Good Morning


The weather has not been so good at the moment, but I have been lucky. It rained mostly during the night and morning. I only go on my wheelchair journey in the afternoon, mainly for shopping, perhaps a little sightseeing, and so could avoid the wet weather.  I do not really know how an electric wheelchair would react in wet weather, so I had a look in Internet. It is as I suspected, not very advisable due to its electronic parts.  However, up to now I have had no problem with rain and could avoid it, so life has continued as it should.

This morning when I looked outside it was again a dreary grey sky with a few heavy clouds and suddenly as I am sitting in the kitchen, I saw that the sun had appeared, Naturally I grabbed my camera and took a photo. It was s little short lived and disappeared after ten minutes, but arrived again.  I think the rain might stay away today.


Anyhow I managed to escape into town yesterday afternoon to organise my week-end shopping. There are never large crowds in town, corona or not, but it now looks like a normal afternoon and not a ghost town as it was during the months of lockdown. Our lockdown is now at a minimum and carefully we are approaching normality. The stores still have restricted entrance, although I have never had a problem. I think most people like to do their shopping in the morning. I have thought about it, but it would be too much stress and I think Mr. Swiss does not mind me disappearing in the afternoon for an hour (or two?).

I got my second delivery of goods yesterday that I had ordered from my local store suppliers and now am well stocked up with the bulky and heavy goods.  Luckily No. 1 son was at home and helped me to put it into my storage room in the cellar. Actually it is my laundry room, but has plenty of free space, even with a deep freezer and washing machine. It is slowly looking like a corner shop.

Thank goodness for computers. I have discovered that I can start a new order on the computer and add to it now and again. When I am ready I can close it and officially order which makes it a lot easier than making lists. I have enough lists in my life at the moment.


As I was wheeling through town on my way to the store I noticed the pigeons were quite busy looking for food. There was a lady sitting on a bench nearby eating a sandwich and they were waiting for the bread crumbs. Today no shopping to do, but I must go into town to the cash machine. I just wish they would make them a little lower. It can be quite complicated from a wheelchair. Otherwise I am freed from shopping now until Monday afternoon and that is not bad when I think what I have managed with my new carless life.

And now to carry on as usual. I noticed my climbing roses in the garden are no longer climbing and due to the weight of the rain on them are slowly becoming ground cover. I have already organised support, just a matter of doing it.

Have a good week-end, take care. I leave you with a house row from the outside edge of our town.



RDP Friday: Protest


I was in town this afternoon and this is the current protest sign we have when entering a store. Blame it on the coronavirus. It is the C & A store, but the main entrance is no longer allowed to be used. Probably because too many people would enter at once. There is now a smaller entrance on the left where one of the people from the store controls how many people are entering. If the allowance is completed, you must wait before the store until someone leaves. We now live in Corona times.

RDP Friday: Protest

Good Morning


We seem to be having a mini rainy season . We had a cloudburst yesterday early evening, but eventually transformed into normal rain. This morning we are left with some grey clouds and I am hoping that it will clear up during the day as I was hoping to get into town this afternoon for some week-end shopping. Otherwise I will only visit the local store.

Yesterday was a day of deliveries. My large order from my supermarket delivery service arrived. The two guys that brought it even carried the goods into my appartment entrance. I told them I knew that deliveries now had longer times due to everyone ordering because of corona. They said it had now improved, but a month a ago you were lucky to get the goods within a month.  They were inundated with orders. I placed a second order, thinking I would again have to wait a week, but got a two day delivery,  so it looks like things are gradually returning to normal. My second deliverv will be this afternoon.

The main thing is that I now have enough food supplies at home to survive without having to stress around shopping. My freezer is also in a good shape. As I am now carless I also arranged delivery for prescription medicine which also arrived promptly yesterday, It is all a matter of logistic and thank goodness for a computer.


On my quick trip to the store yesterday afternoon I noticed this guy mowing the island in the road and saw that it was the same gardener that trimmed my hedges the day before. We greeted when he saw me and it seems that his local company also has the contract for looking after the greenery in public places around our village. He was also trimming the grass and bushes along our road train rails.


Amazing what you notice as a golden oldie when cruising along in a wheelchair. I now use my mobile phone camera mostly for casual photos as I no longer have so much space for my Nikon camera when shopping.


On the way to the store I saw this wonderful example of a so-called evening primrose, although it was only mid afternoon.  I believe they are classified as weeds that appear here and there, but I like them very much. I have decided to keep an eye on this one and perhaps be able to gather a few seeds when they are ready.

Otherwise nothing really special going on in the golden oldie household at the moment. I have a little bit of ironing to do, not very much, so now to carry on with the daily chores. Keep safe everyone, look after your computers, wash your hands and keep your distance.