RDP Tuesday: Spacious

Alps 07.03 (8)

“If it wasn’t for the mountains in between we would have so much more space.”

“What do you mean Mr. President?”

“What I say of course. All those peaks, going up and down. Get rid of them, flatten them. Think of the wonderful golf course that could be created.”

“But what about the people that like to climb mountains or even ski on the snow slopes.

“Stupid idea. Why climb mountains when you can use a golf trolley to travel from hole to hole. That is much more fun. Get rid of the mountains, then there is no need to go skiing. No the mountains have to go. I solve all my problems by eradication. Look at our wonderful country. It belongs to us and we do with it what we want to.”

“But the tourists?”

“Who needs tourists? They should stay where they are. As soon as you get tourists, they decide they want to stay and our country is overrun by unwanted visitors. We need space, not tourists.”

“But if we remove the mountains, what shall we do with the removed piles of earth.”

“Use your brain if you have one. Build a wall around our country with it, that will stop the unwanted entering.”

RDP Tuesday: Spacious