Daily Prompt: I Believe

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

I believe that Spring is on its way definitely, otherwise this sweet little western conifer seed bug would not have taken a walk on the wall outside. He stood perfectly still and is now a happy bug because his portrait exists for all too see.

As far as the heart is concerned:

“Hey heart what to you have to tell me about the three true things?”

“Not my department, ask the brain.”


“Forget it, I am too busy writing daily prompts, organising shopping lists and making sure that you do not forget anything.”

Well that was a lot of help. The heart is too busy pumping blood and stuff around my body to make sure I survive the day and the brain only thinks actions and deeds during the day. At night it is something else, but then its ideas go haywire.”

“Human, be careful what you say. A brain never sleeps, we are always active. “

“Those dreams can be a little scary sometimes.”

“That is a matter of interpretation. I sent you a dream to prepare for your next shopping expedition last night. If you wake covered in a cold sweat, then it is the skin who is to blame.”

“Leave me out of this, I just do what you tell me brain. If things get stressed I sweat.”

“OK, stop arguing and that dream was scary. I was a working woman, had no time to go shopping and at the end of the day all the bakers were closed, we had no bread.”

“And that was scary? It wasn’t even real.”

“I know brain, but your dreams can be pretty realistic sometimes, and even in colour.”

“Of course they are in colour, we brains like our ideas to stick and we have a colourful imagination.”

“So what about these true and false things? If the heart doesn’t do it, then someone has to.”

“At your command, so tell me and I will do my best.”

“You mean I have to do all the thinking.”

“Someone has to, I am just a collection of cells in your head.”

“Ok, I believe that I don’t believe, I believe that this daily prompt is not my thing and I believe that this blog subject will not win a Pulitzer or Nobel prize.”

“Well I will not dispute that. What about a few suggestions for some false stuff.”

“That dream you invented last night was false, you often forget things and make me fall over.”

“Falling over is the ear problem.”

“Brain you do not seem to be responsible for anything.”

“False, of course I am, but a bad workman always blames his tools.”

“We agree” said the skin, the ear and the heart.

Daily Prompt: I Believe

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