Flower of the Day: 18.06.2018 No Idea

Special Flowers

I really do not know what these are, but took the photo in the store at the end of March. From January until March I could not get out to take any photos because I was laid up recovering from a broken leg. It was only at the end of March that I was able to go anywhere. Anyhow they are very pretty and I am sure someone, somewhere will know what they are.

Flower of the Day: 18.06.2018 No Idea

Flower of the Day: 18.06.2016 No idea, but pretty – It is a Potato Bush

unknown flowers

Another one of my photos from the local flower department of the supermarket. I had no idea when I took the photo what it is, and still do not know. It is very impressive: any ideas?

P.S. my online colleague Martha has informed that it is a potato bush which actually grows into a bush in the right climate and right part of the world. It seems to be an immigrant in Switzerland, stays in pots but should flower freely. I might even get one for my home. Thanks Martha.

Flower of the Day: 18.06.2016 No Idea but pretty