FunFun Foto Challenge: Trees

Trees 20.06.2019

These grow next door to our estate in the garden of one of those villas. I am not sure if they are really trees or Ents from the Lord of the Rings Saga by Tolkien. Perhaps they might pull up their roots and start to walk.

Tree, Baselstrasse farm 20.04.2019

I am not so sure about this one, it seems to want to spread its arms.

River Aar 19.03.2019

I think this is a so-called weeping willow.

Fun Photo Challenge: Trees

Let’s tidy up the trees


Yesterday Mr. Swiss went for a walk and began with the long Avenue to the local castle, which is bordered by trees on each side. It was then that I saw this.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

Can you see him? I mean the man in the tree. He had used a ladder to get where he wanted to go. If Frederico Fellini, the Italian film producer, was still alive I would have been convinced that a sequel was being made to the film “Amarcord” where one of the characters, somewhat unbalanced, had climbed a tree and was shouting at the top of his voice “Vogio una donna” meaning “I want a woman”. However as we were in the Swiss Kanton of Solothurn, I decided that the man was probably a Swiss lumberjack.

This man was cutting branches out of the tree and throwing them into neat piles between the trees, probably for a later collection. The Swiss are very well organised and do not just throw pieces of trees everywhere after all in German “Ordnung muss sein” – order must prevail. It could be that if these branches were all over the path, Mrs. Angloswiss might trip and fall, which is a very likely case.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

We noticed that every tree in the avenue had been trimmed, ready for Winter and the snow. As we progressed I decided to take another shot of the lumberjack but this time an action photo. I quite admired how he balanced himself between the branches, with his safety rope.

Cutting Leaves on the trees in Autumn

Daily Prompt: Choose your adventure – The return

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

Close up of tree in Feldbrunnen

Reader what intricate plan lead me to be stuck in such a predicament with no exit? Who can tell, who knows, is it the truth, a figment of imagination or all in the imagination. Let us begin at the beginning.

I awoke after my golden oldie midday sleep. Strange shades of darkness appeared in my surroundings, I glanced out of the window, I glanced again and my glance progressed to an examination. The tress had returned and had embedded themselves in the ground around my apartment (see yesterdays daily prompt Never trust a tree). Not only this but I saw no way out, there were branches criss-crossed in front of my windows.

A hollow barking laugh was heard and a rustling noise. My computer was covered with green leaves and a a bonsai tree was growing out of my blue tooth mouse, but it was not blue, it was green. Luckily my blue tooth mouse had been programmed to defend my apple computer and so it attacked, gnashing its blue teeth and sending blue flames into the bonsai tree. This was to no avail, there is no way to overcome the power of a bonsai. The bonsai wrapped its branches around the blue tooth mouse. It was a bonsai of the strangling kind. The mouse began to choke and steam and sparks could be seen escaping from its sensors. It’s last words were “for Apple and Mac” and it died.

The bonsai carved a notch into its branches with one of its twigs. I then noticed that these notches were many in groups of five. There was a hysterical high pitched giggle “and another one bites the bytes” it said as it produced a another blue apple, yes my bonsai was of the apple species and already possessed 15 of its kind in all shades of blue.

“Well done partner” the barking hollow voice echoed from deep in the branches outside my window. I now had one dead blue tooth mouse lying on my desk laying in a pool of blue blood. I should have stayed with the normal logitech mouse, at least they had batteries. If the trees want a war, they shall have one was a thought I had and so I proceeded to the kitchen and was now armed with a spaghetti tongs which were in the dish washer still waiting for their wash.

The branches outside my window quivered “No, not the spaghetti tongs” they screamed and immediately withdrew, enabling a view of the outside world again.

Empty Field in Feldbrunen

The trees had retreated leaving a brown patch of earth. What magical powers did there spaghetti tongs have? Was it because the last time I used them I served a vegetarian spaghetti flavoured with a herb in my garden which seemed to appear from nowhere and grow one meter high within a day. There were still remains of this strange herb on the spaghetti tongs. I pursued the trees armed with the spaghetti tongs, snapping away at each step I took. Eventually the trees sunk their roots into the earth. At last, I thought, what could now possibly go wrong. It was then that the sky darkened and…….

Ok it’s your turn, I have not got a clue how it continues.

Daily Prompt: Choose your adventure – The Return

Daily Prompt: Moved to tears – Attacked by the trees

Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.


About a week ago I saw a rainbow, no not just one rainbow, but a double rainbow. Was I moved to tears – no, but it was a nice site to see so I took a photo. Perhaps the last time I was almost moved to tears by something beautiful was when I saw my reflection in a mirror, but no, I have done all this before read all about it, so I do not wish to repeat myself two years later.

I went for a walk last week and saw this

Trees on a hill in Feldbrunnen

I immediately went into full speed and ran as fast as I could. They were coming to get me and this was just the advanced party. Yes, the trees had decided to attack. There was no escape, they were marching together, synchronising their rooty steps and the were making ground on me. I had nowhere to hide, there was only one thing I could do, just run for my life. I already saw the headlines in the local newspaper “another tree victim – famous local photographer crushed by the roots and branches of trees”. The star reporter, Leaf Bark, asked a tree why this was happening.

“We grow and are proud of our achievement. As soon as we have a trunk and can stand against the wind and weather a human arrives with a dog and you know the rest. We are just a canine toilet, being sprayed with their recycling process. We scarecely have time to dry out and Mrs. Angloswiss arrives, tells us to pose and takes a photo of the deed. She adds insult to injury. We are no longer regarded for our full value.”

The other trees joined in, waving their branches and took a step in my direction. It was then that I saw another group of trees approaching, bigger and stronger than the first trees. They were obviously older and more experienced that the first trees


“Mrs. Angloswiss how do you feel about this tree attack. The trees say you are to blame for this attack. They enjoying a rest after growing were disturbed by a camera taking photos.”

“Leaf Bark, it is, of course, ridiculous. They were not disturbed. Trees are a danger to the local population. They are not to be trusted. They are now approaching over the hill. They are moving all the inhabitants of the local surroundings to tears by their attacks. Something should be done about it. The are coming to get me.”

These were the last words uttered by Mrs. Angloswiss before the ambulance arrived from the local asylum to take her away. Luckily she was taken into town where there are no trees and is now safe in her padded room. There are rumours that the trees are now approaching the town. I can see them passing my office window. There are now plans being made to evacuate the town to the mountains. This is my last story for a while.

Your reporter Leaf Bark reporting from the Swiss Alps somewhere over the tree line.

Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears – Attacked by the trees

Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy No. 2 – No, definitely not, been there and done it 2 years ago

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

Answer: The last time I did this prompt in 2013 – ok I am a miserable person, especially when I have to do the same thing twice, but I do not have to, so let us retitle the prompt

The revenge of the trees

The Road to Langendorf

I don’t have anything against trees, I could even be a tree hugger if I had the strength and would not fall down whilst doing it. In winter they are especially pretty when it has snowed. Their branches are weighted down by heavy loads of the frozen white stuff. In some extreme cases the bows break and fall, but today we were safe. Temperatures climbed to above 0°C meaning that snow and ice slowly melted into a liquid state. There is a small problem. The ice lumps on the trees begin to melt at the base where they have warmer contact with the branches. The scene is set.

Today Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss discovered that a further hunting expedition in the local supermarket was necessary to kill a few food items for the New Year. We are not making invites and are not having a party. After the evening banquet No. 1 son will be leaving some time in the evening to see in the New Year in the local town of Solothurn, so it will be a romantic evening at home with the Swiss Family Anglowiss, just me and my other half. I noticed we have a mini bottle of something fizzy in the fridge if we manage to stay awake for midnight.

And now to the trees: on the way to the supermarket in the nearby village of Langendorf we admired the view on the way. The sun was shining and it looked really pretty, just like a Christmas card scene and then it happened. We were merrily on our way on the tree lined road and there was a thud on the roof of the car. A few profanities were spoken whilst the next thud was heard and there was a wet damp splodge on the front window of the car. As if to equal things out, there were a few hits on the back window. The snow chunks were slowly melting on the trees and they were falling down on whatever happened to be below. Yes, the trees were aiming at us, they had tasted melted snow perhaps mixed with blood.

“They could break the glass on the widow” said Mr. Swiss, accompanied by a few profanities in Swiss German. I found we should drive on regardless. As Langendorf, our supermarket target village, was uphill at the foot of the Jura mountain, it would not be wise to change our direction and drive in the middle of the road which was tree free. We continued and I am sure the trees were shaking their fisted branches as we passed and the trunks were all bending in our direction. I might have been imagining this. Perhaps I had been watching too many fantasy films, although they were mainly cartoon characters. Now we were being attacked by real live trees, tall trees, strong trees, trees that had something against cars. They were throwing the half melted clumps of snow in our direction and laughing a sort of hollow wooden laugh. The way trees laugh, you know what I mean.I threw a quick glance at their roots to ensure they were remaining in the ground.

Eventually we arrived at our destination, killed a few pieces of meat and gathered some vegetables to go with it, although our concentration was not at its best, thinking about the return journey through the attacking trees. We drove off, knowing it was now just a downhill run on the road through the trees and then Mr. Swiss had a brainwave and for a change I agreed. We often disagree on brainwaves, as my brainwaves are not synchronised to Mr. Swiss brainwaves, otherwise life would be boring. To continue: we would drive home on an alternative route which would be tree free. Many roads lead from Langendorf. The first suggestion from Mr. Swiss was to take the high road. Here I disagreed as I found this would lead to a lower road surrounded by a forest. As we were under attack from the combined tree force I found this not to be such a good idea.

The next choice was agreed upon. We would branch out to the main road (which was tree free) and afterwards take our safe way home. this was perfect until we arrived at the safe way. We had forgotten, there were trees on the safe way. Not so concentrated, but wider and taller. When we reached them it was as if their colleagues had sent a message by leaf or twig to say “they are coming so let them have it”. This time the hits were more spaced out, but double in strength and power. We arrived home safely and the car was dent free more by luck then judgement.

The moral to this would be never trust a tree, especially after a heavy snowfall.

Happy Happy Joy Joy No. 2 – No, definitely not, been there and done it 2 years ago