Colour Your World: Fern


I very rarely see a fern in my area. This was why I took this photo. It was growing all on its own. At last a fern for my photo collection.


These are hostas. I have two beds of them in my garden. They are very good to have if you are a lazy gardener like me. Once in the ground they stay and begin to grow about end February, beginning March. Their leaves are enormous and they flower. Beneath the growth there is some sort of secret life going on amongst the bugs, worms and slugs, but I do not really want to know what happens. In Autumn the leaves turn yellow, but wait, do not remove the leaves. Wait until it gets really cold and damp and the leaves surrender. All you have to do is give them a pull, collect them and throw them away. As I said, a great plant for lazy gardeners.

Water drops on Hosta leaf

Colour Your World: Fern