A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape/Townscape

Altstadt Solothurn10.11 (11)

Altstadt 11.12 (2)

Solothurn in Switzerland is difficult to capture on one photo with its narrow alleys and tightly knit houses. It is a so-called gothic town, and the buildings are protected. Even the streets are paved with cobblestones to keep the atmosphere. I have been living in the area or 50 years and know almost every street and tightly packed corner by name.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape/Townscape

A Photo a Week Challenge: Meme-Worthy Photos

Ornaments on a window, Weissensteinstr. Solothurn Blogger
I always admired this window as we drove past on the way to the store with the little figures sitting on the ledge. They were huddled so close together up on the roof level of the building. Today they are no longer there. Perhaps they did fall off. They disappeared after the building had been renovated.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Meme-Worthy Photos

A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

Hauptgasse 19.02 (1)

I went for a wheelie in my chair and found myself on the top steps leading to the cathedral. With a zoom lens ready I could focus on the main place in Solothurn from above, the local town. In the middle is a little hut which now has a carnival decoration on the top. It is the hut where hot roasted chestnuts are sold throughout the Winter. On either side there are shops and at the front a restaurant. There are always families meandering around the town. Traffic is allowed but only for bringing people to the hotels, or for handicapped, like myself, with their car. The walks are paved with cobblestones as in the town when originally built.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White