RDP Sunday: Snake

Boa Constrictor

Snakes in Switzerland? Only if you go to the zoo or perhaps in the southern part where the weather is a little warmer. The only chance  I have to see a real snake is if there is an exhibition somewhere. These boa constrictors are not found on the streets, but were slithering  around on the floor of the exhibition hall. I was determined to travel to the town of Biel, half an hour away from our town, to visit the exhibition. This was 11 years ago, and since that time the only snakes I have seen are these.

Worm 16.10 (5)

These are Swiss snakes, at least in my area. They usually appear after the rains and are to be found by leaving traces of piles of earth, known as worm casts. They are the species lumbricina, the common earth worm. They do not bite, do not strangle their prey and are not poisonous. Their main diet consists of earth which they swallow digest and pass out into the earth afterwards and I do not need an exhibition to see them.

Milk Snake

So back to my exhibition, here is a colourful snake. Wikipedia tells me it is a milk snake and are not dangerous to humans. they eat other insects, even earthworms.

RDP Sunday: Snake

The Kiss

No-one wants to kiss a snake
We have feelings like the others
My mother loved me and so did dad
I had lots and lots of brothers

Brothers say the same, they are so disliked
The humans always scream
I was so unhappy, felt so alone
For me a kiss was a dream

And then one day in my lonely cage
the keeper opened the door
A snake sleeked in, had such beautiful eyes
Seen nothing like it before

We stared at each other and intertwined
She said kiss me and make me feel good
I did not need a second invite
And did just what I could

The result was almost forty eggs
It really was a bliss
It’s funny what can happen in life
The result of a passionate kiss