One Word Sunday: Three

Once upon a time there were three trees. One of them wanted to stand on its own and made a few attempts to leave the others. He then discovered that only Ent trees walk in the Middle Earth from the book Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and its roots were deep in the earthly earth, so it had to stay. The other two trees were happy.

“We do not need any Ents here”.one of the other trees said and his colleague agreed.

This all happened many years ago and they are still standing in the same place, although the one that wanted to go does have a slight lean.

One Word Sunday: Three

RDP Saturday: Three

Three King's Cake

Some-one ate the Three Kings cake, leaving only pieces two
One of the pieces contained a plastic king, but it had fallen through
It was then that Johnny began to cough and said he was feeling queasy
He stomach was aching, he felt so sick, and life was not so easy
Mum and dad were very worried and saw that he was ill
Johnny was taken to hospital, but there was no cure with a pill
He said he had a stomach pain and so he was given x-ray
The doctor called his mum and dad and showed them the digestive way
They saw a very small plastic figure with a gift enclosed in its hand
So Johnny was given cod liver oil and this was very unplanned
He had swallowed a King from the three Kings cake which put him into bed
But the King soon appeared when the oil did its work, so he wore the crown on his head

RDP Saturday: Three