RDP Sunday: Tune

Afternoon Sun

Listen to the tune of the wind
It is playing in the trees
An ouverture with nature
Swaying rhythm of  branches

Breezes playing on the twigs
Boughs bending with the beat
Leaves dislodged and tinkling down
Gentle regular movement

A scathing force of bending branches
Pushing against wind gusts
Building a crescendo of noise
The first movement is playing

Breathless, captivating
A soft lull in between
Collecting energy for the finale
An explosion of movement

And then all is peaceful
A pregnant murmur
Perhaps warning of a new release
The tune is never finished

The wind has continued the journey
There are other tunes to play
Sometimes with waves of water
Or gathering snow flurries

Now is silence
The musicians are resting
Taking a pause to collect breathe
Feel a soft breeze on your cheek

RDP Sunday: Tune