RDP Tuesday: Snow

Snow 26.11 (2)

Snow? You mean this white stuff that decides to cover everything in Winter? No, not today. Our Spring is having a hard job proving that it is here and I don’t think we need the snow. It was only a month ago that the last flakes fell, luckily not in our area of Switzerland.

Snowdrops 22.02 (2)

Or you can have some snowdrops, although these began to disappear in April, but this patch arrives every year in the same place in my garden.

Alps 05.03 (6)

And then we have the eternal snow. On a clear and sunny day just take a walk up a hill and look over the flat lands of the Kanton of Bern. At the edge they have the alps, the place where the eternal snows are. It is still there, although some say not as much as it was due to climate change. Our Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are not yet willing to lose their snowy summits.

RDP Tuesday: Snow

Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of the year without ….

Snow 07.11 (4)


Not that I like the stuff and thank goodness we have not had a lot up to now. This photo was taken on 7th November from my garden when we had a few snow showers. Since then we have had the Winter tyres mounted on the car and I am feeding the birds, which are quickly becoming overweight. Since the beginning of November the snow has been replaced by rain and now it is just plain cold. Even our local mountain has lost most of its snow cover. But the snow will return with a vengence, I am sure.

Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of the year without ….

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week – Definitely not

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

First of all “Down with the Grid”, I am fed up with this amateur grid stuff. Some are convinced it is an improvement, I am convinced that the previous system was better. However I would like to say that the new navigation system at the top lefhand corner is an improvement in my eyes, not wanting to be labelled as a complainer or lamenting.

My opinion of this prompt has not changed since 10th March 2013 when it first appeared. I wrote “I am not going to post youTube videos here, you will not listen to them, and if you want to see videos, you can choose them yourself. To be quite honest, if you choose to post videos about your week, I will not look at them either, just the titles. Sorry, but I do not have the time.”

I remember the last time where I actually invested time and energy in writing something. This time I am not doing it. If WordPress want to churn out old useless prompts for the newbies, that is OK with me, but last time I was a newbie and was not impressed. I hear some of you saying she should bring her own suggestion instead of complaining. Perhaps you are right, but I see it differently. My days as a working woman are over. I no longer feel that I have to earn the money for others and so I leave it to the professionals to bring us a rewarding, interesting prompt to get our brains working. Daily I spend time thinking about what to write and not just doing a copy paste of something in Internet, it is not my style. So rant over, and now to something completely different.

Back Garden in early morning snow

This was my back garden this morning, before breakfast or any other such normal early morning chores. By lunchtime the snow on the trees had disappeared. It is now late afternoon and the snow has returned, falling in large flakes and covering everything.

“If this continues, we will have two meters by tomorrow” said Mr. Swiss.

“Have we ever had two meters?” I answered.

“Just figuratively speaking” he found.

I do not think he is far from the truth. We live in Switzerland and what would the country be without snow. No skiing, no sledging? The mountains must be there for something, not to mention the profits made in the sleepy mountain villages, and so let there be snow. I do not really like it, but I must say it is pretty to look at. Yesterday on our shopping trip to the supermarket we drove through something resembling a blizzard, but Mr. Swiss assured me it was just ice rain that was falling.

“Is that dangerous?”

“It is slippery on the road.”

was his cool answer, although I do not think he felt so cool. Luckily we were arriving at the parking lot.

So, how was my week? Nothing different to any other week. I got my housework done and No 2 son paid us a visit, or was that the week before last? The boiler man came, but I already wrote about that, and I still had the same aches and pains as last week. So did Mr. Swiss. We are just two copycats.

Today I am sorry to say that WordPress seems to have killed any inspiration for writing a Pulitzer prize winning blog. I called Wordy but they told me he was not available as he was on a course of “how to revive old prompts”, or “let’s do it again”. I suggested he attended a course on “How to write new intelligent, invigorating and different prompts” and the secretary told me she would pass on the message if he survived this week’s course.

As you have perhaps noticed I am not inspired. I am exhausted after rescuing 5 things from my burning house where luckily all persons and animals survived. I even had the opportunity to tell you all about the things that were lost in the fire, although due to my bravery I even rescued those – see it on my “Blogs of the week” list. Have fun everyone and let us look forward to a new innovative prompt tomorrow – Tell us about all the crimes and murders you committed this week, or “How was your midnight visit at the graveyard – did you survive?”

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week – Definitely not

My Daily Prompt: Once Upon a Time – Forgetfulness

It is not the WordPress Daily Prompt because up to now, 7.00 in the evening, I do not have one. I very much doubt that I will get one at a normal time. Daylight in my country has now been replaced by darkness. It is Saturday evening and I am not going to spend my Saturday evening hoping that I might get a daily prompt. It is obvious that things are broken, kaput, down in WordPress town and they have problems. As they are not my problems I will carry on regardless with my own daily prompt, if necessary until the end of the year. I am tired of these might be prompts. I want a normal reliable prompt and mine are reliable, because I make them myself, complete with my own photos.

Once Upon a Time today I was resting in my normal golden oldie sleep after lunch and sometimes things go through your head. I was actually back in the land of living but decided to spend a few minutes, (15) in bed surfing on my iPad hoping for a daily prompt, which did not arrive and then a thought struck me. The evening meal would be a pizza. Not just any old pizza but one of my pizzas, the one I make myself (I buy the pastry). If you make a pizza you need cheese. My pizza has a layer of grated Greyerz cheese at the base and is topped up with Mozzarella cheese, you know that white one that swims in a milk liquid to be placed on the top of the pizza and yes, I (we) had forgotten the cheese. I did not want to go shopping, so I would have had something in the fridge, but not the real McCoy. My hero Mr. Swiss volunteered to take a five minute car journey to the local supermarket and buy the necessary.

He left and I was seated in the kitchen with my other computer partaking in a weekly photo blog, Picture This, hosted by an online colleague in Blogger. I was astonished to see that it was snowing with mega flakes outside so I took a photo.

Garden in snow

“Oh dear” I thought, poor Mr. Swiss battling his way through a blizzard to buy the pizza cheese. I immediately had a guilty conscience although I remember the last words of Mr. Swiss before he left “no problem, forgetfulness comes with old age”. How true but I forgot and he is older then me. Eventually he returned armed with a plastic bag containing the missing cheese.

He said that as he drove off it started to snow which was not so bad as they were large flakes that melted as they hit the road surface. However, he was surprised to see so many people in the supermarket and had to fight his way through the crowds for the cheese. I told him I should have done the necessary, but he found it would not come into the question. He had to battle for a free car parking space and that would have presented problems for me. OK, he was right. I am not good at fighting for parking spaces. I prefer two spaces together, as it is easier to park and today there were only single parking spaces in complicated places.

There is a happy end to all stories. I began preparing the pizza as Mr. Swiss had bought a set of videos from an American television series “Fargo” which we wanted to watch afterwards. My style pizza is basically quattro stagioni, although sometimes there might not only be four seasons, but a few more added. I am not giving instructions how to make a perfect pizza. It might not be perfect for you, but it is our pizza. Of course I have a photo, presenting pizza al Angloswiss.


Daily Prompt: Once Upon a Time – Forgetfulness

Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy No. 2 – No, definitely not, been there and done it 2 years ago

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

Answer: The last time I did this prompt in 2013 – ok I am a miserable person, especially when I have to do the same thing twice, but I do not have to, so let us retitle the prompt

The revenge of the trees

The Road to Langendorf

I don’t have anything against trees, I could even be a tree hugger if I had the strength and would not fall down whilst doing it. In winter they are especially pretty when it has snowed. Their branches are weighted down by heavy loads of the frozen white stuff. In some extreme cases the bows break and fall, but today we were safe. Temperatures climbed to above 0°C meaning that snow and ice slowly melted into a liquid state. There is a small problem. The ice lumps on the trees begin to melt at the base where they have warmer contact with the branches. The scene is set.

Today Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss discovered that a further hunting expedition in the local supermarket was necessary to kill a few food items for the New Year. We are not making invites and are not having a party. After the evening banquet No. 1 son will be leaving some time in the evening to see in the New Year in the local town of Solothurn, so it will be a romantic evening at home with the Swiss Family Anglowiss, just me and my other half. I noticed we have a mini bottle of something fizzy in the fridge if we manage to stay awake for midnight.

And now to the trees: on the way to the supermarket in the nearby village of Langendorf we admired the view on the way. The sun was shining and it looked really pretty, just like a Christmas card scene and then it happened. We were merrily on our way on the tree lined road and there was a thud on the roof of the car. A few profanities were spoken whilst the next thud was heard and there was a wet damp splodge on the front window of the car. As if to equal things out, there were a few hits on the back window. The snow chunks were slowly melting on the trees and they were falling down on whatever happened to be below. Yes, the trees were aiming at us, they had tasted melted snow perhaps mixed with blood.

“They could break the glass on the widow” said Mr. Swiss, accompanied by a few profanities in Swiss German. I found we should drive on regardless. As Langendorf, our supermarket target village, was uphill at the foot of the Jura mountain, it would not be wise to change our direction and drive in the middle of the road which was tree free. We continued and I am sure the trees were shaking their fisted branches as we passed and the trunks were all bending in our direction. I might have been imagining this. Perhaps I had been watching too many fantasy films, although they were mainly cartoon characters. Now we were being attacked by real live trees, tall trees, strong trees, trees that had something against cars. They were throwing the half melted clumps of snow in our direction and laughing a sort of hollow wooden laugh. The way trees laugh, you know what I mean.I threw a quick glance at their roots to ensure they were remaining in the ground.

Eventually we arrived at our destination, killed a few pieces of meat and gathered some vegetables to go with it, although our concentration was not at its best, thinking about the return journey through the attacking trees. We drove off, knowing it was now just a downhill run on the road through the trees and then Mr. Swiss had a brainwave and for a change I agreed. We often disagree on brainwaves, as my brainwaves are not synchronised to Mr. Swiss brainwaves, otherwise life would be boring. To continue: we would drive home on an alternative route which would be tree free. Many roads lead from Langendorf. The first suggestion from Mr. Swiss was to take the high road. Here I disagreed as I found this would lead to a lower road surrounded by a forest. As we were under attack from the combined tree force I found this not to be such a good idea.

The next choice was agreed upon. We would branch out to the main road (which was tree free) and afterwards take our safe way home. this was perfect until we arrived at the safe way. We had forgotten, there were trees on the safe way. Not so concentrated, but wider and taller. When we reached them it was as if their colleagues had sent a message by leaf or twig to say “they are coming so let them have it”. This time the hits were more spaced out, but double in strength and power. We arrived home safely and the car was dent free more by luck then judgement.

The moral to this would be never trust a tree, especially after a heavy snowfall.

Happy Happy Joy Joy No. 2 – No, definitely not, been there and done it 2 years ago

Let It Be Winter In Switzerland

The Road to Langendorf

Although it is not my wish. The warm over 0°C temperatures can remain as far as I am concerned. I have no death wish to ski on the slopes of the Swiss mountains or plough through walls of snow thinking “how lovely, the snow is here again”. There are some people in this country who have a feeling that there is something missing from their boring Winter life when they cannot watch the flakes falling from a dismal sky. They are disappointed and moan about the Winter not being as good as it used to be. We need the cold and the pretty ice crystals on the windows. The senior Swiss remember the days when they went to school on their sledge, wearing their long underwear and insulating their hands with gloves. Oh yes those were the days, the Winters are just not like they used to be.

And me – I don’t want the Winters like they used to be I don’t really want the Winter, but it is a necessary obstacle to overcome every year. Up to Christmas I was happy, it was warm, even the sun was shining from time to time and the birds were singing. I still had flowers in the garden. Ok, the sun is still shining when it stops snowing. My car was happy. Although it had nice winter tyres to brave the icy roads, it was just to show how well equipped we were for the days ahead and if you were caught unaware with the Summer tyres you were in trouble if it did happen to snow. The Swiss police do not look kindly on Summer tyres if there is an accident in Winter.

Yes now we are glad for our Winter tyres. The snow arrived last Friday. This was no problem, Friday all the shops were closed for Boxing Day and we had food and water (even some wine) to see us through until the week-end. Unfortunately it arrived during the evening and persisted throughout the night. The first words from Mr. Swiss on Saturday morning when I opened my eyes from a golden oldie deep sleep were “it’s snowing”. My first thought was remain in bed, it is safer, I might fall on the snow. I then realised the snow was restricted to outside. My next thought was the headline in the local newspaper “Englsh senior citizen lost in a snow storm on the way to supermarket” or “Car found after being involved in an avalanche near the local supermarket: the driver was recovered holding a shopping list in her frozen fingers”.

Let us be serious. Mrs. Angloswiss does not sit in a car and drive when it is snowing, she has an emergency plan. So Mr. Swiss made his way to the supermarket in the car. Luckily we heard the snow ploughs at six in the morning, so knew that something was being done by the local authorities. Instead of the usual ten minutes, Mr. Swiss needed twenty minutes each way to the supermarket, but we were saved and he brought home food for the week-end.

This was a few days ago. Since it is still snowing. On Monday we ventured out together. I found my special heavy winter shoes, anti slide and anti cold, although I could slip and slide on glue probably. We were both having illusions of ice covered roads blocked by numerous snow ploughs battling their way on the roads, but we were relieved to see that the trusty Swiss had organised themselves. We approached the main road and discovered it was snow and ice free, although temperatures were now down to -8°C (during the night it was -12°C). The actual driving surface was restricted on both sides due to a pile up of the removed snow.

Our trusty car stopped trembling, everything was OK. Of course with Mr. Swiss at the wheel, there was no problem, after all he is Swiss (did I already mention that). Yes, we were saved, our spirits were high and so I decided to take a few photos on the way as a memory of the first day driving in snow. In the euphoria of the moment we decided that we would venture again into the frozen world on Wednesday for another shopping expedition, after all it was only snow and it melts eventually perhaps.

The Swiss weather forecast tells us that the snow is here to stay until the end of the week, due to very cold minus temperatures, but it can only get better and next week, everything will return to normal, if it does not snow. Mr. Swiss finds you cannot trust the Swiss meteo, they make it up as they go along.

Pending our survival of the Winter snow and ice, watch this space, there might be more to come.

Blogger Word Fix at 56: One for Sweden (Kurt Wallender)


She escaped with the money. Kurt W. was behind her, almost touching her rear bumper. She turned on the ice. Kurt W. made a stop.  He shot through the window, blood everywhere. Kurt W. was killed instantly.

“You can’t do that” said the film director. “He is our star.”

“Forget it, his fees were too high.”

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