FOWC with Fandango: Water

I was busy clearing out a wardrobe today. There were some clothes hanging up, but otherwise the shelves were full of objects that do not belong in a wardrobe. Since Mr. Swiss is now in his golden oldie home I am reorganising. I found this water boiler, never been used and even with the certificate from the Danish manufacturer. I decided to try it. I filled it with water and plugged it into the elctricity. Immediately a small blue light arrived to tell me it was working. After a few minutes the water was already boiling.

I already have such a machine, although the one I have has a place for filters to keep the water lime free and this one does not. I do not know how old this is, it has never been used, but perhaps when it was made filters had not yet been invented. It is amazing what you find sometimes.

FOWC with Fandango: Water

RDP Saturday: Water

Water Spray 14.05.2019

Water has followed me all my life
Perhaps it was the river Thames in a town called London
Or was it just the rain that watered my childhood
Growing up where the concrete had its own damp odour
I looked down from the aeroplane window as I was leaving England
And saw the meandering curls of the river going to the sea
I saw the sea joining another river on the European coast
Did I follow it, was that my destiny?
I have seen many waters, a thread leading to the future perhaps
And now I live in a village and guess what, yes,
A river runs through it

River Aar 07-05-2019

RDP Saturday: Water

Daily Prompt: Water, water everywhere

Derendingen 14.04 (4)

The River Emme by the village of Derendingen, Switzerland

We neither have an ocean in Switzerland, nor are we surrounded by water. It is mainly frozen in the alps, but it is there. Now and again it melts and rivers flow through Switzerland, every town and often village has its own river. That is one of the reasons why I am astonished when I realise that water is the most expensive commodity we have. Our water bills are quite high, and it has become a new age hobby to save water.

We now have a water meter built into our private water supply in my appartment, which also cost money, but everyone voted for it. One of the neighbours has a big dog, and another neighbour complained that the dog drinks too much and we are all paying for its water maintenence. Another neighbour added that she even saves on the water she uses to clean her teeth to keep the costs low, mainly because of what this dog in question is drinking.

I do not have a dog, but a feline and she also drinks water. Perhaps I am also doing something wrong, because I give her fresh water daily.

I live on the ground floor, have two gardens, one at the front and one at the back. When we have the summer days where water does not fall from above, I have to give my garden water with my hose which is attached to the water supply. Everyone used to pay for this water I was using. Now I no longer have a guilty conscience, because I only pay for the water that I am using.

At the moment there is enough water in Switzerland due to heavy rainfalls, a very wet Spring. It is now going towards summer, but the higher temperatures cause the weather gods to form black clouds which usually empty their water in the form of a storm, with the usual light show and big bangs.

I even drink water pure, not shaken, from a glass. I spray my potted plants with it as they perfer it in tiny drops as opposed to being drowned in a pot. Mosquitos love water, without it they could not breed and form families which eventually leave the water their thirst being substituted with human blood, known as a sting, which itch and cause discomfort, but this blood supplies the warmth for the offspring to breed.

We have lakes in Switzerland, which are quite big and probably are there to compensaste for the oceans which everyone else has except for the Swiss. Some humans like to swim in water. I do not because I am not a very good swimmer and do not like my head getting wet. Submerging in water is not my thing, water  gets in my ears and nose and floods my lungs eventually and I tend to get syptoms of suffocation.

Fish are quite happy in water, it is their element. They could swim all day and night with no problem. If a fish were writing this memorable piece of literature he would probably begin with “Water is my element” and tell everyone how he could not live without it. I think we agree with the fish. Fish live in water, humans live on land. If we all lived in the same place it would get quite crowded. Taking a walk in the countryside would be uncomfortable if you had to avoid the fish also taking walks having to avoid treading on a fin. Not to mention the slippery situations that could occur.

I have a feeling I am writing a composition for my school class about water. No matter how you try, you cannot get away from the fact that this H2O stuff is everywhere. I am now thirsty so now for a glass of water.

And ducks are also quite at home in water ……

Unknown duck on River Aar

Daily Prompt: Water, water everywhere

Daily Prompt: Always something there to remind me – especially when I drink a glass of water

A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Oh yes there are many songs that remind me, but only me reminding me of personal things. They will not remind you of anything because they are my “remind me” songs and so I will not be plastering videos on my pages of “remind me” songs from You Tube. You will have no idea of my thoughts on these songs because they are my songs and not yours.

Let’s have a photo from my journey to Germany, this reminds me of a lot that happened in the past week. It is a view from the bridge of Traben Trarback along the Mosel. You can see the funfair on the left bank.

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

It is another hot day today, a few clouds in the sky so perhaps we might have one of those wonderful thunderstorms this evening. As I sit here in the shade of the porch the sweat is pouring from my brow. The song “Cool clear water” comes to my mind by Frankie Lane. Not one of my favourites but here are the lyrics, somewhat changed by me. As usual our weather forecasters have got it all wrong.

All day I face
the barren waste
without the taste of water,
“Give me a bottle of mineral water”
Mr. Swiss and I with throats burned dry
and souls that cry for water,
cool, clear, mineral water from a Swiss spring of course.

The nights are cool and I’m a fool
each weather forecaster promises thunder with lots of rain and water,
torrents of stormy water
And with the dawn it still not here
and I take a shower in the bathroom
cool, clear, water

The weather man sways and seems to say,
tonight there might be water
And way up there, I don’t know where
There won’t be any water
cool, clear, water

Keep a-movin’ Mr. Swiss,
don’t you listen to him he just sighs
He’s a weather forecaster telling lies
and he thinks there might be water,
Mr. Swiss can you see the big, green trees
where the weather forecaster
thinks he sees
water, cool, clear, water

or something like that. Well you wanted a song, so you got one. This morning I cleaned the bathroom and afterwards sat outside on the porch to cool down with a glass of mineral water. And the weather forecaster – I don’t even listen any more, he just makes up stories. So here is a video just to show that there is a song behind the words, although they might not fit so well. In this heat you can be glad that I am even attempting to write something. It is the original version from Frankie Lane recorded in 1955.

Daily Prompt: Always something here to remind me – especially when I drink a glass of water

Daily Prompt: Think Global, act local – although it might not work

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

Water drops on Hosta leaf

“It’s only water.”

“Only water! You throw litres of it over your garden every Summer just for a few flowers, not to mention the lawn and we measure it in glasses when we clean our teeth.”

The discussion was heating up at the annual meeting of property owners in the village of Little Brainer and Mrs. Conscience was out in force. She had decided that the amount of water used in the village should be put under control, especially when people like Mrs. Jones was throwing it all over her garden.

“But if I don’t water my plants in the hot Summer days they will die and my garden will resemble a desert.”

“And we pay for it all, we honourable members of the village that do not have a garden, but live in apartments.”

“What do you suggest? We cover my lovely green flowering garden in concrete?”

“Now ladies, let us remain civil with each other.” The chairman of the meeting, Mr. Goodall, decided to intervene and prevent things getting out of hand.

“Yes, why not, at least the concrete does not need a hose pipe spouting water all the time. Not to mention Mrs. Camel’s dog.”

“What wrong with my dog? He is a thoroughbred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. They are a rare breed and we are proud of him.”

“But he is a monster dog and drinks at least a bucket full of water daily.” Mrs. Conscience was raising her voice.

“Of course, he needs a regular supply of water to maintain his health.”

“And his size. He is maintaining the costs of our local water supply. Other people have poodles or Yorkshire Terriers, but no, Mrs. Camel has to have a prize winning water addicted vampire dog that makes our costs shoot into the impossible.”

“Boris is not a vampire, he is a loving cuddly canine. So what do you suggest? I am not going to get rid of Boris for a Fifi poodle. Boris has character, he is admired by the national canine society.”

“Ladies be civil with each other. Mrs. Jones has a prize winning garden we must agree. I believe she won a prize for her rambling roses last year at the local horticultural show and Boris is a prize winner in his breed. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are becoming very rare you know.”

“Of course I know that, no-one can afford to keep such a living water suction pump these days” said Mrs. Conscience.

“I know the solution. We could have water counters fitted in the apartments, then everyone pays for their own water supply.”

“Brilliant idea Mr. Clever” said the chairman “let’s vote on it”.

There was a show of hands. In the meanwhile Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Camel had left the meeting in protest, so the vote was carried out without their participation. Of course all the other members of the meeting had no prize winning garden or for that matter Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs and so it was unanimously accepted to have a water counter fitted on the individual boilers.

A week later Mrs. Jones had a telephone call from a company that decided to call about fitting her boiler with a water counter. She knew it had been accepted at the last meeting and there is nothing you can say against a democratic decision: after all it was 10 votes accepting and 2 withheld votes, due to the absence of the prize winning rambling rose water drinking owner and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog enthusiast.

The man arrived. She noticed he was one of those foreign workers who was convinced he spoke the local language fluently, but Mrs. Jones was not of that opinion. She only understood the words “very expensive” “two days work” and “we will have to rebuild the boiler cupboard”. She was not happy and had visions of being invaded by a team of workers making a mess of her home. Mrs. Camel had the same visitor. She found having a general renovation of her boiler for an instrument to measure the amount of water Boris her Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was drinking was a little exaggerated. The man who visited the two ladies is now at home resting from the injuries he received when Mrs. Jones pushed him into the rambling rose and from the attack of Boris. It was a wonderful rose and survived due to its many thorns and Boris had an opportunity to exercise his hunting instinct on human flesh.

Mrs. Camel had a problem with Boris. Boris was usually a mild dog, although very large, but he was allergic to humans measuring the amount of water he drank. Boris was sure, in his canine thoughts, that dogs were entitled to quenching their thirst from a fully filled 10 later bucket and what did it matter to him that he was not a stupid poodle or Yorkshire Terrier with a bow in their hair.

And the result of this local action. It was discovered that the whole idea of fitting the water counters was far to expansive and things remained the same. There was also a problem of the person who should fit the counter. He refused and found the job to be too dangerous and risky. Mrs. Jones won another prize for her rambling rose at the local exhibition of the horticultural society, Boris became Dog of Year and Mrs. Conscience? She was still being careful not to use more than a glass of water to clean her teeth daily. Her dentist was overjoyed. He had never had such reliable source of income for her treatment.

Daily Prompt: Think Global, act local – although it might not work

Daily Prompt: SOS

You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WATER.


One of the problems with Switzerland is that we have no real beaches, at least none with an ocean or sea to accompany it. Just plain old river banks and lakes and the rivers and lakes are sometimes used as a dumping ground for anything unwanted. The last time they cleared out the local river they found at least 20 bicycles, not to mention empty beer bottles.

However, it was one of those sunny days when suddenly threatening clouds appeared on the horizon promising a nice storm complete with thunder and fork lightening. I was just thinking about packing my bits and pieces together and making a run for it when a suspicious plastic bottle came swimming past with the words “read me”. I read Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid, but the bottle said “drink me” (I think), but I was not Alice in Wonderland. We were having rumbling warnings from the thunder and the lightening was reflecting in the water casting a blood red tinge over the surface.

This was becoming interesting. Was I receiving a message from beyond if I read the bottle? I cautiously waded into the river and fished out the bottle. It was empty – what a disappointment. How can I read something that contained no mysterious letter. Perhaps I would have found the Brad Pitt of my life. I examined the bottle and found the label was a folded piece of paper. I removed the label discovered it was a large piece of paper containing a message. It began to rain, no, it was pouring so I took shelter beneath the branches of a nearby oak tree.

“Dear Victim Finder” – it began.

“When you find this message you will probably be surrounded by a raging storm. The heavens have opened and the lightening is forking everywhere. If you are standing beneath a large tree, take care. It might be that the tree will be struck by lightning.

This is a message from beyond. Now and again they let us out to mix with the living, and if we do it properly some fool person will read our words. We are all doing fine down here. Old Nick is a nice bloke and makes sure that the fires keep burning. Now and again we have to stoke them up, but life it would be boring with nothing to do.

I would move to the next tree if I was you, the bloke upstairs has decided to strike this one with a thunderbolt. Yes that’s right, standing beneath a bus shelter is much better. You see, the tree is now just a smouldering piece of wood – that could have been you. Do not bother to thank me, just one of life’s hazards.

So what is this message all about? Blame it on WordPress. Yes, it is their fault. They gave out a prompt about finding a glistening object being a bottle and containing a message. Ok, we do not do glistening down here, more dark and mysterious, sorry for that. We had to stick the message on the bottle as our claws could not push the message into the bottle.

So now you can write something interesting and informative in your daily prompt (if you survive – you never know). Move away from the bus shelter, it seems it will also be struck by lightning. You see, now it is just a piece of shrivelled metal, do not touch it, it is hot enough to fry an imp (just a saying we have down here).

Just a minute: where are you running off to? Now my words of wisdom are laying on the ground. You living can be so ungrateful sometimes.

Yours for ever and ever and ever
Son of ………”

Sometimes I just do not trust those Daily Prompts, you never know where they come from and where they lead to.

Daily Prompt: SOS

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Aqua minerale prego

A windy day on the River Aar

„What would you like to drink Madam?“

And she was dying of thirst, not quite dying but almost. After climbing zig hundred steps to the top of the church tower in this sleepy Sicilian village, where running water is turned off for an afternoon in half of this sleepy village, the other half having it turned off in the morning, she decided to buy her water in a restaurant where it always seemed to be flowing, even if it was only in bottles.

“Just a water, please, you know aqua minerale.”

“No problem madam, we speaka da English here.”

“Oh” she thought, at last someone that understands my needs.

“You want the water with or without gas?”


“You know the bubbles that rise in the water to the top, fizzy.”

“Ah, no, no gas, just plain mineral water.”

“Would you like a bottle of Perrier, the French water, or perhaps our national Italian water, San Pellegrino. We also have some German or Swiss if you prefer.”

“Just plain water, you know, the one that your customers usually drink.”

“OK, then we make it a San Pellegrino. You want it in a glass, or a bottle?”

“What’s the difference?”

“It’s the same water, but you can have more in the bottle. The glass is only two decilitre.”

Her thirst was increasing by the moment. Her throat was being parched by too many questions from this Sicilian inquisitor. She decided to go for the bottle.

“We have three sizes madam. The small bottle with three decilitre, the medium with five and the big bottle with a liter.”

“Ok, I will take the medium bottle.”

“With or without ice?”

“I beg your pardon.”

“You want the water cooled with ice.”

“Oh, yes, then I will take it with ice.”

“Crushed or cubes?”

She looked at her watch quickly. She had been ordering a plain water now for at least five minutes and was slowly but surely becoming annoyed with this question and answer game.”

“You know what, I don’t bloody care what the ice looks like. There is no prize for the best looking ice cube. Just bring me a mineral water with no gas, in a medium sized bottle with five decilitre and ice according to your own choice.”

“Ok, ok, madam. Oh by the way do you prefer the ice to be from our fresh tap water, or also from the mineral water.”

“What’s the difference? I am thirsty, not making a chemical analysis of your water quality.”

“Our tap water is good, but might have a slight taste of chlorine, we put it in our water to decontaminate it from any impurities it might get. I would perhaps recommend the ice from the mineral water, just to be safe.”

“Ok, just bring me what you think is best. No more questions, no more third degree and if you don’t want one of your customers dropping dead with thirst in your restaurant BRING ME THE WATER.”

The water left her table.

“What’s the problem with that customer Mario” asked the girl at the buffet.

“I don’t know, she is making a big fuss about ordering mineral water. These tourists lose their temper very quickly. No manners.”