Sunday morning and the world is OK

spring flowers
It was looking OK the last time I looked out of the window. My hyacinths are celebrating their third year as well as the daffodils under the watchful eye of my King Frog. I was going to present you with a photo of two giant crows walking around on the lawn and performing their daily territory inspection. Unfortunately crows have a sort of built in radar system which tells them that the human opposite will now be opening her window, enter their territory and taking photos with a sort of telephone-camera thingy. It is then that they walk away out of range.

I know I could follow them, but at 8.30 in the morning dressed in night attire I do not walk around in my garden.It is not a normal thing, especially in Switzerland on Sunday morning and you could have problems with the authorities. The crows have joined their tribe and are probably watching me from their pole position in the tree. I am sure they will return when I have disappeared from my lookout post from the kitchen.

It looks like it will be a sunny day today and hopefully warmer. I hear the sounds of the vacuum cleaner, so Mr. Swiss is busy removing the remains of yesterday. I will follow him when I am finished with my morning report. For those interested, todays menu for lunch is veal breast slices, slow cooking method with sage and rosemary from my garden together with carrots, celariac and leek. It will be served with three coloured noodles (red, green and natural) and I will probably add a little cream to the sauce.

And now to the work. Unfortunately the cook has his day off today so I have to do it all myself.