RDP #18: Stellar

Full moon behind the clouds

“Dracky look, it is a full moon night tonight.”

“I thought it might be, bring me my sunglasses Morticia. I am feeling my age.  I am no longer the youngest.

“And what’s all this with the sunglasses? Vampires do not buy sunglasses at the opticians.”

“Of course not, if Nosferatu saw me I would be the laughing stock of the coffins. I order them online.”

“I noticed we are getting more parcels lately, but you should really keep Alfie tied up in the garden. Since the postman lost a finger  after his last visit he now just throws the parcels over the quicksand instead of bringing them to the door. Werewolf bites are not very pleasant. It took a while to show the postman the safe path without sinking into the mire and now the parcels sink in the sand if he doesn’t aim right. You were lucky that Alfie thought it was a game and retrieved the glasses.”

“That was why there were teeth marks in the frames. Naughty boy Alfie”

“Growl, growl”

“Down boy, take your teeth out of my neck.”

“Where has the romance gone Dracky. 300 years ago you would take me in your arms and hitch onto my neck and make the most of it. Today you even order the blood online from the blood bank. You hardly leave the coffin.”

“I am feeling my age Morticia and you know I love you, we are tied together by some mysterious sort of blood group.”

“Let’s open the window and gaze at the stars and the moon together.”

“You must be joking Morticia. Think of all those bats flying around outside. They will think it is an open invitation and fly in. Some of them might even be vampires in disguise and my next delivery from the blood bank is only next week. There will not be enough to go round. You know how greedy they can get. It is late and I am feeling tired.”

“It used to be “the sun will soon be rising and we must hurry to celebrate the remains of the night”. Where are you going Dracky?”

“To the cellar of course, where are my bat slippers?”

“They are in front of the fire to keep them nice and warm, I know you hate having cold feet.”

“Another problem when I get older, Dr. Mabuse said it is bad circulation and he should know. How comes you keep so fresh Morticia.”

“No problem, but I go out for my blood supplies where it is fresh and young. I know where my blood comes from. That blood bank stuff is suspicious and I am sure they freeze it now and again to keep it fresh. They even deliver it in refrigerated boxes.”

“You think so, perhaps I will accompany you the next time.”

“Why not, but not in your bat slippers, at least wear a decent pair of shoes and forget that t-shirt with the words “I am not aneamic, I always look like this” people might start to believe it.”

RDP #18: Stellar

Kind Red

Romford Cemetery

Evening was drawing in at the Vlad and Morticia Drac residence when they heard the bell ring.

“I will go Vlad, are we expecting anyone?”

“No, the boys are now preparing to have a night out. Oh, wait a moment, I placed an order with Kind Red and it might be the delivery by VPS”

“Not again Vlad. Since I bought you that iPad for your 600th undead anniversary you are constantly ordering new things. The Vampire Parcel Service is a regular visitor.”

Morticia opened the door and sure enough it was VPS dressed in their smart black and red uniform with two large parcels. One of the parcels had the distinct form of a coffin.

“No, not another coffin. Vlad come and sign. Where are you going to put this coffin, you already have a nice deluxe model lined with bat fur. No self respecting vampire needs more than one coffin. And what is in the other parcel?”

“No panic Morticia, I’m coming I just have to put my new werewolf slippers on. Arn’t they pretty, only three Rumanian € and with a genuine certificate of origine.”

“Vlad, I believe you are becoming addicted to shopping.”

“I am here thank you sir, a very prompt delivery.”

“Yes, it is always easier to travel in the twilight hours, traffic is not so heavy.”

“Look Morticia, just what I wanted. When I saw it in the Kind Red catalogue I knew it would be ideal for storage.”

“For storage of your undead body?”

“No, this time it is just a coffin look-alike, but really it is storage space for my blood supplies.”

“For your blood supplies?”

“Yes, no more hunting on the streets. Today the living have absolutely no respect. Why only last week I was ready to pounce at midnight on an inviting jugular vein and my customer just laughed when he saw my nicely sharpened white teeth. “Come off it grandad” he said “you are a little old for playing vampires. If you really want to see some blood then let’s do it properly.” He called his friend over and they both laughed at me together: laugh at me the Prince of Darkness and King of the undead. I was furious. It was when his friend said “Piss off old man, you smell” and the other produced a jackknife and stabbed me with it, that I realised today’s youth really have no respect.”

“Oh, poor Vlad, so what did you do?”

“What did I do? I was so angry at the display of ignorance and disrespect that I took the quickest flight path to the local blood bank to drown my sorrows in drink.”

“Now that is really no solution Vlad.”

“Wait I am not finished. To top it all, the blood bank was closed for renovations. I did not sleep all day after I arrived home, but thanks to Kind Red these troubles are now dispersed.”


“With my new storage unit for my blood reserves Moticia. It was a special offer. If you buy the coffin together with 50 plastic bags of blood it is all half price. That is the second parcel, the blood supplies. And I could select the blood groups. You see there is a lead at the end of the coffin. I can plug this into the electric supply and a temperature of 1-6° C is maintained: ideal for keeping blood nice and fresh. If you open the lid to the coffin you see it is not an empty space, but divided into various compartments to store the various blood groups. It is ideal.”

“I see, yes it would be handy, no more flying off to the local blood bank or searching for victims on the cold Winter nights, when we would prefer to curl up in front of the TV and watch an episode of “The Walking Living of Transylvannia.”

“Of course Morticia, both of us are not becoming younger and I was thinking of you when organising this new coffin. We could share it, with our favourite blood types.”

“Oh you are a darling Vlad, I knew there was a reason why I chose you over all the other vampires.”

“I think I chose you Morticia, but let us not quibble over minor details. We found each other in this undead world. our 400th wedding anniversary is approaching and we should now spend a little more “together” time on each other.”

And so Morticia and Vlad curled up on the their sofa (another original design from Kind Red with Bats Ear cushions) and watched their favourite TV programme, after organising their blood reserves in the new special air conditioned coffin.

Topic Generator

Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories – to be read before waking

What was your favourite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

As the golden sun sank in the West I would take my favourite book and begin to read. My mind wandered to the gloom and darkness that prevailed in a place that I so wanted to visit.The sky was preparing the backdrop to take an influence on shaping my personality. I arose from the place where I was resting and quietly closed the lid to the coffin. Of course, I could have just dropped the lid on the hinges but I did not want to wake my family, although they had already left. I was then a child and needed my sleep, the adults were already hunting.

Of course I replaced my book in the coffin, the dog-eared pages with their blood stains were the worse for wear. It was a family heirloom, handed down from claw to claw in the family. We do not even know where it originated, but it had been a constant bedtime story book through the generations of our family. The family archives mention this book back in the days when there was no such thing as superstition. People believed it seems, which was a problem when on our nightly flights. I remember great, great, great grandfather Gloomius telling me of the disappointment when he arrived at a door to a chamber, tired and worn out from his flight from the graveyard, to be confronted with a wreath of garlic. He told me the blood curdled in his veins, even though he had not yet had his daily ration. There was always a remainder somewhere in a place where he once had a heart, helping to sustain him before he could replace it with a fresh supply. Worse was when his victim appeared at the door, to discover what the flapping noise was and presented two sticks of wood, crossed in the middle. There was no pity or sympathy from the living towards the undead.

To a certain extent I realise what he suffered. I myself always avoid places where I can hear the laughter of the living, and see the illuminated windows from their televisions, although I often take a peep through the window, ensuring not to be seen. It might be that one of my favourite programmes are on the television. I like to watch animal programmes, especially if they feature the development of bat families. I remember some time ago there was a shooting taking place in my favourite corner of the cemetery where the undead are mostly to be found. The bats were delighted to be featured in a film and were hanging from the ceiling of a nearby tomb. Unfortunately the production team had to terminate their work when one of the cameramen was bitten by a bat, who aimed perfectly for the jugular vein. I came to the rescue and told the bat to find something more his size, which he did and he afterwards pounced on a rat that was on its way home with something squirming trapped in its jaws.

The cameraman was pleased to see a human shape removing the sharp teeth of the bat from his neck. Actually I was glad to be of help, and still being one of the younger vampires learning the trade I already had ready made puncture marks in the neck.

“Morticia, you don’t have to tell everyone the story.”

“Fred, you are still the best cameraman for filming nocturnal scenes. You have become famous for your documentaries about vampire bats. You should be thankful that I helped you on your way to become one of the best.”

“It’s just that some of my friends ignore me and no longer invite me to their parties in the evening. They say I smell and they do not like my new makeover.”

“But you look great with your nice shiny white pointed teeth and a black cloak suits you.”

“Ok, Morticia it might be fashion in your world, but not in mine.”

“Your ex world Fred. Now go and play with your camera, there is a werewolf taking a walk through the forest, I am sure that would be good film material.”

Yes, Fred is still learning the ways, but I think he is one of my most successful victims.

It was nice talking to you about my favourite book but I must be on my way. Oh I forgot to tell you, yes the book is titled “The Life and Times of the daily prompt” and tells of the experiences made of one of the first believers in the daily prompt (my great great great grandfather Gloomius) when he decided to take the job on suggesting things to tell everyone to write about.

I am now on my way to the local blood bank to tank up on my life’s liquids. Since Fred, who was a vampire’s delight, I no longer attack the so-called living. They are armed with all sorts of weapons like knives and guns and no longer have respect for the undead. Yes, my name is Morticia and I am a vampire.

Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories – to be read before waking

Daily Prompt: Reviving Bricks and other things being revived.

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

Romford Cemetery

“This is it, needs a few repairs but we were sure it was your style.”

I looked at the guy with wearing the the WordPress t-shirt again. Did I see a red line of blood dripping onto a grave stone at the entrance? No, it was just my imagination.

“It is very nice of WordPress to give me a mansion, but I would have preferred a t-shirt. Why are there so many gravestones at the entrance?”

“No problem Mrs. Angloswiss, they were left behind by the last owner. He said he liked being near his ancestors.”

“Where is the owner now?”

“He said something about inheriting a castle from his great grand-daddy somewhere in Transylvannia. He could not afford the upkeep of two stately homes, so he asked WordPress to donate this one to a deserving blogger, and we immediately thought of you. I have to fly off go now, here are the keys and have fun. Oh, the previous owner said not bother with the cellar, it would be too cold and damp to do anything with.”

There was a clap of thunder, lightning which illuminated the complete building and the WordPress man was gone. Did I hear a peel of strange laughter in the distance? The WordPress public relations department seem to go a bit too far sometimes.

I noticed there was a sweet black cat that seemed to be guarding the entrance to the house. He looked at me and licked his lips. I was sure he liked me, I have a way with cats. I entered my new home and was greeted with a musty smell coming from the cellar. Someone left the cellar door open. I peered down the stairs, but it was very dark. Suddenly flaming torches attached to the wall ignited. Did I light them, no, I did not. Perhaps there is some sort of remote control thing here: Seems to be quite modern after all. Who knows?

This is ideal, a wine cellar with rows of bottles containing red wine and they are labelled. I took one in my hand and dusted the cobwebs away. “Lady Morticia, Bood group A+, 1900” was written on the label. I had a look at the other bottles, each was marked with a name, a blood group and a date. I decided to try a bottle of Lord Mordred Group RhD+, 1825. Old and rare wine is always good with a slice of rare steak.

As I removed the bottle from the rack, I again heard a maniacal laugh. These things seem to be quite in at the moment with WordPress. I ascended the stairs to the banqueting room. It was quite a nice room, various animal heads hanging on the walls each showing their long white teeth. They were even named: “Canis Lupus vampirus, killed Carpathians 1800 RIP”. How nice, the previous owner must have loved his pets to have kept them in memory in this way.

I decided there would be some dusting and hoovering to do. Not every day you inherit such a unique building. I was so tired; I could have dropped dead in the real sense of the word. I heard a sharp meow and the cat that was guarding the entrance to the building was leading the way so I followed. We arrived in the bedroom. I was surprised; it was as if I was expected. The bed was ready: black satin sheets with a contrasting blood red cover. The cat jumped onto the bed and I followed. The cat lay down next to me purring and began to lick my hand. I was soon asleep, deep in the land of dreams. I even dreamt of Transylvannia, a nice castle in the Carpathians and being welcomed at the door buy a cat resembling my bed companion. The cat changed into a guy wearing a WordPress t-shirt and beckoned with his sharp fingernails to come closer. He wrapped his arms around me and I knew I had found the man of my dreams. Yes, they were strange dreams. Now and again I felt something like pin prick on my neck, but it was probably getting used to satin sheets. I had never slept in satin before.

The next morning I awoke I did not awake. I slept on until the next evening when I awoke feeling tired and hungry. The cat was still lying on the bed, he turned and looked at me with his red eyes (red eyes?) and took me in his arms, showing two sharp teeth. I heard a wolf howl in the distance and we flew off together. I forget to mention, the cat changed into that many of my dreams with the WordPress t-shirt from the night before. Yet again another publicity stunt.

This was great I had everything. I soon moved down to the celler where my new boyfriend had prepared a comfortable coffin, lined with red silk of course. My hunger was stilled. There were enough bottles on the wine rack in the cellar and otherwise, we dined out together of course. Thank you WordPress, what a lovely surprise this turned out to be.

Daily Prompt: Reviving Bricks and other things being revived

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

Sunrise Migros, Langendorf

It was so long ago, that it really does not feel like 180 Degrees any more, just a different way of life. I suppose I should return to the beginning of it all. I do not have a lot of time left to write, too busy with a different life style.

A few years ago I had a telephone call from Joan, my best friend at the time.

“You must come Morticia (that was me), it will really be something different from the ordinary holidays. Everyone goes to the South of France or Italy, sunbathing all day on the beach, but Eastern Europe has now opened up its gates to be explored.”

“I don’t know if Romania is my sort of thing, visiting churches and monasteries.”

“But the holiday brochure talks of good food, gypsy romance and sights you have never seen. Besides it is only a hop away on the plane, and the arrangement is quite cheap. Do you have any other holiday planes for this year?” was Joan’s closing comment, so I decided why not. A month later we were in Romania,at  a place called Bistritz, somewhere in the middle of the Carpathian mountains where the wolves and bats say goodnight to each other. OK, I know what you are all thinking, but thoughts are a thing of the past. Actions speak louder than words it seems.

So let’s cut a long story short. No good crying about spilt blood (sorry I meant milk?).

On the second evening of our holiday with a difference, we were attending a local village get together. One of those things organised for the silly West European tourists. Nothing special, but the red wine was flowing and so was the spicy food. We were sitting on wooden benches outside. It was a warm evening and the moon was shining, a full one of course. It was then that I met Drago. I think I met him. He was suddenly sitting next to me. Now that was a man. Tall, slim and the deepest darkest eyes I had ever seen. I was probably on my fourth glass of wine already so I did not notice the details such as long white eye teeth and a pale complexion. His strong arms were tightly around my waist. No chance of escape, but who wants to escape?

I had lost Joan out of sight already. She had teamed up with Fred, one of the members of our group. I was glad, she was happy and I could do my own thing. I suppose I was really doing Drago’s thing. Conversation was not exactly flowing, more actions than words. I can tell you when I looked into his eyes, they were deep pools of dark mysteries. Monochrome is the word, just black and white, some shades of grey and I was floating on another level. It seemed I was looking down onto a world full of melting landscapes composed of forests, black pools of steaming water, and now and again I heard a wolf howl in a mournful lonely tone in the distance.

I think that was when it happened.

“You ‘ave such beautiful skin” said Drago “like silk and satin” and I felt his tongue caress my neck. So now you are in the picture, I bet you think he was a vampire. Yes, he was, an undead, a thirsty one, and so he quenched his thirst on my jugular vein (I think that is what they call it).

Let’s jump a bit and I awoke the next morning in my hotel bed, of course, what did you think? There was a pounding at the door and I heard my name being called. I jumped out of the bed and opened the door knowing that Drago had come for me. He had not come for me. It was Joan asking when I was going to appear at the breakfast table. It was the day of the excursion to the local monastery.

I fell back, blinded by the light streaming through the windows in the corridor. My eyes hurt and I had a pain through my head as if it was splitting.

“Are you ill” asked Joan “you look very pale and your eyes are sort of bloodshot?”

“I don’t exactly feel very lively” was my answer “and I am definitely not very hungry.” I stumbled back onto my bed. Joan shut the door and of all things drew the curtains. The sunlight came streaming into the room, which gave me the rest. I ran to the bathroom, Joan followed, and she helped me to a cold shower.

An hour later I arrived at the local monastery. At least it was an old stone building and inside it was dark and cold, although I had bought a cheap pair of sunglasses at the hotel before leaving. I told Joan to go ahead and visit the monastery, I would prefer to relax outside on the stone steps. Nice and cool and shady.

I felt very tired, although it was some time in the afternoon. I then heard him calling my name. I turned my head to the direction of the voice and saw a door open where stone steps were leading downwards. Yes it was a day room for vampires known as crypt to normal living humans. Drago was waiting and threw me a dead rabbit, so I finished the job off. Feeling refreshed I returned to the normal world. The coach brought us back to the hotel in the early evening. I told Joan I was still feeling a bit shaky and would have an early night.

Vapires do not have early nights, they just have nights. I will not bore you with the sordid details, but it was my first excursion as a vampire. And so the holiday continued.

I arrived back to my home country. I had collected a lot of 180° stuff now.

1. Sleep during the day in a room with the curtains drawn

2. Stay out all night until the sun rises enjoying life with the occasional visit to a blood bank or find a victim

3. Don’t enter any churches

4. Avoid garlic in food at all times

5. Avoid people wearing crosses around their neck

6. Make investigations to find a quiet crypt, preferably in the basement of an old chapel, where you can sleep during the day without unnecessary disturbances.

7. No longer admire yourself in a mirror, there is no point as you cannot see yourself in any case, but others might also wonder why you have no reflection.

Now and again Drago would fly past to see how things were going. He gave me a lot of tips about what to avoid and he brought me the latest vampire fashions from the Carpathians. It was a good job that black suited my pale complexion. I did not even have to buy lipstick any more, I had the most beautiful deep red lips.

Drago told me my 180 degree turn on life was there to stay, but it would be a long and rewarding unlife if I followed his example.

Daily Prompt: 180 degrees

Too Much Sunlight

“Typical Cornelius” thought Jane. If it was not for the fact that he was one of the new names in the film business she would have turned the offer down to play the part of the leading lady. The script looked good, one of those vampire films and Cornelius wanted some genuine scenery in Romania of all places.

“Epping forest would have done just as well, but that forest was just not big enough for Cornelius and it was probably too plain and simple for a want-to-be Cecil B. DeMille” went through her mind. She remembered when Cornelius engaged her as the leading lady.

“Now listen Jane, I want this film to be a success. Not just the usual girl meets vampire, has fun with a few bites and big teeth and manages to get the vampire in the daylight where he burns to death. I am going to make a vampire film with a difference and to make it realistic we are all going to Romania.”

“Hey Cornelius, I don’t speak Romanian and trees are trees. We can just as well as stay where we are and make the film in Epping forrest.”

“Jane, do you want this job or not? Your last film was not exactly in the short list for Oscars and I am on a low budget with this one, so either you take the job or starve. Understand?”

Well, it was the truth. Jane was a falling star. Her last film playing the part of a mermaid that rescued the captain of a sinking ship was not exactly the success she hoped for. Basically it was no success at all and the only achievement for that year would probably be a raspberry, so what could she do but accept the offer of a leading role in one of Cornelius new films. Cornelius was the secret tip of the film business and this was her chance to get back into the limelight.

So the film crew all went to Romania and arrived on a rainy day in Bucharest. Cornelius had some problems getting financial support for his new film, so he decided to engage some local actors to save money. All he really needed was a few men to dress up in the usual black cloak. The make-up did the rest: a bit of bright red lipstick and white powder on their faces and the perfect vampire figure was made, not forgetting the build-up on the canine teeth. He found an agent in Romania, Mr. Topo Vladaru, who was looking after everything for Cornelius. On their first day in Romania, Cornelius had an appointment with Topo Vladaru in a restaurant for the evening meal. It was a pleasant restaurant and their table was outside in the fresh night air.

Of course Cornelius first question was whether actors had been found.

“No problems my friend” said Topo, smiling and showing his wonderful white teeth. Cornelius was very impressed with Topo Vladaru. A very tall charming man and very friendly. He wondered why Mr. Vladaru was wearing sun glasses, although it was evening, but Mr. Vladaru told Cornelius that he had only twenty percent sight though a childhood illness and his eyes were very sensitive to light, even the artificial lights outside in the restaurant affected his eyes.

“I have found the ideal surroundings for your film in my home town of Suceava, a town in North Romania in our province of Bukovina. This area has a long history amongst the Romanian population going back many years where many of our Romanian statesmen originated in the years gone by.

It is my home town and my relations have agreed to participate in the filming. My cousin Sangra will meet you at the station and show you the hotel where you will be staying. He will also be playing the part of your leading man. You told me you wanted a genuine Romanian as the master vampire in this film.”

“Yes, Topo, I would like a leading actor with experience, but are you sure that this Sangra is the right man for the film. Does he have any experience with vampire films?”

“Oh yes, my friend Cornelius, he has a lot of experience with this type of film role, many say his acting is very realistic. I would add he is also very cheap. I will join you myself in a day or so, but I have to finish some business here in Bucharest first of all. And now I must go, I hope you and your film people have a very happy stay in our country.”

Cornelius was reassured with the words “very cheap” and decided to accept this Sangra person. He was only there to give a sensual bite to Jane with the false vampire teeth, which were made of rubber in any case.

The next morning the team embarked on a ten hour train journey until they reached Suceava. Sangra was there to meet them in the evening at the station. Cornelius noticed that Sangra resembled Topo Vladaru although seemed a few years younger. When Sangra met Jane he was overjoyed.

“This must be your leading lady” he exclaimed “how much beauty can the eye behold? She is wonderful and something very special.”

Jane was a beauty with her long black hair and blue eyes, and when her eyes met those of Sangra she knew she had met her leading man. She could already imagine herself swooning in the arms of this tall dark Romanian with the beautiful white teeth.

The next morning the film team met in the nearby forest for the first film day.

“Can someone tell me where we are in this godforsaken nest” said Tom the cameraman.

“Just look on the map” answered Joe, in charge of the illuminations. “We must be somewhere in that hilly part where everything is shown in green on the map – Bukovina” and before he could finish reading out loud Cornelius finished the word for him “It is Bukovina, Joe, the places where the real vampires come from”.

“Are you kidding” said Tom, “Vampires do not exist, just a figment of the human imagination, and Jane is right, you don’t have to travel to this place to see one. Take a walk in New York City, or London for that reason, there are enough vampires on the streets there, only they go by the name of gangsters  and they do it all legal and clean – no blood anywhere”.

And so the filming began.

“That is far too much light.” Cornelius was angry and frustrated. “Are you crazy. This is supposed to be a realistic film and not one that takes place in the middle of paradise. And now turn those lights back a bit.”

“That is the sun shining through the trees and not the lights” said Joe in charge of the illuminations. “I didn’t need any illuminations with all that fantastic natural light.”

“Then turn the sun off or do something with some black screens” shouted Cornelius, “how am I supposed to produce a vampire film when it looks like we are celebrating the sunrise in the Sahara desert.”

“Tom, do I have to say it again. I am making a fantasy film and not a realistic one. Jane are you ready with the make-up and the clothes. And Joe, for the last time, do something about those lights or do something to the sun.  Vampires do not hop around in the forest where the sun is shining through the trees. They wait until night comes.”

“Ok, so let’s do the filming at night, then the light effects will be as you want.”
“Brilliant idea Joe, why didn’t I think of that. Ok everyone all go back to the hotel, we will meet here again at nine in the evening. Then it should be dark enough.”

“You must be kidding” said Jane, “if you think I am taking a walk in this forest at night then forget it.”

“Jane, you want this film part, or not?”

“May I intervene” said a voice, Sangra was there, although no one had actually noticed his arrival. Jane thought he looked even more attractive wearing his Ray Bann sun glasses.

“My brothers and I do have some experience with this type of film. I would suggest to do the filming in the evening, the light conditions would then be perfect.”

“Well, I think he has a good idea Cornelius”, said Joe, “but it might be too dark, then I will have to use the floodlights.”

“Oh No”, said Sangra “this evening we will have a full moon night and there will be enough natural light, which will also show Miss Jane in her true beauty”.

Jane, who could not wait for the filming to begin with Sangra, agreed and Cornelius found this would be a perfect solution.

After dinner they all met again in the forest. It did look a bit different as during the day. Sangra arrived and was accompanied by his three brothers. They resembled Sangra, all being tall, slim and the lovely long white teeth seemed to be a characteristic of the family.  Sangra told Cornelius that he would not have to bother with the clothing or the makeup for him or his brothers, European tourists were always visiting that part of Romania and it was expected that they would dress as vampires for photographs, so they had the props already as well as the makeup, although it seemed strange to Cornelius that the rubber canine build ups on the teeth were not used.

“Ok Jane, go and get ready. You will need some makeup why havn’t you already put it on.”

“Had a bit of a problem Cornelius. I needed a mirror for doing it properly and I couldn’t find one single mirror in the hotel. I didn’t think of bringing one with me.”

“Is there anything that is going to be organised properly here” shouted Cornelius, who was gradually losing his temper. Sangra and his brothers seemed a funny looking bunch to him especially since the evening had arrived and they were outside in the dark. They all seemed to have a reddish sort of glimmer around the eyes and their lovely white teeth seemed to be slightly longer, especially the canines. Jane only seemed to have eyes for this Sangra type.

“Are you having problems Mr. Cornelius” and Cornelius recognised the soft voice of Topo Vladaru who had just arrived. Topo Vladaru turned to his cousin.

“Sangra are you looking after our guests the way I told you?”

“Of course Topo, your wishes have been fulfilled. We are ready for the filming. Miss Jane, I will help you with your makeup, I have a lot of practice – for the tourists you know.”

Even Cornelius found that Sangra did a perfect job.

So eventually the filming begun but only at midnight. There were too many preparations, the make-up, organising the actors and Joe felt a bit redundant as there was really enough moonlight without him creating any special illuminations, although he found the original scenery during the day more natural and beautiful. Jane must have had the longest kiss from a vampire actor in film history, but it seemed that Sangra and Jane both enjoyed and savoured every minute of it.

Tom had difficulty with the camera but he managed to get a few very good close-ups of Jane and Sangra. Indeed Topo Vladaru also assisted by holding Tom to help him steady the camera. Tom had a feeling that Mr. Vladaru’s help was a bit too much, especially when he felt a sting on his neck, but Topo apologised and said he was just brushing a mosquito away. As Joe had not so much to do with the illumination he just found himself a comfortable place under a tree and fell asleep there, but had a restless sleep, bothered with dreams of flying creatures and wolves attacking him. The film work was finished in one night, the remaining parts being done in the film studios in London.

It was a great success and won an award as best horror film of the year. Sangra was honoured with the most realistic vampire portrayal of all time.

So what did our film team do with their newly found fame. . Sangra moved to London and lived with Jane. They bought a very nice cottage just near Epping forest and were often seen taken moonlight walks in the area. They also formed an organisation for the preservation of wild life in the forest, and would look after the wild animals living there to make sure their existence would be secure.

Funnily enough the tramps that might sleep in the forest at night left, mumbling that it was no longer such a safe place as it used to be.

Tom gave up his job as a cameraman. He had problems with the bright lights on the film sets, but he soon had success in a new job. He wanted to work at night as he somehow started suffering from insomnia and found a job at the local hospital on the night shift looking after the blood bank. Indeed he was so successful that he soon became chief of the department. They said he could tell a blood group by just looking at the blood in the container.

Joe was plagued by bad dreams when he returned to England. Suddenly he seemed to have disappeared, no-one knew where he had gone. He was last seen at London Airport boarding a flight for Bucharest.

Cornelius decided to retire and bought himself a castle in the Carpathian mountains of Romania. He discovered his interest in wolves which were often found roaming wild in this part of the country and established the Rumanian Wolverine Society caring for stray wolves. Sangra’s three brothers were employed as his servants at the castle to help care for the wolves. Sangra and Jane stayed with Cornelius once a year for a holiday and were often seen taking midnight walks with Cornelius who always took his pet wolf with him. He called the wolf Joe in memory of his film illumination expert.

There were rumours that Cornelius was already making plans for a come back film staring his wolf Joe and naming the film “The Werewolf”.

Topo Vladaru felt very pleased with himself – he just could not help thinking back to the good old days when he was known as Vlad Tepes.