Daily Prompt – Audience of One – My English teacher at school

Dear Madam

Do you remember all those bad notes you gave me for composition. The many times I was at the bottom of the class for my careless mistakes. Of course, there were stories I wrote using no imagination and eventually I failed the big english examination and had to take it again. I was never one of the girls that was asked to read her writing in front of the class, to be praised and to have perhaps just a thread of talent in composing a story.

I loved reading, but not the books we had to read at school. Modern literature was my favourite. Of course Jane Austin and the Bronte sisters were talented, but so was Geroge Orwell and Ray Bradbury. Sorry madam, I know that did not fit into the curriculum of our high school. We were young ladies and had to learn to appreciate the classics. Of course I appreciate the classics. I now devour them one after the other and I enjoy them, but school did not make them interesting for me.

Now is the time for you to read my blog, to see what I had inside, waiting to break out with the correct encouragement. You never encouraged me, just shook your head. I never wrote a best seller, but I have been encouraged by others that read my  stories. I write about everything. It had been waiting for so many years to enjoy writing. Yes Madam, the computer world is a wonderful thing. It gives us the chance to publish our thoughts and our ideas. There is no limit to what you write about.

I have written murder mysteries, weird stories, even science fiction. I have tried everything. Sometimes my blog might just  be the day in the life of an Anglo Swiss accompanied by her three cats. Yes, even my cats blog, but naturally in my name. They have their own Chronicles seeing life from the point of view of a feline. The thing is Madam, my blogs are read and appreciated. Not that I insist I have a perfect blog. In no way, improvements can always be made and constructive criticism is welcome. Not just minus points, but perhaps a little plus or someone showing me the right way to go.

So now Madam, you are condemned to read my blog. You are pressed for time? I had to find the time to write my blog and at school you always had time for the others, so now you can spare some time for me. Just read what I have written. You do not have to correct anything, but just see that I was able to piece a few things together to make some literal sense.

Who knows? Perhaps with the right encouragement I could have made a career in journalism. Neither you or I will ever know. Let me just say that on my own I found pleasure in writing. I enjoy writing and blogging. One wish, please think twice in future before you cast a negative glance on the work of a pupil. You might destroy her taste for good literature and ruin her chance to perhaps become a well-known author.

Yours truly
your ex-pupil many years ago.

Daily Prompt – Audience of One

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Audience of One – My English teacher at school

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  2. And, throw the red pen away as well. No one needs a paper returned that is covered in red ink. We really can understand if the corrections or suggestions are made in blue or black ink. Love the post.


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  4. Sorry about that experience, that was bad luck. My prmary school teacher didn’t believe our class was any good at maths. He said he would stand on his head if we did well in our test. We did and he did (stand on his head). I now realise that he was being fascetious, but he kept his word. So, am lousy at maths, but learned to be careful before promising anything to little childlren. 🙂 Good post.


  5. My grammar instructer didn’t even grade some of the papers I turned in. She sent them back to me with a note stating she couldn’t grade it becaue she couldn’t read my penmanship. Were she alive this day, she would truly be surprised at how my penmanship inproved.


  6. Wow – I guess there were a lot of us who had such negative experiences with English teachers. Mr. H was my nemesis. I can still see him as he looked down on all of his students, treating us as though we were literary idiots with no chance of ever succeeding in life. He was quite proud of the number of students who couldn’t pass his class, as if that made him a good teacher. Alas! I was one of those “failures.”

    I wonder what he would think of my blog? I suspect that if it were possible, he would scrawl some of those detestable red marks through my posts, and write a scathing insult at the top, accompanied by a huge letter “F” at the top of the page. I’m so glad I’m an adult now and don’t have to worry about those t hings. 🙂

    This was a good post, even if it did evoke some unpleasant memories.


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