FOWC with Fandango: Vapor

Since I have been living in our wonderful little village in Switzerland with a population of cows almost equaling that of humans, this is the picturesque view from my village. I do not mean the wonderful Swiss alps in the background, I mean the two chimneys sending their vapour into the air.

Our authorities have assured us that it is not dangerous, just the smoke produced at our plant where the garbage is burnt. Of course it is not dangerous, it is only unwanted refuse and we all know what we throw away – out of sight out of mind.

I have been living here 20 years and from the beginning this was one of the views from my garden. Our rubbish from all over the Kanton is collected and brought to this place to be burnt. At least it makes a good subject for a photo. It is almost to compare with the smoke released from the Vatican when the new pope is elected. sometimes we have white smoke and sometimes not so white, but we are not electing a pope.

FOWC with Fandango: Vapor