RDP #43: Superstition


“Are you ready?”

“I am not going anywhere.”

“But it’s Friday and we are going together to get the week-end shopping.”

“No way, there is a ladder in front of the door.”

“What has that got to do with a shopping trip.”

“Do you really expect me to walk under that ladder, and it’s Friday the thirteenth.”

“What does that have to do with a shopping trip?”

“Anything could happen. Walking under a ladder is double trouble on the 13th and look, Mrs. Mord’s black cat is walking along the path, our path. You can go on the shopping trip on your own.”

“Are you telling me that you are superstitious?”

“Of course not, but you can never be too careful.”

“I haven’t got time to wait, I want to get the shopping done, so I will go on my own. Goodbye.”

“Wait a minute I wanted to tell you something before you go. The delivery van arrived this morning with that mirror we ordered and I told them to leave it in the hall. Oh dear, I think he walked into  the mirror by the noise I heard. That means 7 years bad luck. George are you OK?”

The funeral took place a week later. Such a stupid accident that a piece of the mirror got itself embedded in George’s neck.

RDP #43: Superstition

Daily Prompt: Superstition

St. Kathrinen Cemetery

Who me? Superstitous? Never, all stupid old wives tales. I just hang the garlic over my bed to keep the vampires away. Of course I don’t believe in them, but you never know when you live near the cemetery, although I only hung it above the bed after I got stung by some sort of insect on my neck. I know it doesn’t look very pretty, and the pinpoints of the injury seem to have got inflamed. That was when I decided I should keep the window shut on full moon nights. It just seems to me that my eyes are not so good with bright lights, but that was since I dropped the mirror.

I should really buy a new one, the cracks seem to grow bigger every day although just to be sure I did throw a pinch a salt over my left shoulder and even over my right shoulder. You can never be too careful.  I have decided to throw the fragments of the mirror away. It seems the mirror is totally broken and I can no longer see my reflection. Jasper stop hissing and say hello to our visitor. This is Jasper, a new member of my little family. I know his eyes are red, probably one of those genetic defects that some animals have, but he is a very good cat and absolutly no bother. There Jasper, some nice fresh meat. Not so fast, take your time eating it and chew it in smaller pieces. He is really a very good cat and has a good appetite.

I am so pleased that you have accepted my invitation to dinner. How do you like my new house, we have wonderful scenery on a clear day, but since living here there seems to be a permanent mist hanging over the place, although who am I to complain, the price was very reasonable. I suppose because it is next to the cemetery and that is not everyone’s taste. Can I offer you a glass of red wine to accompany the beef. You prefer white? Sorry, but I find the red wine much more tasty lately and the previous owner of the house left a whole cellar full here. He left quite a few bottles in the cellar. I think it must be very old wine, because the bottles are not marked with years, but just with letters like “O”, “A+” and there is one with “RH +” after the letters.

No, Vlad was not from here, some place in the middle of Romania, Transylvannia I think it is called. There are also some black and white portraits of his family here.  I know they do all look alike, the same pale complexion and tooth arrangements. I think it ran in the family to have longer canines. Vlad even left me a very nice casket, with brass handles in the attic. The inside looks very comfortable, lined with padded red silk. I climbed in and tried it out and even fell asleep, silly me and in broad daylight. I had all sorts of dreams. Somone said “move over”. It really felt as it somone was laying next to me, but it was just a dream of course. It all happened after that silly insect stung me.

You want to go already, how time flies. Yes it it almost midnight and you parked your car on the other side on the graveyard, although it is a full moon night and you should find the way with no problem. Don’t worry about the noise, the neighbour has a pet wolf and he tends to make quite a noise sometimes, especially at full moon. Are you sure you would not like some more slices of roast beef. I really made enough and I was careful not to overcook the meat. I prefer it rare, more tasty and juicy if you know what I mean. Ha, ha.

Ok, it was only a suggestion. Where are you going? You really do not have to run, the clock has only just begun to strike midnght. Stop making such a noise and fuss, my teeth are in perfect condition. I have a new dentist, recommended by the previous owner of this house, and he is fully qualified. He even files the points of the canine teeth to make their bite more effective. You forgot, you must be home by midnight. Let me help you into your coat. Don’t forget your scarf. Stop squeaming and pushing, I only want to wrap the scarf around your beautiful, soft,  slender neck. Goodnight and hope to see you again some day, no night is probably better. Let me give you a hug, we are such old friends.

Now that was tasty, I do not think she will call to see me again, at least not in this world. OK Vlad time for a flight in the area. I am coming. It is so much better sharing my home with someone that has similar hobbies. Vlad also has problems sleeping at night and since he shared his bite with me, so do I.

Daily Prompt: Superstition