Daily Prompt: Together forever

Feldbrunnen Langendorf 16.09 (12)

Look, lour local supermarket. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning we travel together with the car to this temple of golden oldie togetherness. At home we have dealt with the logistics of the shopping expedition and now it is the field work. No problem. We are both retired and have nothing better to do during the morning. Household chores dealt with, so let’s go. I suppose the far and distant dream of most couples. You get married, have kids, bring them up, go to work to be able to afford it all: perhaps you want to realise the dream of your own place to live in. Perhaps on the way you have had an accident, an illness, some disappointments – that’s life. Eventually you are there, nowhere to go and nothing to do, unless you want to. The “have to” phase is foreby. So let’s enjoy the rest.

It is funny as you get older and get set in your ways. We have now been married since 1969, so work tht one out, and have been together since. At the beginning I was at home with the babies, eventually returned to the work force and so we were only together in the evenings and week-ends: a normal married life. Of course, not always together, sometimes Mr. Swiss did his thing, and I did mine.

We have now become golen oldies. He got there first whilst I was still a working laday, but I caught up eventually. When he was retired, he was alone at home for 5-6 years, but got on with it. I was not unhappy, it relieved the burden of being a working woman and housewife at the same time.  I combined shopping with my lunch hour, where I had a meal in the local supermarket along with some othr work colleages. Of course it would have been great to be retired together at the same time, but life is not like that.

The day arrived when I caught up, and was no longer needed at my work place. It happened a year or two earlier than intended, but who cares. I worked for a fair company, they treated me well and reflecting back on the situeation, I now realise that my health was already suffering although this was not the apparent reason for my early retirement. The working world was changing and profits wer always the first priority in a successful business. You have a job with responsibilities, but business decides to shift the responsibilities, make more profit, and suddenly your health no longer wants to go on the ride. Knowing what I now know, my illness began some 30-40 years ago, but you pass it all on to an ache and pain which most of us have.

Anyhow, at last we were together at home. This is great, wonderful, now you have the time for each other, sharing the work and responsiibility. You can now get out and about, go places, see things together. But we had got older, we were in stage three of our life and although not yet on the scrap heap, you do not seem to have the energy you used to have. On the other hand life goes on and you discover there are things you always wanted to do.

However, the essence is not doing everything and going everywhere together. You need space, but that is OK. Together is sharing and making decisions. Taking care of each other when necessary.. One day I will be alone, or my partner will be alone, that’s the way the cookie crumbles and you cannot change it, but in the meanwhile we make the most of what is left.

Daily Prompt: Together forever