Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Poatage stamps USA

I used to collect postage stamps when I was a kid, up to the age of about 12 years old. Sometimes I would buy them in a shop, but mostly I got them from various people I knew. My Aunt Lil worked as a cleaning lady in an office in the City of London and would empty their garbage cans as part of the work. She often found some interesting envelopes with foreign stamps and would give them to me. Here I have only taken a photo of part of my stamps from the States. I do not suppose there is really anything rare amongst them or valuable, but who knows. Perhaps some of you might remember the time when these stamps were in use, but it would be at least 50 years ago. I had almost forgot I still had this album, but when searching for something rare I found it in the cupboard. There are some rare memories of a past gone by that you never let go.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

Hauptgasse Solothurn entrance 09.06 (1)

Some time ago I had to visit my doctor. What do you do when waiting to be seen? Generally read a supplied magazine perhaps, but not me. I always have a camera in my purse and so I take photographs. The surgery is situated on the top floor of the buildng just below the roof. It is one of the older preserved buildings in our local town of Solothurn in Switzerland and the wooden beams of the roof were maintained in the renovation of the building to keep the style. Here you can clearly see the opposite effect between the beams of the roof and the added plaster background.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contraststs

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

2 musicians Solothurn station

These musical partners were sitting opposite the entrance to our local main line railway station and making their music. Perhaps they were two music students, perhaps just two girls touring Europe and earning some money on the way. The music was OK, not hit parade material, but also not straining the nerves. I do not think they even notice they were being photographed, they were too engrossed in their music, but I managed to fix a mermory of them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

Photo Challenge: Curve

Weekly Photo Challenge Curves 17.06 (9)

I decided against a selfie showing my numerous curves which seem to be in the wrong places but decided on a self assembled curvy photo using 2 metal whisks on a cake cooling down wire meche which is also curvy and more aesthetish than my own golden oldie curves.

Weekly Photo Challenge Curves 17.06 (15)

And then my garden snail called “what about me, there is nothing more curvy than a snail”. I decided he was right and here he is.

Photo Challenge: Curve