RDP Tuesday: What Next?

In October we had the Christmas season although it was not yet December
We were hanging up decorations already in November
Christmas Carols were being sung, on the radio they were everywhere
And now Christmas has been and gone but did we really care?
Now we are ready for the next wave
So what about a New Year rave
Only a few days, the stores clearing the shelves
Already making room for our carnival elves
Carnival is end of February, it cannot come soon enough
After Christmas Pudding we eat pancakes dressed up in carnival stuff
And all through these seasons there is a very red thread
It is called a pandemic, unfortunately rhyming with dead
So let us make a week of days with Christmas, New Year and Easters
Fitting in a pancake day, for constant enjoyment of feasters
Life is short, make the most of it all
Business, profits must continue, enjoy and have a ball

RDP Tuesday: What Nest?