FOWC with Fandango: Instinct

Pigeons 30.04 (1)

It is that time of the year again. We have quite a pigeon population in our local town and they all have their favourite meeting places. I usually travel home in my wheelchair along the river bank and there they are sitting on the wall, but suddenly it is different. I now know the difference between the male and female pigeon. Suddenly the males are bigger, puffed out around the throat and even their colours are more in the rainbow tones. And they talk differently: throaty noises. They circle around the females and if they are lucky they might find one that is wiling, although often the female loses interest and flies away.

Blackbird 16.06 (1)

And then we have the blackbirds. They are applying their instinct to find the worms to feed their many babies

So what has happened to my instinct? I learned that instinct is actually something that has no reason. I still think that is the best explanation. Why do you choose your partner for life and why does he choose you. Who knows? After 50 years of marriage and a courtship of three months, it is still a mystery to both of us.

FOWC with Fandango: Instinct

RDP Tuesday: Snow

Snow 26.11 (2)

Snow? You mean this white stuff that decides to cover everything in Winter? No, not today. Our Spring is having a hard job proving that it is here and I don’t think we need the snow. It was only a month ago that the last flakes fell, luckily not in our area of Switzerland.

Snowdrops 22.02 (2)

Or you can have some snowdrops, although these began to disappear in April, but this patch arrives every year in the same place in my garden.

Alps 05.03 (6)

And then we have the eternal snow. On a clear and sunny day just take a walk up a hill and look over the flat lands of the Kanton of Bern. At the edge they have the alps, the place where the eternal snows are. It is still there, although some say not as much as it was due to climate change. Our Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are not yet willing to lose their snowy summits.

RDP Tuesday: Snow

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Nothing special today. After two nights of rain and yesterday a day of rain, it has now stopped and perhaps it might brighten up, who knows. I am also later today as my cleaning fairy is here busy in my bathroom and shower. Otherwise I was also busy cleaning windows. I like to do them regularly so that they do not give so much to do.

Yesterday was a shopping afternoon and Mr. Swiss decided to come as well, although he disappeared when I arrived in the store and I only found him when I was finished. He did say that it made a pleasant change to his daily routine, but he is glad he does not have to come each time I go shopping.


At last my peonies have decided to open their buds which have been waiting for a couple of weeks. The German name for them is Whitsun roses because that is the time of year when they usually flower, although they are a bit early this year according to the time table.


As I am writing the sun has appeared, so who knows, perhaps I will be out and about this afternoon.

Swans nesting 18.05 (7)

A couple of days ago, on my last wheelie in my chair, I noticed this pair of swans on the river bank. I think they have built a nest and I will keep my eye on their results. I think there might be a few eggs that they are breeding.

And now I am off to the kitchen to cook lunch. Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment.

Have a good day, see you around.

Wild Flowers 18.05.2019

FOWC with Fandango: Disingenuous


His on the left, mine on the right and we are both looking in opposite directions. Our toothbrushes know how to agree, each does its own thing

Today Mr. Swiss decided to come shopping with me. Great, I was not on my own, although I decided to say nothing. And so we drove off eventually, me at the steering wheel and he as passenger. I must say our role change does work. He knows that it is better not to talk to me when I am driving and I can ignore him as a passenger: perfect

We arrived at the store and took the lift to the lower floor. I had to go to the drug store for a few things and suddenly he also appeared for a few things. I was dealing with my shop assistant and he had another assistant. In two minutes we managed to cause confusion, because the assistants were not sure whether to treat us as one person or two. I took over and said I will deal with it and his assistant was glad her problem was solved.

I then said I wanted to have a look in the flower department for a few photos. He disappeared and so I progressed upstairs to the supermarket after taking my photos. I called him on my mobile phone – no answer. I tried again, and again and again etc. etc. You know, but no answer. He had forgotten to take his phone with him he explained afterwards. I did my shopping on my own. Suddenly he was there with his own trolley, again we had to combine everything in my trolley.  I told him to take a seat and wait. Then everything was perfect.

I still do not know what disingenuous means, but I do know that when I do my own thing it works perfectly. We arrived back in the car together I drove off and we reached home in one piece. I put the shopping away and then proceeded to my computer. I had to laugh at something a blogging colleague had written. He admired me and said I have a gift of laughing  when he was still in a miserable mood. I did not invite him to come with me it was voluntary, but we are still on good terms. After 50 years no-one is disingenuous, just agree to disagree.

FOWC with Fandango: Disingenuous