Good Evening

And the day begun with yet another wonderful sunrise, although afterwards the sun disappeared and we now have a very dull day. It was a morning with my cleaning lady and the carer for my husband. In between I had a grocery delivery. Sometimes I am glad for these variations in my routine to break up the monotony. I have other people to talk to and my cleaning lady fixed up my printer with the new ink refills although I still have to order a large sized refill for the black ink. When everything is ready I can at last begin to print the copies of my tax documents.

The sparrows were quite busy this morning and for the first time I noticed that they actually take a bath in the water I leave for them. They really seem to enjoy splashing around in the water one at a time, and they get quite impatient when the bath is occupied.

Blackbirds are also increasing in numbers and this morning I saw at least four of them in the garden. I think the are planning on their future with their families.

I even managed to capture one in flight, although not such a clear photo.

And naturally a sparrow also had to show some flying tricks.

This afternoon I was on the computer but naturally had some interruptons from Mr. Swiss with various tasks I had to do for him. He is really not in so perfect shape, but I do my best and he even put on three kilo in weight and is now 47 Kg. I know it does not sound very much but it is an improvement. I wish he had more interests, but he no longer reads or even watches the TV and sitting in the living room is difficult for him to get comfortable, so he is mainly in bed. Yes, old age can be unpleasant and it happened so quickly.

I am now off to deal with the remainder of the day, being a relaxing TV evening and putting Mr. Swiss to bed with his medicine. Take care and have a good evening.

Good Evening

Another nice sunny day today, but cold. At least the Winter snow is having a pause. We are already half way though January.

Our local cat Röschti was a visitor today and so I gave him his usual special treat.

Not far behind was Joux-joux who never gives up, so she also got some treats and now I seem to have a happy cat population,.

Birds were fewer today There are a pair of blackbirds that frequently visit. I supposed they will eventually have a family and there will be little blackbirds at nesting time.

The tit is another regular visitor, and likes to feed from the birdhouse.

The builders were back at work today on the new appartment block and there were a few mobile concrete mixers travelling back and forth.

Mr. Swiss had his usual visits from the nursing helpers. It is a larger team of helpers, but gradually I am gettig to know them all. Today two arrived. I had to put new bed linen on Mr. Swiss bed and one of them helped me. I was glad of her assistance and she told me it is part of her job to relieve me of more work.

There was an interesting band of cloud over the local Jura and our local mountain Weissenstein today and worth a photo.

And that was my day today. I wish you all a good remainder of the day.

Good Evening

Another quiet Sunday and nothing special happening. Our social helper arrived this morning and got Mr Swiss ready for the day and I did my usual morning chores. Another bright and sunny day but a cold wind blowing.

I did not bother so much with photos today and the birds seemed to be quite happy and satisfied.

Son No. 2 called me today to say he will be visiting end january as our local spitex help organsation have called a conference at home. My doctor will be here, the person responsible for Mr. Swiss in the organisation and my son. Mr. Swiss future will be organised with talk about an automatic bed to improve his mobility. I will also be organising an emergency button at home which will enable me to call for help night and day if Mr. Swiss or I have an accident at home and fall. There will be a monthly charge for the service, but nothing impossible to afford and it will be more secure for all of us.

Our local crane is now a permanent fixture here and will be here for the next year when the new appartment block is built.

And that is all I have to say for today. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Good Evening

There I was wondering what to use for a photo and this plane appeared above, so what could be better. I suppose it was departing from Zürich airport, or perhaps just passing though. Yesterday I was just too tired to make an effort for writing, but today I have tanked up a little energy again. Mr. Swiss was being particularly difficult through the night, although I did manage to get my sleep. I no longer worry so much and just let him get on with it. He is not so steady on his legs, but neither am I and we both just have to take chances. We both survived the night.

This morning I had the usual visitor from our Swiss help group to get Mr. Swiss out of bed and ready for the day, although he usually goes back to bed afterwards. I do not bother to get him for lunch now but bring it to him. He eats very little and survives more on creams and carbhydrate food with the special vitamine drinks that are delivered regularly.

I have realised that older people can be so negative with everything. I had a few words with the people that visit to care for him. They have many elderly people in their care and confirmed that it is a general condition.

But now back to normal life.

The sparrows were here again enjoying what wa available. One was on an approaching flight, but eventually found some space.

A tit also joined in, but they prefer to balance somewhere for their treats.

And a magpie also arrived, but not finding anything worth scavanging it left again.

And some birds got quite thirsty.

That was that for the afternoon entertainment. I spent yesterday evening in front of the television. I think it was at least a week since I had switched it on, but this evening I am hoping to have time for it again. I have a chicken for the evening meal, already cooking in my air fryer. In the meanwhile night has arrived almost and I discovered an almost full moon outside.

Have a nice relaxing Saturday with no stress – after all it is week-end for the working population