September Photo and Day Challenge: 30. Goodbye September


It is also goodbye to be black eyed Susan’s in the garden. Their yellow crowns have now almost completely disappeared and I am left with the “black eyes” which I will leave for a while. However, they will be back again in their full glory next year in summer, nature’s way of life.


The apple tree now has no more apples. Last year I had two containers full of apples and was baking Swiss apple tarts until early Spring. This year we only have enough for one large bowl, again nature’s way of apple tree recovery.


And so with a last view through the ears of grass it is time to wave goodbye to the good days of Autumn. Perhaps some of your are now eating the last pumpkin pie or enjoying a soup from the remains of the pumpkin. I am mixing some chestnuts in my red cabbage which is another result of the Autumn harvest. It was a good Autumn with the grand finale on the 30th September of my No. 1 son’s 50th birthday. 30th September is also St.Urs Day who is the patron saint of our local Swiss town of Solothurn.

See you in October.

September Photo and Day Challenge: 30. Goodbye September

September Photo a Day Challenge: 29. Rain

Rain Solothurn 17.05 (3)

I have not seen any rain for a long while. During the night we now and again have shower and I notice the stones in the garden being wet in the morning. The photo shows a rainy day as I was travelling through our local town and passing the main railway station.

Rain 04.06 (3)

During the months when our building was being renovated, I often had the opportunity for a few rainy photos as the drops bounced off the scaffolding we had in front of our windows.

Since having my own small garden, my attitude towards rain has changed a little. It is necessary to let the plants and vegetables grow, but like all good things, excess is never so good,

September Photo a Day Challenge: 29. Rain

September Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Books

History books

These books are history books. They are looking a little damaged, but have a journey which has lasted at least 100 years. It all began when my paternal grandfather subscribed weekly to a magazine in the olden days at the turn of the century in Britain. He collected the various instalments of the history books and when they were completed they were bound in a volume. There were two books concerning The History of India (which was then a British Crown Colony), four volumes of Battles of Britain and eight of the History of England.

They were passed onto my dad and he kept them at home. I once visited and he asked if I had the possibility to get them transferred to Switzerland for myself. At the time I was working as an export clerk for a Swiss company and so I got to work: using my knowhow in export I contacted a company in England and arranged the transport to their agents in Switzerland. They picked the books up whilst I was still in England visiting my dad so I could see to the details from the British side. They were all neatly packed in a suitcase.  I afterwards arrived home in London and a week later the books arrived and now they are in my cellar. Dad passed away almost 5 years ago and now the books are in my possession as only daughter. Perhaps one day my son will take them over.

I also have The Outline of History by H.G. Wells. Looking into internet I found in Wikipedia the following

is a work by H. G. Wells that first appeared in an illustrated version of 24 fortnightly installments beginning on 22 November 1919 and was published as a single volume in 1920.” although I have two volumes and this also thanks to grandad and his interest in history. My family were not rich, but by collecting the various instalments of these books they could afford them.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Books

September Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Autumn colours


Unfortunately not very much autumn colour here at the moment. Autumn is taking its time to appear.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 17.10 (10)

The road to our local large store is now looking something like this. I used to take photos from the car when Mr. Swiss was still driving, but now that I am the only driver I am no longer to take my hands off the steering wheel for some photos. However, this is how the road looks every year at Autumn.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Autumn colours

September Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Sculpture

Die dicke Berta, Solothurn

The figure known as “Fat Berta” was often to be seen in various places in our area. The first time I saw her, she was in front of the local library. Eventually she was moved to a site near the river bank in front of one of the business schools. After a while she was moved from our town of Solothurn to the neighbouring town of Grenchen where she was given a clean up. Poor Berta had become the object of various scribbles and marks over the years. I do not know where she is now, but I loved this figure. It was really something completely different.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Sculpture

September Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Wind

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

They are springing up everywhere. I took this photo from the train on they way to my No. 2 son’s wedding in Germany.

What is left of Ford Motor Works, Dagenham

I even spotted this one in the industrial area of Dagenham in London where the Ford motor works are, on a visit to my father when he still lived, although no longer such a large building complex, Most of the area is now occupied by other companies. On the other side, where you see the windmill, is actually the banks of the River Thames.

September Photo a Day Challnge: Wind

September Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Tower

Storks 13.07 (1)

Storks are quite keen on towers. Even the babies grow up on them. In February they arrive to claim their old nests and at the end of August the towers are again left as the  empty symbols that they were here. Our local authorities have left a few signal stations for them to nest on.

Storks 30.06 (2)

September Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Tower

September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall


I assume the word “fall” refers to what I know as the Autumn season, and not an accident, of which I am quite professional. In this case I will not bother you of the gory photos of my broken leg x-rays or even a slit ear which has luckily healed up in the meanwhile. I would add that my ear now has quite an individual shape.

So here is a photo of the Autumn arrangement in the local supermarket with a few autumn bits and pieces. For the falling leaves and other colours, we will have to wait as we are still experiencing wonderful sunny days in my part of the world, although quite cool and the leaves are still attached to the trees and preserving their green colour.

And here are some Calluna which are also available at the moment in the Autumn show.


September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall