FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage


Today I paid probably my last visit this year to the local trade fair. I discovered that the ambulance rescue from the local hospital were also present. There was a young nurse attending to the stand and of course I got into conversation with her. This was mainly because I had at least three visits from them over the past year. If I fall I cannot rise again under my own power and Mr. Swiss, now approaching his eightieth year, no longer can help me. Once I broke a leg and another time I landed in some broken glass from the door to the microwave which crashed down with me.

It was an interesting conversation with the nurse. She also told me that they also often ask the police to help out if they are busy. I told her that I knew this fact, yes, two policemen once arrived to rescue me. Then it was a little embarrassing as my bath seat had collapsed and I could no longer get out of the bath. It was just in the nick of time that I put on my nightdress before anyone arrived. Generally I do not take a shower or bath fully clothed. It was only after they had rescued me from my predicament that I noticed they were dressed differently to the usual ambulance helpers and they then informed me that they were from the police. If the ambulance people arrive, I usually get a bill to pay of about 100 Swiss Francs afterwards, although the sickness insurance usually takes care of it. The police cost nothing. I think in future I will just call the police, it is cheaper and those guys really look good in their uniforms.

When I left the stand the young lady presented me with a packet of plasters, a pen from the local hospital and and packet of paper handkerchiefs.

I then moved on and discovered that there is now an automatic window cleaner and you can even steer it by remote control. The guy at the stand asked me if I knew it and showed me how it worked.  He probably had sympathy with me as I was in my wheelchair at the exhibition. I told him I would prefer to have someone that would call past and spend a few hours once a week doing it all for me: much more interesting than a machine. Unfortunately the machine only cleans the glass panes and you still have to do the frames yourself. I have the leaflet showing that the system would cost about 700 Swiss francs. I am thinking about it. As it is a fairly new invention I prefer to wait to see its further developments.

I then wheeled past a printer’s stand where he gave me a nice cloth bag filled with heavy objects. When I got home I realised there were 6 large sized note pads and another 6 smaller versions. I then decided to leave before I was given more donations of kindness.


FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

Migros Parkhouse 16.11.2018

I think I am becoming a grumpy lady as I get older. I no longer have so much understanding. Is it because I am now a golden oldie and find that it is time that people show more understanding?

The same old story again. This morning I went to the local supermarket with my car. I have permission for parking spaces for the handicapped. I can no longer walk so well (although I can drive a car – it is automatic and I do not need my left foot). This time there were some empty spaces. Then a lady drove into one of the spaces, perfectly healthy, no permit in the car (yes, I had a look) and ran quickly into the store with an envelope in her hand. I watched this and thought “how ignorant” taking a space from someone that needed it.

After five minutes she came out of the store and walked quickly to her car.

“Excuse me, but these places are reserved for the handicapped.”

“I know, but I had an urgent letter to deliver in the store.”

“But there are more than 100 places empty on the other level.”

“Yes but I did not have the time.”

She was getting annoyed at my reaction and walked off shaking her head. I would not have acted this way earlier, but now I just cannot keep my big mouth shut. In the meanwhile I noticed a guy sitting in his parked car (with no permit). Suddenly a lady came out of the store with her shopping, hopped into the car and they drove off. Another one taking what does not belong to them.

Ok, I complained (again) in the store afterwards and the lady said I was right to complain, but no-one does anything. When I finished my shopping I returned to my car and spoke to a lady in a wheelchair. She said she knows the problem, it happens to her often but the store do not react. They could I suppose but do not put anyone outside to watch these parking places, and so they are mostly occupied by cars with owners that can walk normally and have no handicaps.

Yes I was annoyed. It is frustrating when no-one does anything.

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