Quotation inspired image: Time

Zytgloggeturm Altstadt 23.02 (2)

I am not the gifted quotation inventor, but time is something you cannot escape from when you are a golden oldie and wonder if you will be able to celebrat 100 years (in 27 years for me) with a telegramme from the Queen of the UK (or her successor – she is now also over 90 years of age).

This clock in the main square of Solothurn, Switzerland says it all, but who will win. I would tip on the guy standing on the right.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but time does not care, it carries on regardless.

Quotation inspired image: Time

RDP #52: Time


An online colleague in Australia
might be early with the prompt
Another is not bothered,
in the states she does not want
Down under they have morning
for prompting a perfect time
In America they are sleeping
the alarm not ready to chime
I have afternoon at 2 o’clock
and almost ready to go
That is when it should arrive
but I take it nice and slow
I decide to go for a walk,
I still have plenty of time
But the prompt has not yet arrived
This is almost a crime
In a country far away
they have the evening hour
And so there is no rush
Although it makes us very sour
Returning from my walk
The prompt is still not there
Perhaps New Zealand should be choosing
I really don’t know where
We are all together woven
in our online internet net
but if we only had the same time
we would not have a cold sweat
There is only one solution
We must co-ordinate our clocks
It would make prompting life much easier
And not be stranded on the rocks

RDP #52: Time

Discover Challenges: Perspective – Time

Dandelion Head

In my younger years, time could not go fast enough. “Next week is Christmas” thinking of my presents. It is soon my birthday, again being full of thoughts of what I am getting. That another minute, hour, day, week and year is slipping away was not my concern. I had enough time left and of course I wanted to grow up, get married and have children, in between making the most out of life.

There we have the first problem. What is life? There are babies born and die after only a few hours, not being able to survive: they might be exceptions, but sad exceptions. They go to an early grave and have never known the meaning of time. The good years come when things start to happen. School is completed, time to travel and see the world. Other countries other times. Already on the plane you have changed the time on your clock, and hour earlier, perhaps two hours when you arrive. If you go in the other direction people are still living yesterday although you are in tomorrow: probably just a question of perspective.

My dad reached the age of 100 last year. What does time mean to him now. He is in a care home. Time for him is when his carer arrives in the morning and tells him time for breakfast. He looks forward to his breakfast. He then sits in his chair and doses off. At that age there are no times for sleeping or waking, your body tells you what the time is. Lunch time arrives, my father is happy and enjoys his food and sitting in his chair he again falls into sleep. Perhaps I might call him on the phone and he asks why I am calling so early in the morning, he has only just woken up. His perspective is more experienced than mine.

I am now approaching 70 years. Time has now become something for me to save, to look after, a precious possession because the minutes and hours are ticking away and one day the sand in the glass is no more. The Grim Reaper appears and tells me it is just a question of putting things in the right perspective and your perspective is to come with me.

I now have a ridiculous hobby of time saving. I have a programme. I know I do not need a programme, I am now a golden oldie, but organisation must be. I have finished cleaning and the bathroom is still occupied. I think I could perhaps clean a window, it only takes 5-10 minutes and that time is saved. In the meanwhile the bathroom is free I can have a shower – time saving of course. Tomorrow I have more time to spare. To spare for what, to perhaps save more time for later. I should have a bag of hours by the end of the week and empty them onto the floor, count them and use them, but in the meanwhile I have been sorting things and why – to save time of course. I will not have to waste time searching, especially as I do not have so much time  left.

I noticed today that time has increased in speed, he now has a turbo motor, perhaps he is a computer programme. The faster he reacts the better. We are no longer impatient, we no longer wait, this is super. My dandelion also waits in the field until the wind blows away the seeds, but the seeds do not run out of time. They begin a new life finding a fertile place in the ground. What a wonderful circle of life they have.

We now live in digital time. It might be the television, the radio, your mobile telephone, iPad or computer. They all have digital numbers. It is quicker and you know exactly how long you have. You can even programme other countries, I know exactly when my online colleagues are sleeping or eating lunch, be it in America, China or Russia. Life is great, you can now watch the numerical digits ticking away until there are no more.

Of course, it is all a question of putting things in the right perspective. My iPhone tells me it is now 19.53 and have have written 700 words almost. Time to stop and hope that my clock is still moving tomorrow.

Discover Challenges: Perspective – Time

Daily Prompt: Time is the New Jackass

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“Time is the new Jackass.”

There’s your post title. Now write!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us BLANK.

Alpaca, HESO, Solothurn

Sorry, have no photos of a Jackass so my photo of a Llama will have to do. They also have four legs, and are known to be stubborn, even spit now and again.

I did not choose this, it was chosen for me, I do not even have a favourite blog. Being a female my favourites change very regularly, according to my mood – a woman’s prerogative. I read blogs every day, sometimes they are better and sometimes they are not so better. I have a weakness for strange writings, and so words might occur that do not form part of my normal daily vocabulary.

So what is a jackass? They do not exist in Switzerland. We have only gnomes that live on the Bahnhofstrasse in the bank vaults, multiplying their profits and hiding them from the tax man: on the other hand combined with the word “time” it could take another turn of meaning.  It seems that a “jackass” is a male donkey. I always had a weakness for animals, and donkeys always seem to be a subject for ridicule, to be laughed at. Could there be a hidden aspect of this title, that as time passes I become a little more stupid, more stubborn, more donkey-similar. Actually I am quite proud of my unique lobeless ears, so perhaps the only thing I have in common with a jackass is the odd “hee haw” now and again and not the ears, woman talk.

If this is the hidden message, than I admit it. I enjoy my state of stupidity, of not understanding everything that is happening in this crazy donkey-like world I live in. Time passes and so do our donkey attitudes. I see a country that comes to a stop, nothing happens because the government parties have agreed to disagree. I do not even know what it is all about, I just know that one of their national monuments was closed because money was blocked to pay the workers, the lady that sells you the tickets. The male donkey appears instead of the ticket lady.

We also have the male species of this animal sitting in my little Swiss village. Our post office was closed. It was not earning its way, the Swiss post had been attacked by a herd of jackass, all approaching and chewing every letter, licking every stamp they could find. Do not worry, we are not completely isolated. The post has moved to the next village and we can now climb into our cars (more traffic on the road), or take the local train for the three minute journey to the next village. Of course we could saddle our jackass and ride to the nearest town, but unfortunately there are no stables or poles outside the bars to tie up the jackass and after all Switzerland is not the wild west of Europe (although it sometimes has a similarity). If you ever attend a football match in a Swiss stadium, you know what I mean.

Time will heal all problems, we hope, even the problem of life (now that is black thought). The Swiss invented time, well it seems they invented the watch. Even they have become cheaper. I am now the proud possessor of the newest Swatch watch, the rescuer of the Swiss Watch industry.

You know what, this is one jackass of a blog I am wasting time on here. I think I will now use my valuable time to clean the windows, or as we now say “Time is the new Jackass”.  I wonder if this title will make my gift of blogging famous. 50 shades of jackass, or perhaps 50 times with a jackass. Forget it, and now to the windows.

Daily Prompt: Time is the New Jackass

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Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WAITING.

Waiting for the train Solothurn station

Waiting for the train, perhaps with excitement that a dear friend is arriving, someone you have not seen for some time. You might be departing for the airport, taking a long wanted holiday or just a shopping trip in another town. Under the worst circumstances, the train will take you to your work place. Or course it might be that you have killed someone and are using the train to escape.

A Bend in Time: yes, with time my back seems to have acquired a permanent bend.  Me? I am cool these days. When I was a kid I could not wait until the visitors arrived, especially if they were bringing someone of my age. Christmas seemed to take a long while to arrive : a family party on Christmas Day meeting my cousins, aunts and uncles and having a good time. There was plenty to drink, to eat and of course the presents. The supreme hit was no-one really remained sober, although come to think of it they were all approaching golden oldie age.

I could not wait to get rid of my two bumps which eventually arrived in the shape of two sons in due course, wondering what sort they would be, the colour of their eyes (ok they all have blue eyes when born), and if they have hair, will it be curly or straight?

The years pass by, working years, cooking years, and housekeeping years:  there is always something to do. Of course looking forward to events is still there but the day eventually arrives that you have looked forward to all your (working) life; the day when you do not have to arise in the morning to arrive in the office. The day when you can at last do what you want to do and not what you have to do, known as retirement. You even get paid for it, the problem being that apart from the usual cost of living, what do you want to spend it on? New clothes are ok, but mine go now more in the direction of jeans (short or long according to season), t-shirts and sneakers. High heels, skirts, costumes – forget it. Perhaps once a year for a celebration of something, otherwise practical shopping gear. Your parading days in the office are finished. And one rule: never visit the office after you are retired. No-one really wants you there, you have done your deed and now someone else is sitting at your desk. You now belong to yesterday; the tomorrows belong to those that are glad to see you are no longer there.

I survived and I have arrived in the happy retirement grounds. Even survival is something to be thankful for. I drove to and fro to work every week day and with my perfect knowledge of the roads and car, it is not so natural that I came through it all. I could have caught some sort of dreaded modern disease, such as chicken ‘flu, been the victim of a bank robbery.

I am now a golden oldie and I can do what I want, but where is the excitement? What am I waiting for (except for my Pulitzer/Nobel/Man Booker prize for blog of the year). I am waiting for the Daily Prompt from WordPress which more or less arrives every day at 14.00 hours. Admittedly I am then taking my midday retired sleep, but all the more a surprise when I arise, fit up my computer, switch it on and see the task of the day. I do not get excited about it, just take it in my stride.

Today is Friday so I might clean the shower this afternoon: just a matter of an hour. No, I do not become excited about cleaning the shower, but just a little excited knowing that when it is done I do not clean it again for another week.

In olden grey haired days, when your joints do not move with the supple lubrication they had ten years ago, when your daily routines consist of taking the right tablets at the right moment, time passes at a supersonic speed. I think you can compare it with a Formula 1 race, but no-one really wins. You are even too exhausted to savour the rewards. The only anticipation today is waiting for the result of a doctor examination, knowing whether you should start thinking about writing your testament today or tomorrow.

My father reached his 98th birthday this week. I can still remember visiting him and my mother in England with Mr. Swiss and the kids. We would make a sightseeing trip around London, go shopping, have a meal somewhere in the West End and there would be perhaps a family gathering. It is as if it all happened yesterday, but it was many years ago. My mother passed on, my father can no longer walk so well.

I no longer look forward with excitement to anything or cannot wait until something happens. I just take it easy, little steps at a time. Of course there are various things I look forward to, but to be quite honest, growing old is not something fantastic. I have often heard golden oldies say if they only knew what they knew now when they were twenty or thirty years younger and I have joined the club. Life would be so much easier.

Not wanting to end this blog on such a dark and dismal note, I hope to be going to London next month for a week to see my dad, all going well. You can all look forwards to not reading my blogs for a week while I am away. You will be warned in due time. My three felines have now reached the golden oldie age of 11 and 12 years, being quite ancient in human years, but it does not seem to bother them. They sleep twenty-three hours a day and spend the 24th hour searching for a place to sleep. They are all eating well, throw up a hairball in between to show that their reactions are still 100%, and even have a hissing session now and again. The only thing they look forward to and cannot wait, is a plate of tuna fish on Wednesday and Sunday evening.

Daily Prompt: A Bend in Time

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Couplets Done, the Battle Won

Sitting at my desk, what shall I write
Something for Halloween? Let’s have a fright

Nights are dark, keep windows closed
Vampire might visit, or a corpse decomposed

But after the fright, there will be a treat
The ghouls go to rest, ghosts take their sheet

The Winter arrives and with it the snow
Cats sleep night and day, they don’t want to go

Their paws get so cold, their whiskers will freeze
temperatures are sinking, below zero degrees

Cats curl up keep warm, in front of the fire
The humans will look, for what they require

Christmas will come, a turkey to cook
Relax in the evening and read a good book

New Year arrives with a glass of champagne
This couplet is long, exhausting my brain

Time passes by, the years make me older
Feel very tired, rheumatism in the shoulder

The end of the tunnel has much light in plenty
My couplet is done, the lines are now twenty

One minute at a time

How can life go past one minute at a time
When today life is stress, and not even mine
The day must begin so early in the morning
Perhaps work is awaiting, no time left for yawning
A quick cup of coffee, and a bite perhaps to eat
The minutes go fast, I am now on my feet
On my way to my workplace as fast as I can
Over red lights, skipping traffic, oh world what a plan
It’s now time for shopping, we do not live from air
It’s lunchtime, grab a bite, watch the clock, how unfair
Back to work, time is passing, I wish I was home
I think I am getting the timeless syndrome

When I look at my cats, just sleeping all day
They understand life, being stressed does not pay
When I start to despair, I have to sit down
I would like to relax, do away with the frown
Outside it had snowed, I was cold to the bone
Then what did I see, now something had grown
Although it is February and time is so bold
I saw the first crocus despite all the cold
It was then that I realised that life was in rhyme
Nature knows what it does, one minute at a time