Good Morning

Morning garden

When the morning view from the kitchen window were I am sitting at the computer looks like this, then you do not mind it being Monday morning. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, so what could be better. To finalise it all I am eating my breakfast. I cast my mind back to the days when I was a working woman and Mondays were the beginning of a working week. Up early in the morning, shower, eat, and depart in the car with No. 1 son. I would drop him off at his workplace and arrive at mine to begin work at about 7,00 in the morning.  It was then switch on the computer at work and look at the orders of the day. Working in export all over the world, whilst I was sleeping others would  be working in the Far East, and they never did seem to realize that work was not a 24 hour job.

Felbrunnen 16.06 (7)

Now I am a lady of leisure and can enjoy life in my little village somewhere in the backwoods of Switzerland where the cows say good morning to the flies. What a shame that you only get the chance to enjoy all the fun when you are no longer as fit as you used to be. I always looked forward to retirement, no longer having to go to work, but just enjoying life. Then you discover your body no longer wants to play and you can be glad to move around with support.

Those long walks in the countryside enjoying nature are now in a wheelchair and the only big excursions you make are to the specialist for a check up. One bright point on the horizon is that I can now get my permit for parking in places reserved for the handicapped. I manage my shopping trips now with just a stick for support (may the walker be banned forever after recovering from a broken leg) but after walking around in the supermarket I am a little exhausted when returning to the car. Having it parked outside the main entrance makes a lot of difference as I am always worried about falling.

Yesterday I spent the day at home. The weather was OK, but cloudy. I now have enough to do on the computer with my daily prompts and some challenges. The daily prompt sponsored by WordPress is no more. They do nothing more for the bloggers and so a few enterprising and helpful people are organizing something to replace it. The problem is that I do not really want a full time job on the computer prompting network. Just one prompt a day is enough, with my cat’s contribution as well. Unfortunately Tabby does not have opposable thumbs like the humans, so I have to do the keyboard work for her. She supplies the contents, from a feline point of view.

I see we now have three variations of a daily prompt from three sources, there might be more, but they do not arrive in may reader, so I have had to make a decision and have settled for one. This does not mean I will not try the others, it depends on the time I have. Photography is another hobby, as well as finishing the day with reading a book. In the morning I have a housewife clean up and there might be a shopping trip on the plan. There is also ironing and washing somewhere on the way and cooking a meal.

Who am I kidding, I have more to do now than when I was a working woman – so much for the golden oldie days of relaxation and retirement.

In the meanwhile  a hungry fly arrived at some jam remainders on the table,

Fly eating

I decided to enjoy his meal, it might be his last. The fly swatter is always near and according to where he or she is and what I am doing, his hours might be numbered.

So enough of this drivel, I must now move on to some occupational therapy with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Have a great beginning to the week and it will soon be Friday again. Time goes fast when you are enjoying yourself.


The Daily Post: Cupid’s Arrow 2 – Who is this cupid guy?

Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry


Cupid shot an arrow
It was two years ago
I wrote about it then
To tell my tale of wow

I do not feel like writing
an ode to anyone
I have just been in the garden
Cutting trees, it was not fun

Mr. Swiss was helping,
he was also not so keen
We chopped away at branches
I felt so very mean

’Twas then I saw a flower
It was blossoming so well
A crocus had survived
so yellow and so swell

Cupid did his best
to compensate for pain
My back was hurting and my feet
But a crocus was a gain

The ground was wet and soggy
There still was snow around
It was cold and mucky
but I was safe and sound

Because the work was done
I sat and drank some tea
and then I turned my aching neck
An what was it I did see

Last week there was a bargain
Mr. Swiss went to the store
He brought home a lovely orchid
For me and him and more

My pain it went, all misery gone
An orchid smiled at me
I forgot the trials of writing a blog
And drank my cup of tea

Daily Post: Cupid’s Arrow 2 – Who is this cupid guy?

Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe – or not to believe, that is the question

In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen sings, At the end of every hard-earned day / people find some reason to believe. What’s your reason to believe?


I believe that it is now May because the lilac is blossoming in my garden. The Russians used to believe in the 1st May because they had large military parades showing everyone their newest developments in rocket science with the hidden message to beware. The Russians also stopped believing many years ago, indeed they had no choice. Some bloke called Karl Marx had the idea that religion was the opium of the people and one of his faithful followers, Vladimir Lenin, decided it was a good idea so Russian closed all the churches and went communist. Many years after, the churches are opened and Russia is still being lead by a Vladimir, this time Vladimir Putin. I do not think he had much in common with religion, perhaps just his own beliefs. So at the end of a hard earned Russian day people still have reason to believe and the opium has been replaced probably by other hard drugs from the Russian Mafia. Russia no longer celebrates May Day with military processions. It is now known as Spring and Labour Day and the people spend the day gardening or time with their families according to Wikipedia.

I wonder if Vladimir Putin is attending to his tulips and daffodils and spoiling Mrs. Putin with a bouquet of Lily of the Valley, after all he is also a human being. Vlad is OK, just leave him to his own thing, poor man has a lot of problems at the moment, but he will be celebrating the first day of May like all of us.

As it is May Day most of the countries of the Western World have a free day, no work or? Switzerland is not so different and all good socialists are looking forward to the usual speech in town from one of the politicians, promising work to all, equality, liberty etc. etc. At least that is the way it is supposed to be. Marches are held, people wear t-shirts showing clenched fists of united work forces: at least it used to be like that. Today the celebrations in Zürich are usually held under close observation by the police with their water hoses at the ready to sooth the masses and the masses are usually wearing some sort of black mask draped over their faces to prohibit recognition. It might be they set a car on fire or destroy something and afterwards be recognised, how times change. Where have the days of Rosa Luxembourg, Leon Trotzky and Michail Gorbachov gone?

This morning Mr. Swiss informed me that the company where I worked are working today, like any normal working day. Everyone is celebrating the day of the workers, the day of our freedom fighters, but in a company somewhere in Switzerland everyone is at their desk, diligently using computers and making turnover. Of course, the solution is quite simple. One of our prominent socialist members of parliament, a female, has been invited to visit the company. Just a token of being one of the workers and all the workers are probably dressed in their best clothes with bright and shiny tidy desks and a freshly cleaned carpet on the floor awaiting the honour. I am sure the windows have also been cleaned. It is the appearance that counts. If I was still a member of the working population I would have been there as well, but not without words of resistance and annoyance uttered. This happened now and again in my working life that the company called on a national holiday, or a Sunday (occasions few and far between I must admit) and I was there, bristling with annoyance because my husband and children all had the day free and I could not share the day with them.

So in the spirit of 1st May I have just held my speech. Unlike Bruce Springsteen I do not find a reason to believe. I just read the lyrics of this song and it seems that it is a song of double meanings, talking about dead dogs, deserted lovers, dead people and stood up bridegrooms, so I do not really think that Bruce Springsteen got the desire to believe, he just wanted to make money with the song, which he probably did. And me? I am not a believer, an atheist, but it does not bother me at the end of the day.

Daily Prompt: Reason to Believe – or not to believe, that is the question >

Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WORK.

Cutting Trees on Bahnhofstrrasse, Solothurn

Chopping away the remains of the Summer from the trees in our local town of Solothurn is also a job.

My ultimate job sounds final, the end of the road. Somewhere in a quiet corner in a graveyard watching the roots of the daisies grow. Perhaps celebrating at a a ghoul party on Halloween, reminiscing over how it once was, and playing a tune on those dry bones. Of course for those that were cremated, they might be missing out on something, but even ashes are scattered.

Perhaps I am missing the idea of the prompt here, taking it a little too realistically. I am sure I now have the best job I have ever had, although this sounds so stereotype: something we might all be thinking about. Some might be wishing they had done something else with their life. If I had won my Pulitzer/Nobel prize for literature for being recognised as a gifted author I could tell everyone about the dream job I now have. I would be living on the profits earned by my writing, after the publisher and agent had taken their shares, but there is a little problem with all this success. I am too lazy to want to do anything about it.

Just suppose that one of my fantastic, wonderful ideas would be discovered by a scout looking for new talent in the book world. “We must have the sole rights to publish your book.” OK, this would be fine, but then the problems arrive. “When can we expect your next work of literature?” I would have no intention of producing stories, books as a human treadmill. I would have to spend hours, even days, thinking about what to write, making plans, evolving characters and annoying everyone in the family, and above all myself with the stress. I do not want to be dependent on success, which might not happen the second time around.

My whole life has been a working life. I have been in the hands of bosses and companies churning out the expected results and doing it all right to make everyone happy and to keep my job. What I did is not the point. I did what I could to earn money. I was not asked “would you rather be doing something else”, I had to survive. Not only a job, but being woman and reproducing from time to time, I became a multi tasker. I was feeding a family with my hard earned cash, cleaning bathrooms and toilets, washing underwear and discovering the advantages of a vacuum cleaner. Did I love all of this, did it fulfil me? Ask a silly question, get a silly answer – did I have a choice?

I now have my ultimate job. My wages are paid by the Swiss State mainly, and the remainder by the British State (although a minimum as I only worked in Great Britain for 2-3 years). I am a golden-oldie, retired, at the end of the line and nothing left to look forward to. All my life I had something waiting around the corner and then one day you get a handshake, someone says thank you, and you go. Your work colleagues carry on, someone else is sitting at your  desk in the firm as it you never existed. The biggest mistake you could make is to pay a visit to the old company. I have never done this and do not intend to. You are now the living joke. “Remember Mrs. ….”, “Who? Ah yes the old lady with the grey hair, I wonder what she is doing now?” Do not expect more and you will not be disappointed, even if you did spend thirty years doing the job.

There is of course a retired workers club and you are cordially invited, but that too has its disadvantages. Talking about the old days (which no longer exist), asking if Fred is still amongst the living – “oh he died a couple of years ago. He didn’t have much from his pensioned days”. I did not join this dead workers society, I decided it would be too depressing.

So now I sit at home, write my daily prompts, practice my Tai Chi daily and now and again take a walk to the shops to get out and hunt for food. I have a partner, but he does the same thing. Luckily he has his hobbies and I have mine so we do not make the mistake of looking into each others eyes the whole day and holding hands thinking how lovely it is that we are now together. We can be there for each other, but can also do our own thing.

We live in a little village where the foxes and hedgehogs say goodnight to each other, and the local cemetery (and crematorium- we havn’t yet decided) are just across the road. What more could you want. Just one thing, do not ask a lady with grey hair that has left the work system, what her ultimate job would be. Ask her if she is satisfied with what she is now doing and she would say “Yes”.

Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing

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Daily Prompt: On the Edge

We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ACTIVITY.


Here is one of my action photos: a concentrated occupation, buying the right stuff, waiting patiently at the cash desk and packing it into the shopping bags, although we are organised. I buy and Mr. Swiss packs. At the moment, due to a back disorder of Mr. Swiss, it is all being done by I, me and myself.

Just because I am a golden oldie, it does not mean that I am knitting socks, making various jams, or spending time reading the newspaper and talking to the neighbours. I am an active golden oldie, sometimes a little bit too active according to Mr. Swiss. Where shall I start?

Here perhaps: I am a blogger, first confession. After travelling around in the blogging world I have decided my place is here in WordPress. Not that the other sites threw me out, or found I was an annoyance. I decided all by myself to call WordPress my No. 1 blogging site. On other sites I had no real target or purpose in my blogging life, but here I have a daily prompt, a weekly prompt and in between my own prompt. It also gives me a chance to keep up with the English language, with the Americanisms in the English language and to meet people from all over the world. I have now discovered Pingbacking. Not quite sure of the advantage, but it is fun which brings me to one of my other pastimes.

Some years ago I decided to discover the world of computer, so I attended a web assistant course. I constructed two web sites and nearly killed myself by exhaustion when I was finished, but I did it. What has remained is the knowledge of HTML, the secret web language (I speak many languages). It is a great help when writing my blogs and pingbacking. I am also supposed to be able to understand CSS computer talk. I learnt it, but was never at home with it. I might take it up again, you are never too old.

Since the invention of digital photography, I am aspiring to become the female version of Ansel Adams. Mr. Swiss gave me his digi camera when he bought a new one some years ago. My camera became my third arm. It accompanied me everywhere. Since my first digi camera, I have overtaken Mr. Swiss with my Nikon DSLR camera and as a pocket camera am now the proud possessor of a Canon G15 for the things I see when travelling.

Let us move on to the daily energy spending chores. I like cooking. It is an adventure in itself, trying things out. Now and again it might not work, but they say that when you are in love you tend to over salt the dishes.

There is also housework to be done, not that I consider it one of my favourite hobbies, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided, so make the most of it. Since my jobless days begun, I have actually found satisfaction in housework. I have a plan, a devious plan. After breakfast at the computer (must clean the milk spashes off the key board from the cereal) I begin my daily cleaning marathon. I remain fit: my daily gymnastic. Sometimes I intensify the work by going into detail in the bathroom and the kitchen where I sacrifice two complete mornings to attain perfection, but when it is done I have a feeling of achievement, success. During this time Mr. Swiss often disappears into town. I wonder why?

My even keel is not quite yet perfect. I have my one hour Tai Chi event on Tuesday afternoon, together with other golden oldies. We are a female group although men are also allowed. Somehow word has got round and the men stay away, but we are really nice ladies, do not bite, and have not yet got the hang of the martial arts side of Tai Chi. One day we may achieve perfection in that side of things, and then we could be a threat to the senior citizens club.

Garden work is another hobby, although due to my oncoming years, I have had to change the plant world. I no longer do annuals, but more perreniels. You know, the plants that stay in the earth forever and do not have to be changed, renewed or incur any backbreaking work. My weeds do grow, but I hide them with bushes and shrubs. Bending over to remove unwanted plants from the earth can incur a problem when trying to stand up again. It might even be that I cannot stand up. It is then that Mr. Swiss comes to my assistance and together we are strong.

Another activity is shopping, three mornings during the week. That is fun. I am allowed to go places and drive the car. They let me out and I attack the shelves in the local supermarket. Sometimes they have special offers. That is pure excitement, buying something for less and getting more value. It is all a question of planning and logistic. Often I lose Mr. Swiss if he accompanies me. He might be deciding which fruit to buy, and I am already in the diary department. It can be confusing, but thanks to our mobile communication system (iPhone) we find each other again. I often wonder if others have to phone their partner in a search action when in the supermarket. Eventually our consumer adventure is finished and we return with packed shopping bags, tired but happy and drive home where we unpack all our conquests and I begin to cook lunch.

It is an active life when you are a golden oldie, but in the evening things take a quiet turn. My Kindle/iPad which has now replaced the book in our household, is tuned in for a reading session. I cannot be bothered with books any more (what is a book – we have six bookshelves full in our hobby room and a large book case in the apartment). There is no room for books, we are an electronic family. Whilst I am catching up on some freshly pressed books (now where did I get that expression?) Mr. Swiss is filling himself in on daily events on the TV news programme, or relaxing with a criminal film on the TV.

I believe my keel is quite even and I have not sunk yet. I just cannot do nothing. I hate boredom.

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Daily Prompt: Take it from me – What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

I really had to think about this, as I do not usually meddle in things that are not my business, but those magic words at the end of the challenge “you failed to take yourself” reminds me of my working days. Times change and so do organisations. In my particular case I had a good job, customer contact with the world and speaking many foreign languages. I made my own decisions and no-one meddled in my work. I was trusted. I was “just” an employee in the office, but was proud of what I had achieved.

One fine day, things changed. A new organisation was called for, my chief had too much on his desk and had to reorganise. After twenty-five years of service for the company, with another five years to go before retirement, I found I now had a new person in charge of my work. Just a few years more than half my age. She took over the interesting parts of my work and I was left as something like an assembly line worker. She was even given the task of carrying out the annual qualification talk with us. Not very nice, when her only experience was a special course and a text book to put her on the right way.

Over the years I did reassure some of my younger colleagues, when the job was not what they expected and suggested they should look elsewhere. The career opportunities were good at the time.

And now that would have been the best piece of advice that I failed to take.

Daily Prompt: Take it from me


Building work, Feldbrunnen

Bring me, fetch me, give me a hammer
Don’t just stand there, what did you stammer?
Slave away, all day if we must
Just keep on moving, or your bones will rust
What did you say, you want a drink
We have programmes to complete
So think, think, think
After work we have time to sit down and relax
So just keep on moving and please no wisecracks
This house must be built before winter arrives
So act like men and not old wives
Where is the drill, now start to bore
You lazy bunch, I want more, more, more
We are here to labour and work, work, work
So use your muscles and don’t be a jerk
The whistle is blowing, it is now time to go
Tomorrow be here for another work show

Work and Retirement – Opposites

Good morning all, I am here again
My place of work is ready
The days go past, my hair is grey
but life goes on quite steady.
Awake at six, arise at once
breakfast, a shower and dress.
This routine has been my life’s companion
Although it can be a stress.
But the years go past, life just changes
everyone seems so much younger
I still do my work, I have no problem
for knowledge my brain does not hunger
Then one fine day my company calls
Your time has come for a rest
You have spent your life for many years
with us, we think it the best
You may stay at home, no need to work
you can do just what you choose
This is the contrast to your life up to now
many books you can peruse.
So now my future lies in retirement,
I can spend the day at home
awake at eight and arise when I want
I will get the lazy syndrome
I have to find hobbies, I read a lot
I go for walks outside
I could learn something useful, perhaps a language
Something for time to bide
Or perhaps I will write at last my novel
I have enough time to spend
I might become famous with my first work
That will be my new trend


I was lured by thoughts of relaxing sleep
No alarm to tell me to rise
I am just relaxing in my own time
Not having to rub sleep out of eyes
Being able to plan a full day
Having no must or at once
No-one telling me what to do
Just living a life of substance
Just two years and then I will be free
My working life will be at an end
I can do what I want and lead my own life
In my calendar no longer week-end
Each day of the week is the same as the last
and will be the same as the next
Sounds almost boring, this not being the case
just read on in the following text
My two years of waiting have now been cut short
I am retired already they said
After twenty-nine years working it was now time to go
This thought was strange in my head
The arrangement was fair, was treated with respect
so I started to look at the truth
I was still quite active and fit more or less
Although no longer in youth
I rise in the morning and enjoy cleaning up
I now have the time and the lust
I go shopping for food and my husband comes too
We take time, there is not a must
I used to shop at lunch in between
and eat quickly before going to work
Now this is all gone, I can cook what I want
In the background no office does lurk
Afternoons are good, I can read or can write
Perhaps have a talk with a friend
I am very happy and lucky as well
I have so much free time to spend
I enjoy my retirement, it’s better than I thought
For my person it is really a cure
No, I do not miss the work, do not miss the stress
The call of work is no lure