RDP Wednesday: Traffic


Last year I bought a new car and it arrived on 27th December 2018. It was a quick decision but I bought it all on my own. Our car was a heap of metal after Mr. Swiss somehow mistook a brake for a gas pedal, no further comments. We were left without a car and I needed one for shopping, living in a village away from the maddening crowds. I never thought I would again drive again in my old days. Of course I knew how to, and it was touch and go if I would continue to drive with my MS. My neurologist was the persuasion in the argument. He said yes, there is absolutely no reason to give up my driving licence and he was right.  I am only able to drive an automatic, but that is OK. My left leg is a little out of action.

It is now just a little more than a year and I am still with my car on the road.  Admittedly I do not make long unknown journeys and my routes are in the vicinity. I also notice that traffic is quite smooth running. In my days as a working woman I was on the road in the so-called rush hour, but now my times are in the middle of the afternoon meaning the traffic is quite reasonable. I also realise that the majority of the drivers at that time are women.

I took this photo on my way home today from the store: not something I usually do, but it was a red light and I had my mobile phone in my pocket. It was just a quick photo, but as you see traffic is no bother.  I even had a permit on my car showing I can drive on the motorway, but that was 2019. We now have 2020 and I did not bother to renew it. My car has never seen a motorway and probably never will.

So let there be traffic, but not where I drive. I prefer the stressless roads with set speed limits and no rush.

RDP Wednesday: Traffic

FOWC with Fandango: Traffic

A Walk down Dagenham Heathway

Once upon a time some years ago  I wanted to drive a car
I was 18 and living in London, but wanted to travel far
It really was not easy, but I was driving in the right lane
After ten lessons I gave up, it was becoming quite a pain
And then I moved to Switzerland, I travelled by train and trams
Even the roads in Europe had their traffic jams
One day I met my Mr. Swiss and he could drive quite well
And so I decided to learn again, but traffic was quite a hell
We Brits were driving on the left , the Swiss were on the right
Everything was the wrong way around, for me it was a fight
The steering wheel was on the left, to change gears I used my right hand
I was getting very confused, my driving was not grand
Right of way was from the right, my neck began to ache
My driving instructor shook his head, I was his big mistake
Ninety-five lessons later, it was decided I take the test
Now I was thirty-eight years old, although not at my best
But miracles happen every day, my instructor was very pleasey
I packed the steering wheel and changed the gears, no problem it was easy
I got my permit to drive free in the traffic, that was over 30 years ago
I could do it although it was a surprise, I joined the traffic show

 FOWC with Fandango: Traffic