Daily repeat Prompt: Blog it again Angloswiss

Write a post about anything you’d like — in the style of your favorite blogger. (Be sure to link to them!)

Link to what? In the good old days, about 2 years ago, when this was a place to look forward to, enjoy, inspire your writing abilities I answered this prompt in memory of Mr. Mad and I still honour his efforts in the blogging world. He took small steps, but his memory was a big step in my blogging world. And now:


I really wanted to get inspiration from the grid. I know many bloggers here that write good blogs and so I decided to search. Unfortunately most of the had gone or for some reason their sites were abandoned. On the other hand I do not pick one blogger above the others. We all have our battles to fight and most of us eventually give up when confronted with such a lazy couldn’t care less motivation that we get from WordPress, so why should I bother?

I ask myself the question daily. I was waking from my golden oldie sleep and felt a nudge in my brain.

“Arise and write the daily prompt.”

“Huh? What daily prompt?”

“The one that arrives punctually daily to tickle your inspiration and lead you to form untold conquests.”

It says:

“Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push. We publish a new one every morning.”

What new daily prompt every morning? Ok, in my time level it is afternoon, but that is a detail. The problem is I no longer get new ones, but they are already approaching their second birthday. I was going to suggest ….. but he is no longer here, a victim of the dreaded 404 error. I combed through the grid and found many have disappeared, gone to the happy blogging hunting grounds never to reappear, so why do I bother?

I live in hope that one day the sun will arise on a re-invigorated land of new prompts, ready to be absorbed and to tell everyone all about it. Instead I am contracting a bipolar disorder when someone mentions the word “daily prompt”. My mood roams from happy go lucky to somber funeral tones. I have been abandoned to a world somewhere in between blog and no blog. My inspiration has gone, Even my computer keys are blocked with saltwater from the tears I shed in frustration. Where is this leading?

Daily prompt bloggers everywhere, unite and fight against this evil influence that is destroying our flow of inspirational blogs. Blogni, bloggdi, bloci as our Roman blogging forefathers wrote when engraving their stones, or employing papyrus stalks, dipping them in the ink of past civilisations. We are here to blog, not to pull out old dying prompts from the mire of forgetfulness.

How many of our blogging brethren still exist, are still breathing the proud air of writing something completely different, a new blog, one to take over the world? Is it surprising when only 50 shades make an impression on the blogging world, when we are not encouraged to produce something new and revolutionary to leave a mark on the realms of blog.

Don’t cry for me bloggers, I am one of you, born into this mire of repetition. There was a time when I would have felt honoured to become blogger of the year, win a Pulitzer prize (or a Nobel would do). Today this triumph is no longer something to be remembered by, but an insult on your blogging intelligence.

“What? She got a Pulitzer! For a blog, but not one of those repeat blogs with the frim fram sauce and the chafafa on the side.”

Unfortunately that is all that is left to nurture our blogging spirit.

I rest my case, but will be back with fire in my spirit and will take my revenge.

I just noticed according to my computer this blog has 666 words, is this an omen?

Daily Repeat Prompt: Blog it again Angloswiss

10 thoughts on “Daily repeat Prompt: Blog it again Angloswiss

  1. Does that make you the anti-Christ? I thought about trying to write like you, but while I could imitate your subject matter, I couldn’t “do” your style. I wouldn’t know where to start. The prompts have been dull, but I keep trying to make the best of them. Because otherwise, I will just stop doing them at all. I don’t really need them, but it’s a networking thing and I like linking to my friends all over the world, though fewer and fewer bloggers are participating … which makes me wonder how much longer. You know, I am your follower, so I get your posts no matter what you are writing about … we don’t have to lose touch!

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    • I follow you as well, knowing that I will remain on the straight path to blogging. Do not copy my style, it is full of grammatical mistakes influenced by the Swiss German tribes that infiltrate my knowledge of the english language. Even Mr. Swiss corrects me now and again. There is a time coming, beginning June for a few days and in July for more days, and a complete week in September, when I will disappear but I will be back. Have two No. 2 son weddings and a visit to my dad.These weddings are going to pull me out of my shell. The first is ok in the town where I live, but the second needs a eight hour train journey each way to somewhere near Cologne in Germany.


  2. My blogging mojo has truly fled as well. The prompts are rehashed and sometimes just don’t make any sense at all and most of the time leave me just scratching my head and go back to writing my fiction stories and just make my own prompts (i.e. putting my characters in jeopardy).

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    • I think they realise what is happening, but choose to ignore it. The only thing we can do it write our own thing, or another alternative is to write it with the tag daily prompt which brings it into the reader and grid. Yesterday I think only a few percent of the entries were with a style of another blogger which was a ridiculous subject the last time it arrived two years ago.


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