RDP#5: Sitcom

My whole life has become a sitcom, because sitting is the best position for me. My legs no longer do what they should (blame it on the MS) but I can manage quite well with my cane and even free legged, although it resembles more the Ministry of Funny Walks, balancing on both legs. My right leg does its best, my left leg is giving up, especially because it decided to fall and break in January, but no problem. It is now a few centimeters shorter than the other leg, so I am now something completely different and unique.

Oh and I have a full electric wheelchair to get me to the places I would otherwise not get to. This afternoon I decided to take a wheelie along the River Aare which is at the bottom of our local path. It was dog day, they were not sitting, but mostly swimming.

Dogs 05.06 (5)

I always have my camera with me and two extra lens: one of the advantages with sitting as you go, you can pack them all into your bag because you do not have to carry their heavy weights. I got out my camera and the doggie owners were thrilled that I was taking their photos. They even sent the poor dogs back into the water again to make sure I got a few good captures, no-one asked the dogs of course.

Dogs 05.06 (6)

I have never had a dog of my own, but now have quite a collection of photos from my wheelies. As the dogs left the river they were standing next to me and their kind owner warned them to go somewhere else to shake, otherwise I would have been coated with river water.

Dogs 05.06 (4)

I walked on and left the dogs to their drying out sessions and what did I see. Yet another dog, although I was a bit wary when I saw its red eyes and a shade of red around the mouth. Was this the hound of the Baskervilles? The owner was listening to music in his/her earpiece so I decided not to disturb and walked on further – to the next dogs.

Dogs 05.06 (3)

Yes today seemed to be National Swiss Dog Day and every owner was taking their dogs for walks and swims in the Aare.

I wheeled on and decided sitting in a wheelchair has its advantages. I produce my own sitcom daily with my journeys.  I just have to be careful that I keep to the straight path and not suddenly join the dogs in the river.

RDP#5: Sitcom