FOWC with Fandango: Vampire

I was always a lover of Vampire stories since I read Dracula by Bram Stoker. Here is a reblog of one I wrote in 2017 around Halloween.

“Morticia I’m home.”

“And how was your night out with the boys on halloween.”

“Oh it was great. First of all we talked about the good old days down at the graveyard. Of course we all paid a visit to our first victims, reminiscing about how it was when we were still apprentices. The days before the blood banks.”

“Oh yes, Dracky, they were the days. I met up with the girls and look what we found.”

“A dead pumpkin?”

“Looks like it, poor thing. It was laying in a corner leaning on the graveyard wall.”

“What am I supposed to do with it. Pumpkin is not part of my diet, it doesn’t even have a blood group.”

“Dracky you are so boring sometimes. Not everything has to have a blood group. Give it a bite, perhaps it might start breathing again.”

“You must be kidding. Never resuscitate a dead pumpkin, especially at halloween. You don’t know what it died from.”

“What’s the problem Dracky. You are undead, so you won’t die from biting a pumpkin. You could perhaps carve a nice face into the pumpkin with your teeth.”

“Well make up you minds will you, I am freezing and slowly going soft at the edges. The fairy vampire mother said that a bite from a vampire would bring me back to life again.”

“Who said that?”

“Dracky I think it was the pumpkin.”

“But Pumpkins don’t talk.”

“Of course we talk when we are bewitched. So do something about it.”

“Morticia put that smelly pumpkin into the garbage.”

“But Dracky you are hurting its feelings and it has started to cry.”

“Pumpkins don’t have feelings, they are dead.”

“I am not dead yet. The fairy vampire mother said I have a chance to become undead from a vampire bite. That means I could sit on your table all year. I would grow warts and might even produce a few vampire teeth. You would be the envy of all your undead friends.”

“The pumpkin is right Dracky. We would be the only vampire family with their own pet pumpkin.”

“Yes, great Morticia. Other vampires have pet wolves, and I have to take a pet pumpkin for walks?”

“It’s original.”

“Bite it yourself.”

“Won’t work Dracky, You bit me once and that was forever. You have to do an original bite.”

“But it’s full of slugs and other creepy crawlies. There might even be a spider inside. You know how they scare me. It would freeze the blood in my veins if I had any to freeze.”

“Dracky don’t be so miserable.”

“OK, perhaps just a small bite.”

“Since when can you do small bites.”

“OK, just for you Morticia.”

“Oh thankyou, thankyou, I have been returned to life.”

“Satisfied Morticia, we now have a pumpkin that has turned into a giant spider.”

“Come out of the cupboard Dracky, it is a harmless spider.”

FOWC with Fandango: Vampire

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Vampire

Liver 13.10 (1)

“Something is smelling good Morticia, nice and fresh. Is it you? I must say I love the pattern on your dress. Black with wonderful contrasting red stains. It really appeals, and night is only a few minutes away, shall we????”

“No Dracky, I am preparing your evening meal, something special to make you strong and a happy vampire. I am afraid some of the juice dropped onto my dress.”

“There was a special offer at the blood bank?”

“No, but it is Monday, the day when the butcher has only fresh meat and he put something on one side for us, knowing we are good customers for anything fresh and colourful. Look!”

“Morticia you spoil me, really. What have I done to deserve this wonderful meal.”

“Oh, Dracky I have never forgotten the first bite, the memories stay with me for the rest of my undead life. You deserve such little rewards.

“But this is luxury. What animal does it come from?”

“Don’t ask Dracky, just enjoy.”

“Is it homo sap…..”

“No Dracky, they have problems with that, somehow the laws have changed since the old country, but it is guaranteed fresh.”

“Oh Morticia, you are everything I could wish for. Would you like a slice?”

“Of course Dracky, I share everything with you, even the blood groups.”

JNW’S Halloween Challenge: Vampire

Daily Prompt: Superstition

St. Kathrinen Cemetery

Who me? Superstitous? Never, all stupid old wives tales. I just hang the garlic over my bed to keep the vampires away. Of course I don’t believe in them, but you never know when you live near the cemetery, although I only hung it above the bed after I got stung by some sort of insect on my neck. I know it doesn’t look very pretty, and the pinpoints of the injury seem to have got inflamed. That was when I decided I should keep the window shut on full moon nights. It just seems to me that my eyes are not so good with bright lights, but that was since I dropped the mirror.

I should really buy a new one, the cracks seem to grow bigger every day although just to be sure I did throw a pinch a salt over my left shoulder and even over my right shoulder. You can never be too careful.  I have decided to throw the fragments of the mirror away. It seems the mirror is totally broken and I can no longer see my reflection. Jasper stop hissing and say hello to our visitor. This is Jasper, a new member of my little family. I know his eyes are red, probably one of those genetic defects that some animals have, but he is a very good cat and absolutly no bother. There Jasper, some nice fresh meat. Not so fast, take your time eating it and chew it in smaller pieces. He is really a very good cat and has a good appetite.

I am so pleased that you have accepted my invitation to dinner. How do you like my new house, we have wonderful scenery on a clear day, but since living here there seems to be a permanent mist hanging over the place, although who am I to complain, the price was very reasonable. I suppose because it is next to the cemetery and that is not everyone’s taste. Can I offer you a glass of red wine to accompany the beef. You prefer white? Sorry, but I find the red wine much more tasty lately and the previous owner of the house left a whole cellar full here. He left quite a few bottles in the cellar. I think it must be very old wine, because the bottles are not marked with years, but just with letters like “O”, “A+” and there is one with “RH +” after the letters.

No, Vlad was not from here, some place in the middle of Romania, Transylvannia I think it is called. There are also some black and white portraits of his family here.  I know they do all look alike, the same pale complexion and tooth arrangements. I think it ran in the family to have longer canines. Vlad even left me a very nice casket, with brass handles in the attic. The inside looks very comfortable, lined with padded red silk. I climbed in and tried it out and even fell asleep, silly me and in broad daylight. I had all sorts of dreams. Somone said “move over”. It really felt as it somone was laying next to me, but it was just a dream of course. It all happened after that silly insect stung me.

You want to go already, how time flies. Yes it it almost midnight and you parked your car on the other side on the graveyard, although it is a full moon night and you should find the way with no problem. Don’t worry about the noise, the neighbour has a pet wolf and he tends to make quite a noise sometimes, especially at full moon. Are you sure you would not like some more slices of roast beef. I really made enough and I was careful not to overcook the meat. I prefer it rare, more tasty and juicy if you know what I mean. Ha, ha.

Ok, it was only a suggestion. Where are you going? You really do not have to run, the clock has only just begun to strike midnght. Stop making such a noise and fuss, my teeth are in perfect condition. I have a new dentist, recommended by the previous owner of this house, and he is fully qualified. He even files the points of the canine teeth to make their bite more effective. You forgot, you must be home by midnight. Let me help you into your coat. Don’t forget your scarf. Stop squeaming and pushing, I only want to wrap the scarf around your beautiful, soft,  slender neck. Goodnight and hope to see you again some day, no night is probably better. Let me give you a hug, we are such old friends.

Now that was tasty, I do not think she will call to see me again, at least not in this world. OK Vlad time for a flight in the area. I am coming. It is so much better sharing my home with someone that has similar hobbies. Vlad also has problems sleeping at night and since he shared his bite with me, so do I.

Daily Prompt: Superstition

Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch – evil is in the eye of the beholder

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Frog in garden

“Where did you get that green frog Drac?”

“He just hopped across my path on my way home from the blood bank Morticia.”

“Croak, croak.”

“I think he wants to say something.”

“Croak, croak.”

“Dracky, where does he come from? He is licking out your plastic bag from the blood bank.”

“If you must know I happened to meet an old friend, a very old friend, one of the oldest friends.”

“Drac, all your friends are old, most of them are undead like us.”

“True. Anyhow it was Mephi and he said that Croaky would be a good pet to have. He does not really need feeding, he feeds himself, especially if we happen to have a frog pond in the garden.”

“He is not exactly cute, looks a little overgrown and his hands remind me of the fork that Mephi usually carries with him. Where are you going to put him?”

“Nowhere really, I though he could find his own place. Look he has hopped out into the garden and now taken a jump into the pond.”

“But he has just swallowed a frog, and another, and another. I don’t think this was a good idea.”

“Croak, croak”

He is back again and is now having a fight with Tiddles, our pet bat. Down Croaky, bats are not to be eaten. Tiddles is your new friend Croaky. be kind to him. No Tiddles where are you taking him? Dracky I think he has dropped Croaky into the garbage coffin as he was flying past.*

“But look, it is ideal. Croaky is eating his way through the garbage. Mephi said he would be good for disposal of unwanted matter and our coffin only has the remainders of our meals. Our garbage men have stopped coming, since we put the zombie in the bin. They found that our house was something evil and the garbage smelt.”

“But if he eats all the garbage, there will be nothing left. That is a really evil frog that you have brought home.”

“He is not evil, just misunderstood. Look how sweet he is with his pleading eyes Morticia.”

“Pleading for more to eat.”

“What are you worrying about Morticia. He only eats garbage and we are not garbage.”

“That is a matter of how you look at it. There are some in the non-undead world that have another opinion. I don’t like him, get rid of him.”

“You female vampires are never happy. I really thought Croaky would be company on a day in the coffin.”

“Croaky is not sleeping in my coffin. Take him back to where he came from.”

“You know that Mephi does not accept returned goods, he likes them fresh and new, but I have an idea. Tiddles take a flight to the cemetery and drop Croaky there. I am sure he will find a few bones to nibble on. So happy now Morticia?”

“Yes and don’t bring anything else home. I remember the gargoyle when you said he was house trained.”

“Yes, a lovely creature. What was the problem?”

“He was not house trained and I was cleaning up his recycled matter everywhere. I do to like Gargoyles spraying their recycled WordPress prompts in the bedroom.”

Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch – evil is in the eye of the beholder

Obedient Bite


“Look Vlad, Draven has arrived home. Oh look at you, what a big boy you have become.”

“Rubbish Morticia, vampires do not grow older or big, we remain as we were bitten, but I must say he has a very nice pale complexion, and your teeth have grown to a wonderful shape. Grandfather Cosimo would be proud of you, had they not pierced him with a wooden stake. How was school?”

“Oh, great dad, we learnt a lot. Look how I can fly.”

“Wonderful, but looping the loop is not very elegant as a vampire. And how did your biting lessons go.”

“Great dad, I can show you.”

“Draven we have no suitable flesh samples to try it out on.”

“Oh mum, we don’t bite flesh. Most of us are vegan or vegetarian so we are given an apple, like the one in the dish here. Look.”

“Just a minute Draven. Your mother and I did not send you to the best institute in Transylvannia to learn how to bite a piece of apple.”

“It’s all the rage dad. Our teacher,Mephistofolo said in our Obedient Bite Class that drinking blood was no longer so healthy. There are too many living specimens that take drugs, drink alcohol and do not take care of their health. It is safer to bite into a piece of fruit.”

“And you can survive on fruit Dravy.”

“Of course mum it is just a matter of getting used to it. Look.”

“Well I must say Dravy, that is a very nice bite: clean and sharp, yes I am very proud of you.”

“And I got best marks in my final exam. Mephistofolo said I could have my own coven of vampires eventually. We have even learnt how to plant apple trees.”

“Err son, I am not sure if you are on the right track. In my time the best vampires were those that collected the most blood groups. Look, here are my blood badges. We did not plant apple trees, they did not grow so well in the cemetery.”

“Oh, dad, that is so old fashioned. No vampire drinks blood these days, at least not from humans on the street. Mephistofolo said that if we really feel the desire, then we should fly through an open window at the local blood bank and take a few of those plastic pouches. We have even learnt to drink the blood through a straw.”

“Vlad, we can really be proud of our son.”

“I am not so sure Morticia, our family was more into blood farming than apple farming. It was tradition.”

“Oh, come on mum and dad, you have to go with the times. By the way I have a girlfriend.”

“A girlfriend. What vampire family does she belong to son?”

“She is in the Smith family dad.”

“I have never heard of a vampire coven with the name of Smith.”

“Oh, she isn’t in a coven, yet. I happened to meet her one evening in the local hamburger bar. The full moon was shining brightly and we shared our hamburger. She was one of those british tourists in Transylvania wanting to sample the real taste of Carpathian life.”

“And so?”

“We both tasted it together, that’s why she is the first Smith with long teeth, but she can eat apples as well.”

“Vlad, Vlad.”

“What’s the matter with him mum?”

“I think he has fainted.”

Topic Generator

Daily Prompt: Finite Creatures – The deadly truth

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

First of all let’s have a photo to counter balance this happy go lucky theme (one of my photos taken in Germany). Yes one day we will no longer be here due to some sort of uncontrollable happening. At what age did I realize this? I do not remember ever thinking about it in my younger years. This only happens when you become a golden oldie and notice in the newspaper you have constantly less friends and acquaintances and if you do not know what to do to occupy the time, then there is always funeral you can attend.

I could have posted a photo of one of the local cemeteries, even an international cemetery view, but they all look the same. A stone, a mound and words saying perhaps “We will never forget” or the good old “R.I.P.”. So how did I react to the discovery that one day it will be my funeral everyone will be attending and celebrating with a meal and a glass of wine afterwards (if I have any friends left). One day my daily prompt, or daily anything, will no longer appear. Where has she gone you might be asking. Did she at last get her Pulitzer/Nobel prize for her fantastic writing or has she robbed the bank and disappeared with the money.

You will not know, you will never know because my time will have come. I will be watching the daisies grow from the roots or perhaps be just a shower of ashes in the wind. There is always a possibility that I will join the vampire clan. winging my way through the darkness of night to find a new victim containing a fresh supply of blood for my needs. If this fails I can always fly through an open window of the local blood bank at the hospital and who knows? I might even find a bottle of the red liquid with the name “Mrs. Angloswiss” remaining from the earlier days when I was a blood donor.

You may think this is a morbid piece of blog to read, doesn’t she have anything better to do with her writing time? And you are right, but I did not choose the subject. The first time this prompt arrived I was younger and really making efforts to write something worthwhile, to leave my mark on the blogging world. Today I am just writing for the sake of writing because I cannot think of anything better to write about.

Even the weather is too hot and humid to take a walk in the neighbouring countryside, usually to the next cemetery which lays just around the corner. I am currently living in a dark world and luckily can escape to the porch to write in the open air. Indoors the atmosphere is oppressive, the dream of every vampire’s day. There is no light. The sun has been banned. All the blinds are closed (we have no curtains) and the windows shut to ensure that no ray of sun or fresh air enters the apartment. Temperatures outside are an average of 30°C and it has been wind still, although today there is a warm breeze trying to compensate. This morning we even had a shower of rain, which has become a rare commodity over the last month. Now and again I enter the apartment to be confronted with words “Shut the door” as fear has arrived that a breath of fresh (all be it warm) air might penetrate the darkness. Of course this is sensible to maintain cool temperatures during the night. My neighbour across the field has found the correct solution. She lives alone, is also a golden oldie, and sleeps outside on her porch. I have thought about this, but my felines complain. They do not need a human body sharing their summer sleeping quarters.

Now I will leave you, not permanently, but my writing task is now finished and remember, you are not immortal. There are facts that should be fixed in writing for the case that the daily prompt might want to know all about it.

Daily Prompt: Finite Creatures – The Deadly Truth

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Setting’s The Thing

Today, we challenge you to create a compelling setting for your story. Based on Dracula by Bram Stoker

Evening view towards West

It was a job just made for him and for his talents. It was a night job, it could not be better. The day was boring, the streets full of people pushing, no time to wait, all in a stress and of course the daylight. It took him many years to realise that this was poison to his way of life. He preferred to take things easy, to be his own chief, to decide when and where he could carry out his purpose I life and this was just what he wanted, as if the job was waiting for him. After examining his qualifications, and his boundless knowledge in connection with the requirements necessary, he was chosen. Not everyone was prepared to work only at night, but this man was ideal. He only wanted to work at night. The only stipulation he made was that he would like to have one night free monthly. This was no problem and he was engaged.

So Mr. Vlad Drake was employed at the local hospital in the Blood Bank. He was a happy person, at last he could forget the endless walks through the streets only meeting half drunken louts and sick drug addicts. They were no reward for a genuine vampire who had roamed the streets of countries no longer existing. Today it was no longer enjoyment. There were people dressed in black, sporting white shirts with frills and long greasy black hair. Even the women were painting their fingernails black and sporting a black lipstick. To his day the women had wonderful blood red lips, an invitation to any pair of fangs. The name Goth was mentioned in connection with these strange members of the human race and he must admit, such necks were not inviting to a fully-fledged 100% vampire as he was. He could remember the days when his castle was being built in a dark corner of the Transylvanian mountains, but times change and so do vampires. Enough wallowing in this nostalgic frame of mind, he was now the chief in his department, although at night he was on his own and had no staff.

“Your nocturnal work will probably mainly consist of handling emergency needs from the blood bank” said the doctor responsible for transfusions. “You will have to work quickly in stress situations. There might be a large pile up accident on the motor way and there will be a great need for blood. It is important that you select the correct blood group.”

“No problem, Dr., I can literally smell the various blood groups. This is not my first job looking after blood reserves.”

“Ah yes” answered the doctor “I believe you were working in your mother country of Romania before you came to our country. I remember you have a profound experience in dealing with blood and the results of your qualification test were the best we have ever had. In that case I will leave you to your work and wish you a good start.”

“Thank you doctor, I am very much looking forward to the logistical side of the work. Blood has always interested me, from a scientific point of view of course. I can almost smell the various groups.”

And Vlad Drake was left alone in the department to his own devices. He regularly received supplies of blood, packed neatly in plastic pouches and labelled with the blood group. It was his job to list the quantity received according to the group name, which he did with no problem. Now and again he perhaps wrote ten received, instead of twelve, but this was no problem. The two not listed were his own private supply which he took home when he left early in the morning, before the sun rose.

Things were developing perfectly. He now had his own little blood bank at home and no longer had to depend on the rabble, on the unhealthy who roamed the streets. His blood supplies were clinically packed and inspected for any impurities.

Once a month he had his free evening. Strangely this evening coincided with the full moon. No self-respecting vampire would work on a full moon night; it was perhaps equivalent to the week-end for the mortals. They enjoyed their free time and so did a vampire. He usually took a flight to the local forest or graveyard and exchanged fond memories with others belonging to the undead. He was admired by others of his race, being the person with most experience and his stories of the old days in Transylvania where wolves were wolves and the victims died with a wooden stake driven through the place where their heart should have been, were held in respect by his fellow vampires.

Vlad Drake soon became a respected person in his job. There was nothing he did not know about blood, and many students were sent at night to learn from him. Some students had to treated for anaemia from time to time, but as Vlad was such a well-known capacity in his job, this was ignored.

The strange thing was that after fifty years working as head of the department, he made no signs of wanting to be retired. Indeed his appearance did not seem to change and he remained the same Vlad Drake as ever. This was probably also due to the fact that he outlived most of the other doctors.

When he arrived home in the morning he was a happy vampire. He could relax, have a drink from his personal reserve and relax in his silk lined coffin in the cellar. This was different from the days when he was hunted by vampire slayers avoiding the garlic that the local peasants hung at their window. He never liked the stuff, and no-one would willingly be bitten by a vampire smelling of garlic. Times were great in this twentieth century world. He did miss the family, most of them being transformed into dust many years ago. It was their own fault, they just did not know when to call it a night, and if the sun crept over the horizon, well ……

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Setting’s The Thing


Daily Prompt: Because the night is when you sleep or……..

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

Somewhere in France

The view from a plane over the farm lands of France – actually it was daytime, but you can do everything with a little touch of photoshop today.

It all depends on me, my mood, my current occupation, my state of mind. What’s work?

There was a time when life required duties to be carried out and completed. A company would not wait for me to arise in the morning, I had no choice. Be there and do it were the orders of the day. This accompanied with family organisation, multi-tasking was required. Was I a night owl or early bird? I was that what life required of me. I am not going to boast about being an early morning creation. I love my bed, soaking up the confinement of the sheets, resting my weary head on a pillow and then it happens. Somewhere in a distant place a bell rings, a siren, an explosion. My brain cells begin to tick, habit forming takes over and I leave my bed for a place called work. This was in the far gone days before I became a golden oldie.

Whether I was productive at this time, I am not sure. There were times when my head began to nod at my desk, generally after lunch. Something was missing in my life, perhaps the two hours that had been stolen in the early morning hours by the sound of the alarm clock. Perhaps I should have retired to bed an hour earlier to remain fresh and awake during the daylight hours.

I should have been a vampire. They have such a quiet life, sleeping the daylight hours away in a coffin, a coma similar sleep, drifting amongst the memories of the ghouls and undead, never growing older. My teenage beauty and charm would have been preserved forever. Problems do not exist with an alarm clock, they depend on nature: the rising of the moon. Oh what a life, no need to sit in an office during the day and pass the time carrying out orders. One vampire problem is a fresh supply of blood. If you are lucky your midnight flight will take you near to a blood bank and then the problems are solved. The blood is clean and pure, all tested for some sort of human diseases which might occur. Vampires do not have an easy life today: unprotected game roaming the street in the dark hours of the night is subject to an unhealthy style of life. There might be addicts, alcohol or drugs and no self-respecting vampire wants to become high after a refreshing drink from a welcome neck. It would disturb the diurnal activity of sleep (diurnal=daylight – found it in Internet). A vampire with insomnia is an unhappy vampire. Sun rays might alight on the vampire suffering from insomnia during the day and that would be fatal. We all know the sad end of Dracula – he was stabbed in the heart, although had he suffered from a sleepless day the sun’s rays would have done their work, and his body would have become a pile of dust, swept away to the next dustbin.

However, I am not a vampire up to now. There are a few strange bats flying around in the area where I live, no reports of vampire bites or of undead walking in my garden.

There is a remark about productivity in the daily prompt title. Today I just produce a clean apartment, cooked food and a daily prompt. That is the story of my life. During the night I sleep, although there are times when a full moon appears and …….. Ask my felines, they sometimes accompany me.

Daily Prompt: Because the night is when you sleep or…..

Daily Prompt: The Show must go on

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CELEBRITY.

Path in cemetary, Solothurn

“Where is Karl? How am I to be expected to produce an epic horror film without the leading actor?”

“Did I hear you call my name boss, sorry I am late, but my presence was required at a party: one of those events where they needed a genuine attraction. It was a dress-up party with a horror theme and I was the star of course.”

“OK, Karl, forget the weak excuse. We are all waiting for you. Dementia Mort has been laying on the gravestone for an hour waiting for the shooting to begin.”

“Yes boss, and I am sure to get rheumatism from those cold stones. Aaahtishoo! You see I have already got a cold, probably pneumonia. Why do we always have to do these horror films so realistic? We could have built a set in the studio, but no, we have to do it in an old rotting graveyard. Yuck! There is a spider crawling over the gravestone.”

“Sorry Dementia” answered Karl “but I was really being celebrated at the party. They were fascinated by my life-style acting.”

“Karl, can we begin? Dementia are you ready?” said the producer.

“Boss I have been ready for an hour.”

“I see you have found time to visit the make-up Karl. At least we can start without having to fit the Dracula fangs and give your eyes a red tinge.”

“But boss!”

“No buts Karl. Shoot!”

And the cameras began to whirl. Karl bent over Dementia, aiming his fangs at her neck and there was a scream.”

“Dementia, your scream was too early, Karl does not yet have the blood dripping from his teeth.”

“I was trying to tell you boss, but you are not listening…”

“There is no time to listen Karl. What is wrong Dementia, did you sit on a thorn?”

“No, boss but it was the fang. It was too sharp.”

“Dementia it is only plastic. Karl, I like realism, but not too much, just be more careful. Let’s shoot the scene again.”

“Boss I think we are going to have a problem with this scene.”

“A problem? Karl all you have to do is bite on the blood capsule in your mouth and make as if you have pierced the jugular vein on Dementia’s neck. Is that so difficult?”

“It was the party yesterday evening, something was wrong.”

“Tell me about it Karl and then we can continue.”

“There were a couple of gate crashers around midnight and they were dressed to look like vampires, but I think they were vampires. I was drinking red wine and they somehow changed my glass.”

“Karl make it short, so we can shoot the scene. It is getting darker and we have no floodlights.”

“I was trying to tell you, boss, it was not red wine they gave me. Afterwards I noticed that my teeth began to grow and today I have been having problems with the day light.”

“Tell me about it afterwards Karl. This pause in the shooting is costing at least $500 an hour.”

So the shooting of the film continued. It was really very realistic and the producer was pleased. Karl had a bad conscience. He enjoyed piercing Dementia’s neck and found it very refreshing. Dementia fell into a trance according to the script, but it was so genuine that they had problems waking her afterwards. Karl had a bad conscience. He did try to tell the producer that he had no time to visit make-up before the shooting and it was all genuine. No plastic teeth and no blood capsule, but he had to admit it was more fun.

Daily Prompt: The Show must go on

Daily Prompts: It builds Character

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CHARACTER.

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

“That was a spectacular arrival Count Dracula”

“I do my best, although the effects seem to be less today. Modern life seems to lessen the impact of my appearance. There have been so many cheap copies in film that people just seem to think of me as a comic figure.”

“But you are still a popular figure at Halloween.”

“Don’t make me laugh, plastic teeth and red paint is just ridiculous. I like the real thing, just take a look”

and the Count opened his mouth to show two pointed teeth.

“You see, these are vampire teeth, not the cheap imitations. Come a little nearer and I will show you how it works. Ha, ha, ha”

Needless to say I decided not to get closer. It was not just a laugh, but it came from the depth of the throat, more like an invitation to the bite.

“I don’t think I will Count, although I must say your teeth are a marvellous colour, no sign of decay.”

“Of course not, my decay happened many years ago, when I was deemed to become an undead, scouring the surface of this world for nourishment. Oh the delight of fresh white skin, preferably neck, where I can sink my fangs into the depth of the jugular vein.”

“Sorry to interrupt Count, but this interview might be read by children, frail ladies and people with an aversion to seeing fresh blood. Let us keep it human friendly.”

“Not my problem, but if you insist. I see you have a bottle of red liquid on the table. Would that perhaps be….?

“No, sorry Count, your liquid cravings cannot be catered for, it is just plain red wine, but you are welcome to a glass.”

“Many years ago in the old country, I drank my share of red wine in my pre-undead days, but after my transformation, ha, ha, ha (another throaty laugh) I seemed to be unable to treasure the sip of the wine. Just a small question, I noticed there is a hospital at the bottom of the street when I flew over, would they perhaps have a blood bank?”

“You wish to donate blood Count?”

“Do not insult me, I might look like a comic figure, but I am serious. I was hoping that the hospital might donate a pint or two to me – ha, ha, ha (another throaty laugh)”.

“I noticed that you were only available for an interview at midnight. Do you still have problems with daylight.”

“Oh, the innocence and stupidity of the living. Of course I have problems with daylight. Do you think I sleep in dark places and retire to my comfortable coffin through choice? When I think of all the fresh, lively blood moving in the daily world and I am left to the human wanderers of the night, the surplus of mankind. Do you think a victim is at its finest after a visit to a night club or bar, the alcoholic twinge in the blood goes to my head. No, I much prefer something young and fresh. One of the reasons I like to hover at the window of a maiden sleeping peacefully. Even that is now a problem with all these modern burglar alarm systems and blinds at the window. Luckily my teeth regrow, I lost the point of one of my teeth last week when trying to bite through a metal slat. Oh for the days of open windows.”

“Well it was really nice talking to you Count, but I see the first rays of sun creeping over the horizon in the East.”

“Thank you for your consideration. I must go. Goodbye and thankyou for the meal.”

“But you said you do not eat food and I offered you nothing.”

“No problem, a vampire takes what he wants, especially when invited and you invited me.”

Ok, so now I only sleep during the day, go for long walks at night and thank goodness the local blood bank is just at the end of the street, although now and again I might partake of ……..

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