Flower of the Day: 26.08.2016 Spiraea

Spiraea 24.08 (2)

Spiraea 24.08 (1)I have one of these bushes in my garden. It flowers in late Spring, but if you cut away the flowers when they are finished, you have a good chance that it will flower again in August, although not so many. Of course, the flowers are not as large as my photo above, but more the size of that on the left. They are easy to handle and although I bought originally one bush, I now have many more as they drop their seeds quite freely.

Flower of the Day: 26.08.2016 Spiraea

Flower of the Day: 22.06.2016 Spiraea

Spiraea 22.01 (1)

It is a bush and flowers freely until the end of June. The flowers disappear, but if you are lucky it begins to flower again through August, which my bush does. It is also very generous with its seeds. I began a few years ago with one bush and now have quite a plantation, but they are friendly, keep themselves to themselves and just love attracting insects. If you cut off the dead flowers, which I do, you usually have a hand full of creeping objects afterwards, but no big problem. All part of having a garden.

Flower of the Day: 22.06.2016 Spiraea