Imitation, Flattery – In Memory of Mr. Mad

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Imitation/Flatter – In Memory of Mr. Mad

  1. I like this very much. No wonder you found him so inspiring and fun. I would have, too. I like best the bit where he snarls at the cat. 🙂


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