FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

I planted my sweet peas from seed to add a bit of colour in my hedge. They have now added colour  in the surrounding meadows and are still spreading. Even the local gardener laughed when I told him that the sweet pea growing in between the trees were probably spread from my plants by seed. He laughed and said he suspected that something like that had happened. And so they remain and every year they appear again.

FOTD 27th December 2019: Sweet Pea

Flower of the Day: 02.09.2017 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea 04.07 (2)

I planted a few seeds some years ago next to my hedge to brighten it up a bit. Since then they have grown and spread and even taken over some neighbouring meadows, They seem to remain in the basic colour of deep pink, but now and again I get a white bunch of flowers. I just love plants that are not bother and do it all by themself, even if they do get out of hand now and again.

Flower of the Day: 02.09.2017 Sweet Pea

Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea 02.06.2017

This time they are from my garden. I decided to have some everlasting sweet pea in the garden many years ago to brighten up the hedge. And they grew and grew and spread their seeds and now they are here to stay. They even spread to the wild flower meadow opposite and seem to be planning to take over. However, they are a pretty flower and they also disappear during the Winter, only to return with a vengence in Spring again.

Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea

Flower of the Day: 14.09.2016 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea 11.09 (1)

There are more empty seed pods now hanging in the garden, than actually stalks full of flowers, but there are always the last flowers. I mainly got reddish shades this year, but now and again there were a few white sweet peas with touches of pink. This is probably one of the last of this year, but it made a good attempt to win the favour of my camera.

Flower of the Day: 14.09.2016 Sweet Pea