Good Morning

This morning I got clouds, not very many and they are already fading. I also heard children’s voices, although I hear them every morning. At 7.40 the kids meet with the chosen parent of the day that takes them to the school. When I was younger I went to school on my own in the morning, along the streets of east London with their old factories and bombed sites left from the war. Today children no longer go alone to school it seems, but they are accompanied by an adult. Times have changed and life is no longer as safe as it was perhaps. The new school year has begun and instead of the two children in our block more have joined. I notice it from the noise in the morning of children’s voices and their discussions with the others. It does not bother me, but I prefer to wait with my camera for a few morning photos until they are on their way.

Otherwise not a lot to report. I noticed this moth on my garden cupboard next to the window yesterday evening. He is still there this morning, so not anything looking for a kitchen adventure. I decided to leave it as he was harmless. I now have two new pets that have moved in: a spider that is still hovering suspended from the ceiling in the kitchen and a moth.The spider seems to be getting bigger. Mr. Swiss tells me it is a common garden spider and not dangerous. although they have known to bite if you get too close, but nothing dangerous. All other rooms are insect free, it is the open kitchen window that seems to attract them.

My snail in the garden that was perched on an apple has now moved to a leaf on the apple tree. I am glad he is still surviving. The weather is still quite pleasant during the day and will probably stay until the end of the month.

The bees are still busy in the garden, but are now restricted to the only interesting pollen spending plants, the sedum. Soon this will all be finished. It seems the stores are now beginning to add bird food to their stocks, so there will be bird photos again I hope. Mr. Swiss finds it is too early to feed them, but I do not think the birds agree.

Yesterday was another day at home, but I was busy baking a bread and again gathering some apples from my tree. I now have to go to the other side of the tree which is towards our wild meadow and noticed that it was a little complicated pushing my walker in the long grass. It is now time for me to engage the help of No. 1 son and perhaps Mr. Swiss.

My cleaning lady usually visits on Tuesday but this week she is on holiday as one of her many sisters (I think she has 5 or 6 of them) is visiting. Anyhow my apartment is clean enough and I hope she is enjoying her deserved week of rest. She is really a good help and does her job well. She has become a good friend over the years.

I will be off into town this afternoon for a few purchases, but not a lot. I will be getting my online delivery this morning.

Have a good day everyone, already half way through the week and I can already begin to plan my week-end meals. What else does a golden oldie have to do. I had a nice surprise this morning when I noticed that my climbing rose had decided to produced not just one bud, but two for new flowers.They are only small, but it is still a sign that nature has not decided to to retire for the year yet.

Good Morning

It is a misty morning, everything shrouded and mysterious. It will probably not last long and already the sun has arrived. It will be another sunny day today, and warming up as it passes.

Yesterday I begun to collect the apples from the tree. I gathered about half of them as it can be quite exhausting reaching up to the higher branches. Now I have to think about what to do with them. If I keep them on the porch they remain in a good codition. Last year I was baking Swiss apple flans until February with them. They taste quite good, the Fiorina type. It is just advisable to cut them in half before eating them as you never know what they might have for an inner life although this type are usually quiite good.

There are still many apples on the tree, so I will have to engage the help of No. 1 son to reach in the higher places.

I found one apple that had been attacked by a snail but I put it on one side. This morning the apple was still there, but the snail no longer. It is the time of the year for insects seeking food and refuge.

Speaking of insects, here I am eating my breakfast, minding my own business and writing on the computer and I notice a movement. There she was, my house spider decided to descend from her higher place. She is still wiggling around and I suspect she is extending her web. She does not bother me and is doing no harm, so I will leave her to her own devices. She is the only spider – at the moment I hope – and is living her own life, although I notice she is increasing in size. What an exciting life I lead when these occasions are the height of excitement.

Although just a minute. What is this one doing on the wall? Is it the Godzilla of the spider world. I do not think so. It has no web and is doing no harm. I think my apartment is becoming a place for homeless spiders.

The bees are still being busy outside on my sedum living life of luxury and somewhere cooking up some honey. I wonder if there are diabetic bees. I love honey, but not something I should indulge in. For the past couple of weeks I have had a careful eye on my sugar levels and it seems to be working. I have reduced my levels to something more normal by taking my tablets regularly and taking them at the right time, Just in the evening my sugar gets a little out of control with levels climbing to around 10 (5-6 would be normal), but in the morning it is back to more or less normal. I am hoping to present my doc with something good at the end of the month when she wants to do a long-term test.

I will not be going places today but will have to upload my scooter as it is now quite low as I want to take a trip tomorrow. My cleaning lady is on holiday this week as she has a visit from her sister who lives in England.

Have a good day everyone, the beginning of a new week. Take it easy and let us hope that the dreaded Covid stays away. The Swiss have increased their steps for protection and in public places you must show your immunisation certificate, although not yet the supermarkets. We all have a certificate in our family. My No, 1 son must show his when he goes to a concert.

The mist is now dispersing, so here is a last look for the day.

Good Morning

Now that was a eye opening sunrise this morning. The clouds are now disappearing and it looks like it will be another sunny day today. I will not be going anywhere, but will be enjoying the views from home. My neighbour already had here laundry drying in the sun outside. My laundry dried overnight, so I will have some ironing to do today, but no so much.

I saw this spider hanging around outside suspended from my hedge. It is nothing special for a spider and does no harm. I also have her sister hanging around in the kitchen from the celing, but at least then keep an eye on other pests that might arrive. It is now Autumn and the insects are searching for a nice comfortable place to spend the colder months.

And what would a morning be without this regular visitor hoping for a few feline delicacies. I wonder if the guy he owns realises that he disappears regularly every morning.

I must say life is certainly now more comfortable since my new fridge and freezer arrived at the end of last week. We so rely on these objects. A fridge was almost luxury when I was a kid and mum and dad only bought the first one when I was about 8 years old in the fifties. How did we manage before we had it. I remember mum would fill a bowl with cold water to keep the butter from melting. Ice was non existant and drinks were normal room temperature. We had a small cupboard outside in the garden, known as a safe – although not for money, which was the poor man’s fridge, although food could only be preserved in the colder seasons. Otherwise you just made the most of it. There was no discussion about being healthy or not when you preserved the meat. Shopping had to be a daily chore to make sure food was eaten before it perished. I remember my aunt who lived opposite, was the first to have a fridge in the family. They had no children and both my aunt and uncle were working, so there was enough money to pay for it. I remember my mum saying when they went for their annual holiday we could at last have some ice in our drinks, as she looked after their place when they were away. No such luck. My aunt decided to disconnect it from the electricity when she was away, so no ice.

And now time for the daily routine, although it will be the Sunday routine. Have a good restful Sunday everyone.