RDP Monday: Sputter


As if the weather gods knew, just a I was about to write about a sputter (and I had no idea what to write), it began to sputter down from the sky, more than a sputter, a deluge of sputter. After a week of record temperatures I noticed on my way home from shopping that black clouds had began to gather up in the heights of the Jura mountains. I had been at home about half an hour and there was a sputter of rain drops.

The rain drops began to change into pieces of ice, and suddenly we had a complete hailstorm. They were not sputtering against the windows, but crashing and so I took a few photos, although now have quite a sputter of water in the room from the melting hailstones that entered when I had the window open. As the hailstones began to melt I had a small pond so had to get a mop.

And here is the final photo of my hailstones where they had collected in the corner of the window outside.


RDP Monday: Sputter