RDP Friday: Rose


I have many roses in my garden. Some are temporary, bought in the store in a pot and afterwards planted in the garden and others are permanent, but this is my climbing rose. I do not know what possessed me to get this rose about 15 years ago. I did not really have the room for it and I also did not know that they are competitors for Jack’s beanstalk. However, it has been in this corner since it arrive and I usually try to support it next to the hedge.

Unfortunately the hedge must be trimmed now and again. The gardener arrives, trims the hedge and my climbing rose afterwards collapses. I watched the trails of rose stalks laying on the ground due to their weight and yesterday decided the time was ready to do something about it.


However, I underestimated the attack of the thorns on the stalk(s). They were big and pointed and were determined to leave many scratches and scars on my fingers, hands and even arms. They were not even thorns, but some sort of weapon determined to mutilate my body. The first precaution was to put on my garden gloves. These are thick, with leather similar fingers, so what could possibly happen. A lot happens when you are trying to weave the long grown stems around the supporting poles with gloves on. You just do not get the right feeling. The poles were resisting and so was my climbing rose. With the help of a few profanities uttered and doing my best not to break the stems I succeeded more or less. The ground was covered with rose petals, but I managed to remove most of them.


There must be a clever saying about this, but I have not found it. Perhaps “never trust a rose, they are out to get you”.

RDP Friday: Rose