FOWC with Fandango: Succulent

What could be more succulent than a nice Swiss Blood Sausage, although I must admit it is a matter of taste. My first confrontation with such a sausage was in Switzerland at my mother-in-laws table. I will try anything, you never know, perhaps it is the food that was ideal for a good meal. I did eat it, as I eat most food that is served. However, it was not as I imagined it to be. The blood was not solid, but a little soft and juicy, as blood would be. The farmers and butchers make them usually in Autumn and are known as a delicacy. There is also another variety, the liver sausage, but not much better. Are they succulent? I suppose they are but the idea of turning fresh blood into a sausage is not everyone’s idea.

FOWC with Fandango: Succulent

RDP Monday: Stable

I almost live next door to the stables at the nearby farm. They haave their own horses, but also take in other horses.

There is also a pony which is used for children’s rides.

My favourite horse was this one. The owner of the stables told ne they bought him from Ireland, one of the old types of horse with the lovely fur on the feet. This was a few years ago, and he was then quite old for a horse. Unfortunately he is no longer, but I have some photos to remember him,

There is always something to see at the stables. I cannot ride, although once had a lesson. My problem was getting on and off the horse. They are quite high. Also the warmth from their body disturbed me a little, they were a living animal.

RDP Monday: Stable

FOWC with Fandango: Prevalent

Today the weather played a large part in my life. I was visiting Mr. Swiss at his Golden Oldie home. It was not a friendly day with a cold strong wind although now and again the sun did poke through. It was rain and no rain, so i risked the journey. Whilst I was visiting I realised that things were looking quite dark outside and decided it was time to go home. As soon as I mounted my scooter to leave the heavens opened and the hailstones began to tumble down, whilst I was on my way. To intensify the situation, there was thunder and lightening. Thank goodness it is only a five minute journey, but I was naturally soaked when I arrived home. After changing into some dry clothes I had to dry out my scooter.

It was a cloud burst, but whilst I was at home I noticed that there was a repeat performance – see my photo. Those hailstones can hurt when they fall.

FOWC with Fandango: Prevalent

RDP Sunday: Muskrat

We rarely see a rat here: perhaps in Winter if we have heavy snow, but they are usually on their last legs. All I can offer is this mouse that our neighbour’s cat caught and decided it was good entertainment. We do have rats down at the river, but I rarely see them. The Swiss lakes have quite a few. They usually live in between the stones at the edge of the lake. Actually I have never heard of a muskrat.

RDP Sunday: Muskrat

RDP Saturday: Placid

A placid view of our local River Aare. It is not always so placid, but mostly. On its way it passes not so placid places as our Kanton Solothurn, but it behaves quite well here. There are even expert swimmers that swim their way from our town of Solothurn to Bern which is about 45 Kilometres: apparently the good swimmers can do it in half an hour.

RDP Saturday: Placid

FOWC with Fandango: Urge

Yesterday I had the urge to clean a window:not these windows in the picture – they are in town and they probably have a man that cleans them with a special lift and he gets paid for it. No, my windows are at home, I do not get paid for it and I have two sides to our apartment with widows on both sides. I used to clean the windows quite often, but as the years go past and my multiple sclerosis progresses, my ability to clean windows diminishes. It was last week when my cleaning help was here and said she would do the windows some time. She also made the remark that I used to clean them often.. She was right, This week I was more at home. Mr.Swiss was not feeling so active in his golden oldie home and today it was raining, which means a no go with my scooter for a visit. So yesterday I decided to clean one window. However, I afterwards decided that I would clean the window in the next room and yes, I eventually cleaned the third window in the next room, meaning that I again had nice clean windows on one side of the apartment.

You would that that would be enough punishment, but today I was again at home and began the windows on the other side of the apartment. Of course, there are four sets, and yes, after almost an hour I had done them all. In the meanwhile an orchid fell to the ground, so I had to sweep the mess away, but the orchid survived. However, now I have clean windows everywhere and yes, I was a little exhausted afterwards.

We women have strange urges sometimes.

FOWC with Fandango: Urge